PHOTO Jenelle Evans and David Eason are engaged

Jenelle Evans engaged to David Eason

Things sure seem to be looking up for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans! In just the last month, the 25-year-old reality star has welcomed a daughter and purchased her first house. Now, she can add getting engaged to the list!

Jenelle broke the news by posting the photo above on Instagram in which she is showing off her sparkling engagement ring along with a bouquet of red roses. “We’ve decided on forever! 💍💋” Jenelle captioned the picture, along with the hash tag #PerfectTiming.

Here’s a zoomed-in look at the new Jenewelry:

Jenelle Evans Engagement ring

So far, the only information we have is the photo and Jenelle’s caption. It is unclear how David proposed or exactly when. Also unknown is whether or not MTV filmed the proposal or if Jenelle and David have set a wedding date. We’ve reached out to Jenelle in hopes of getting some of the romantic deets, but have yet to hear back. I’m guessing she is quite busy taking care of her new baby, new house, and new fiance.

Congratulations Jenelle! We hope your great 2017 continues!

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  • bree7702

    Um this is like her third engagement in 5 years not counting the one guy Courtland that she actually married. She was engaged to Gary, Nathan and now David. I’m sure this relationship will fall apart and she’ll land in jail again for assault or something. Aren’t both of them facing cyber stalking charges against David’s ex too??

    • SciLife

      I forgot about Gary. Man, that was weird! I like how you didn’t even count Courtland lol the one engagement she actually went through with 🤔

    • Jennifer Jameson

      WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! GARY?!?! Amber’s ex? Or is this another one?

      • SciLife

        No, Gary Head. They were together for less than a year. I actually think he was the most sane guy she has dated.

        • Jennifer Jameson

          OK I remember him. I just looked him up..

        • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

          I think Gary was the one that strangled her with the bed sheets right?

          • sysmjp

            I don’t think strangling her with the bed sheets is a bad sign. This is Janelle after all. Any normal guy would do it.

          • SciLife

            Ah yikes I didn’t know about that 😳

            • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

              Yea Gary kicked off the inaugural Domestic Violence tune she sings with every guy.

  • Karina

    … aaaaand here comes the domestic violence charges!

  • Aussie cathie

    She will be back on tinder within 6 months ……

  • melinehclassy

    need flash juh-Nel. You decided on forever when u got pregnant

    • twelfthnight

      Unfortunately getting pregnant for JUHNELLE doesn’t even mean “this year” let alone forever…. She’s gonna have more babydaddies, broken engagements and divorces by the time she’s 30 than I have pairs of shoes.

  • Scarlett

    GEEZ. UBT isn’t wasting any time! I’m sure the house in the woods will be the perfect crime scene when he beats the crap out of her. I think we all agree – the kids are the ones that will suffer…

    • Victoria

      Not David. That’s her prince charming 😂😂

    • Jennifer Jameson

      I 100% agree! I think David is a ticking time bomb. There’s something way off about him and it’s going to end badly.

    • TrashTV

      Wat do ya mean puurfect timing Janelle? This loosah should have given you a ring befoh he knocked ya up!

  • Elle

    Same story, different guy.

    • Alisson Leech

      Idk. They haven’t broken up and gotten back together at all. This might be it for her.

      • SciLife

        I had those same thoughts with Nathan. But then nope. Jenelle never disappoints to disappoint.

      • Guest

        Probably because he hasn’t allowed her to break up.

  • Murphy

    Hey Jenelle,
    The definition of the word “forever” is “without ever ending; eternally:”
    NOT “6 months or less”
    Love, Murphy.

    • Victoria

      Congrats Jace gets a new daddy. She said he was gonna get a new last name when they get married

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    • Bruja

      I bet Jenelle doesn’t know the definition of the word ‘definition‘.

      She’s probably having a hard time keeping up with what Jace is learning every day.

      What a waste this chick is.

      Barbara, you’re a helluva mom to put up with her shit and raise Jace like you are. My hat off to you.

      • Mickey

        Not really. Let’s not forget she created jenelle. Not a great job there

        • Guest

          I second that. All of her kids are screw ups, so clearly she’s not parent of the year either.

        • Bruja

          Yeah, that is true… and you can’t discount that something screwed up went on, because as Guest also stated, they’re all messed up.

          However, I’ll give her points for trying harder and doing better in being there since Jenelle had Jace. Jace has had a stable home because of her, not because of Jenelle and she deserves a thanks for that.

          Further, as someone who had a very messed up childhood, blaming mom only goes so far. Jenelle is a mess and there is no excuse. Her opportunity to lay it all at Barbara’s feet is long past. She’s a mess now because she revels in it.

          • Ensley

            Barbara is a verbally abusive control freak. She did the right thing by raising Jace when Jenelle wasn’t capable of doing it herself, but the situation has changed and Barbara needs to acknowledge that – Jenelle is clean, she has an education and has had two more babies, both of which she has custody of. She’s as stable as she’s ever going to be and she is Jace’s mother after all. He came out of her vagina, not Barbara’s. It’s time to give him back.

            • Bruja

              Yes, because being a mother is all about giving birth. That’s funny.

              As someone who was adopted, I’m here to tell you that’s utter bullshit. Most any female can breed, it takes someone special to actually be a mother, and Jenelle, who just this past year, allowed her 8th true love, to call her baby a whiny little bitch, ain’t a mother.

            • TimM

              You’re crazy…..she hasn’t cleaned her life up. If she did that, she’d stop having babies, ditch the dudes, and become part of society.

        • Murphy

          Yeah she created Jenelle, but she didn’t have CPS threaten to take any of her kids away.

          • Bruja


          • Guest

            They probably should have, though.

    • Carolyn Brennan


  • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    She’s had so many engagements that everyone is fazed Lololol
    Congrats Jenelle 🙄
    I doubt it’ll last 😒

  • Alisson Leech

    I hope they actually marry!!! Soon!!

  • Victoria

    Wedding date set, the summer of 2036 shes so excited

  • Brie Mode

    I hope she at least gets herself spayed instead of continuing to procreate like a goddamn rabbit.

    I give them 8 months tops.

  • Jojo

    *yawn*… and she calls the cops, wailing abuse in 3,2…

    • Hannah

      Ironically in this case he probably will genuinely beat her

      • Jojo

        I hate to up vote the idea of anyone getting beaten, but you’re spot on (edit: not saying I hate up voting you just the idea…)

    • FR

      She bought the ring, she bought the house, he gets half when he leaves … This is her second husband already.

      She is big on recycling. Not much from Courtland or Keiffer lately…

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Forever or until you do something I don’t like and I claim domestic violence.

  • Neacy

    Anyone wanna place bets how long till the cops are called now that they’re engaged?

  • barbinop

    Babs nightmare just came to life

  • Miss Mandy Lynn


  • tina

    please so jealous of chelsey your ring even looks like her. how long till she claims he abused her? is this another freebie or did she trade her old one for this?

  • Lauren

    As much as I want to be happy for good news being engaged 3 previous times while also claiming forever each time it kinda makes one skeptical. And what’s with changing Jace’s last name to Eason? That kid has had so many “father” figures in his life that have left so who’s to say this guy is any different? Oh man. I hope it works out. Those kids deserve stability.

    • Hannah

      She’ll never get jace back so she won’t be changing his name

      • Lauren

        I know but her logic behind it in the first place is just flawed. Lol.

      • Carolyn Brennan

        She should change hers to Duggar. She keeps popping those kids out like them.

  • Ali.P

    Was the having a baby together not already a pretty forever thing?

  • Guest

    At least he’s the only guy she has introduced Kaiser to, right?

    • FR

      So far. That will change. Kaiser is still very young. He will meet just as many men as Jace, if not more

  • Hannah

    Congratulations? As if anyone is happy for this chick. This is her fifth engagement. Fifth!!! With a guy about to go to prison for domestic violence. Starcasm you should be ashamed for giving this idiot attention.

  • Regina

    That ring looks exactly like Chelsea’s. Weird.

  • TinaBelchersGroan

    She looks more smug than happy. Thinks she proved all the “haters” wrong 😂

  • Che

    David should be setting an arrest date. Fools.

  • Ensley

    Congrats y’all! Now get your shit together and start fighting for custody of your children.

  • lavishdiva

    I severely wish mtv would stop production f this show mainly because of this whorebag and if anyone needs sterlization its her i am highly disgustd with this soceity we live in its like nobody uses birthcontrol or condoms otr even wait a few yrs before marriage like ill be 29 this summer and this girl has had more babies than me (i have none) more boyfriends and fiances than me and shes not even near my age and tbats SAD…girls dont rush into kids or marriage itll only make things worse for you in the long run…and i bet her moms gonna raise her too what happens when Babs dies???where would they be going to and whom????if the record of perfect boyfriends what happens if Janelle dies??like really unresponsible as much as i cant stand Kail and how much of a bitch she is …this dumbass takes the cake for the worst teen mom out of all of them