Ryan Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer on May 15?!

Ryan Edwards Mackenzie Standifer married

According to online court records, Teen Mom OGr star Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are already married!

The records indicate that Ryan and Mackenzie officially tied the knot in Hamilton County, Tennessee (where they reside) on May 15. Minister James McNair Ramsey presided over the ceremony. We know nothing more about the ceremony at this point.

Here is the info — click to enlarge:

Ryan Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer

The wedding news comes at a chaotic time for the couple, as Ryan’s ex Maci McKinney talked at length about his drug issues in the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG. It has since been revealed that Ryan has entered a rehab treatment facility for those issues.

Of course we wish Ryan all the best — and send him and Mackenzie a belated congratulations on their marriage. Let’s hope Mackenzie can help her husband overcome his addiction problems so they can start to live out their happily ever after. 🙂

*The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported earlier today that the two did file for a marriage license in May. However, it remained unknown if they had actually gotten hitched.

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  • AshleyBlack

    it says “date married 5/15/17” so I’d assume they’re married. If it was the date they applied for their licenses it wouldn’t list it as “date married” it would say “license date”. At least Thata what it says here. On my actual marriage License there are 2 Dates. The date we got the license and our marriage date.

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  • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

    He’s in rehab now, which is good but how long before Maci starts calling him an a$$hole absentee dad that doesn’t deserve more time with Bentley. How can he be more involved if he doesn’t have a little extra time, Mace?

    • Lacy

      Maci said the reason why she said no was because Bentley said he didn’t want to go. (We’ve all seen Ryan let Bentley down and so you can’t really blame him.) But why don’t they have some sort if visitation agreement setup, like Maci gets Christmas and Easter and Ryan gets Thanksgiving and 4th of July. I’m thinking Ryan probably never pursued it. And honestly it does seem like the only times he pursues stuff for Bentley is when he is pressured by his parents or gf. Ryan should be doing that because he wants to spend time with Bentley and make him happy, not to get people off his back.

      • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

        Ryan can be a dad like Cole or Corey and Maci will step keep the arrangement just as it is. She is a selfish pig when it comes to Bentley.

        • Guest

          She’s a momma bear with good reason.

          • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

            Maci was always selfish with Bentley. She moved him 2 hours away from Ryan to be with Kyle. During that time Ryan did have a relationship with Bentley. Maci is a lot like Kail.

    • LA79

      Ryan should work on getting off drugs before requesting more visitation.

  • BabyDoll0984~

    She’s ugly and won’t age well. She’s only 20 and looks like a 40 year old goofy mom.

    • melinehclassy

      Hahahaha! Totally omg! I totally see her drinking chardonnay with ice while watching Dr oz

    • truth

      She is pretty..show us your face ugly internet troll.

      • BabyDoll0984~

        If you think she’s that pretty you should get out more. Out of whatever hicktown that is…

      • FYO

        Why are you so offended that BabyDoll0984~ thinks the girl is ugly? I wouldn’t call Mackenzie pretty or ugly.. IMO she’s just mediocre and not my type. Are you going to demand to see my picture now too?

    • sysmjp

      Ryan isn’t looking like a spring chicken himself with that head full of gray and sloth body language.

      • BabyDoll0984~

        He can dye his hair and get off those pills. Idk what hope she has. Lol

        • Nosey Malone

          I like his silver highlights. He gets them from his dad.

          • BabyDoll0984~

            I like them too. The was just responding to someone who was making fun of them.

    • twelfthnight

      I don’t think she’s ugly but I do agree she looks older than her age. I didn’t know she was only 20! I thought late 20s at least. I guess getting pregnant, married and divorced, and then engaged again by 20 will do that to you.

      • BabyDoll0984~

        She has funky neck Rolls and she’s a but plump. She said only 20 and locking him down because he’ll go along. He’s high and the only reason obviously he still going along with it. It’s horrible. She’s ugly because I saw through her.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    She should’ve made a stipulation about him getting clean before they got married.

    • BabyDoll0984~

      Something tells me that if he weren’t on drugs he might not have rushed getting married and she possibly knows this.

      • Guest

        My thoughts exactly.

  • Nosey Malone

    1. He may have needed to get on her health plan to be able to go to rehab, which would have necessitated a marriage. He has “aged out” of his parents’ plan. As a contract employee for MTV, he has no health coverage, but they COULD have offered to help him, as they seem to have done for Jenelle, Amber, Cate, and Leah.

    2. She might have needed to be his legal wife to participate in his rehab.

    3. Do you think that MTV will stage a wedding? I just can’t imagine them filming and showing the wedding. Until the minister gets her paperwork switched over to say “Krissy” instead of “James” it is a bit confusing.