Amber Portwood continues feud with Farrah Abraham on Twitter

Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham together

It’s been less than two weeks since the Teen Mom OG Reunion brawl that reportedly included Amber Portwood throwing a punch at co-star Farrah Abraham after Farrah stated that Amber’s fiance Matt Baier looked like a pedophile. Since then, the feud has continued — thanks in large part to Farrah’s beau Simon Saran and his social media trolling of the entire Teen Mom OG cast, including Amber.

The latest round involved Amber Portwood and a handful of Twitter users and apparently started after someone tweeted the nude photos of Amber that leaked online way back in 2011. The tweet tagged Simon Saran and included the message “they complain about @F1abraham but how quickly they forget about @AmberLPortwood posting these pics ?” Another Twitter user responded: “Farrah has multiple jobs and money she’s set for life Amber just sits her life away.”

That comment drew Amber out and she responded by tweeting “I guess if you don’t boast about making a mill. dollars your just sitting around huh.” She then added: “What multiple jobs? Her 2 restaurants that failed as well as losing $ on the house she flipped.”

Another Twitter user responded to Amber’s tweet with “I mean I like you but you’re no better than any other person.”

“I am 100% better than a person like her,” Amber responded. “All day every day. Love ?”

TWEETER: “So you have nudes online, but the fact that she made $$ on hers makes you better? How?”

AMBER: “Never said I was better than anyone else. Im humble. But I am better than her.”

Amber Portwood Farrah Abraham feud tweet

[I feel I should point out, as you can see in the screen capped tweet above, Farrah was tagged in most all of this and never responded.]

Amber seemed to regret getting caught up in all the negativity. “I just can’t respond to negative things anymore,” she tweeted. “I always feel horrible in the end. Considering to just delete my Twitter.”

A short while later, Amber once again wrapped up her lack of love for Farrah by signing off with much love for everyone else. “Thanks for all the love you guys..I’ll just take a little break.”

Simon Saran followed up Amber’s signature “much love” tweet with his own mocking sign off. “Have a wonderful night guys!” he tweeted. “Sending so much love! Lovely love! I love all of you guys! so much! love! lol They just never know when to stop.”

Later someone tweeted some of Amber’s comments about Farrah to Simon and he responded by suggesting perhaps it is time to just let it go. “Thanks. Let’s send her a ton of love and leave it alone,” he tweeted before adding the #teenmomog hash tag.

Something tells me that folks (especially Simon) won’t be able to “leave it alone” for very long. Stay tuned!

While we wait, let’s take a trip down memory lane back to a time when Amber felt a little differently about her controversial co-star with excerpts from her interview earlier this year:

Me and Farrah Abraham, we have a respect for each other. We understand each other. We know how we are, how we can be. You can’t act like you don’t know how Farrah is and you can’t act like you don’t know how I am. That’s our relationship. She won’t talk s**t about me. I don’t talk s**t about her.

I’m going to say one thing. We love Farrah. We love Farrah no matter what the hell she says, no matter what happens in her life. We love her, we support her, in every single thing she does.

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