GYPSY SISTERS Bridal shower brawl details! Was it set up by producers?

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The ladies of TLC’s reality show Gypsy Sisters first garnered national attention back in 2012 when a violent brawl erupted at a wedding during filming of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding and the video went viral. That video essentially sealed the deal on a spin-off series the following year, and four seasons of Gypsy Sisters followed.

The show was officially cancelled in July, 2015, but as our readers are aware, some of the cast members are filming once again — either for a new episode(s) of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding or a new season of Gypsy Sisters. (Or potentially both?)

Of course, it hasn’t taken long for the cast to get back to what made them famous in the first place, as there have already been multiple violent altercations caught on camera, and even a few arrests. But yesterday things REALLY blew up when a HUGE brawl broke out at the bridal shower for Nettie Stanley’s daughter Nettie (aka Nukki).

Here’s a recap:

Nukki and her sister Dallas have been feuding with their mom Nettie’s cousin (and Gypsy Sisters co-star) Annie Malone for weeks — due in large part to the fact that Dallas is currently in a relationship with Annie’s estranged husband Jay. (You may need to read that sentence a few times to get a clear picture.)

Nukki had a bridal shower on Friday, and of course Annie was not invited. According to multiple reports, it was Firecracker Films (the production company that makes My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding and Gypsy Sisters) that convinced Annie and Mellie Stanley to crash the bridal shower, with the understanding that they would protect Annie if anything happened. Annie stated afterward that she refused multiple times to go anywhere near the event, but “Firecracker kept offering us more money more money,” and she eventually agreed.

So, a Firecracker production member reportedly drove Annie and Mellie to the event, which they were going to try to pass off as “just dropping Mellie off.”

There are multiple accounts of the actual altercation, so I will try to piece it together. When Mellie and Annie arrived, a small crowd rushed the vehicle, including Nettie, Nukki, and Dallas. Annie and Mellie were inside the car, so were relatively safe. Well, until Mellie rolled down Annie’s window.

Dallas attacked Annie through the window and Annie rolled up the window on Dallas’ arm. The member of production that was driving the vehicle then began to drive off with Dallas’ arm still stuck in the window. Dallas received numerous bruises and scrapes, and she had a fingernail ripped off:

Gypsy Sisters brawl Dallas Malone fingernail injury

Nukki stepped in front of the vehicle and it came to a stop. Mellie then opened a car door, allowing Nukki to get in the car and attack Annie.

According to her own account, Nettie Stanley “ripped Mellie out n threw her to the pavement to save Annie’s ass!!” Nettie then pulled Nukki off of Annie. “If not for me, [Annie] would’ve not had a breath in her body,” Nettie says.

In a separate Facebook comment, Nettie addressed what happened — including why she broke up the fight:

Let me make this clear once mellie and Annie came to a bridal shower for nukki uninvited, Annie knowing all that sh!t she n Dallas has said, that something was bound to happen! She knew it wasn’t gonna be a drive by! But even tho I argue with my family, NEVER could I see them hurt! I had to literally rip mellie out the car to save Annie! Because I never wanted see that and I had to get mellie out that turned on Annie and then as leaving screaming she’s calling law! It was a little too late to call 911 then mellie! If u really wanted to help u should’ve called when u seen them coming!!!

Annie conceded that Nettie saved her. “Nettie did break it up,” Annie says, “and I wanna thank her my self for it.” Annie has shared no photos of any injuries sustained during the altercation

The same cannot be said for Dallas, who not only shared the gruesome fingernail photo above, but these additional pictures of bruises and scrapes all over her body:

“I can’t hold my child my arms are so sore,” Dallas said. “I have knots and bruises covering them.” She adds “my hand is swelling up” before revealing “I am going to the hospital.”

The incident shines a spotlight on reality show production tactics, and sparks a debate about whether or not they are liable for instigating these kinds of altercations. We might soon find out what a judge thinks because Dallas has stated that she intends to take legal action. “She better press charges,” Dallas says of Annie, “because so am I and I am suing them.”

Annie has not said anything about a lawsuit (that I could find), but in her account of what happened, she did say “They promised I would be protected…I’m done I’m done with firecracker I’m done with TLC.”

And just in case you were wondering, multiple sources report that cameras were rolling during the altercation (of course). So we may be seeing it on the small screen soon — or perhaps on TMZ as soon as this week. We all know how well a TMZ brawl video worked for them last time!

To wrap this up, here is Annie’s full account of what happened followed by the infamous Mellie Stanley and Diamond brawl clip that started it all:

For days Firecracker has been telling Mellie and me they want us to crash the bridal party.

They kept saying they need drama.

I told them NO I won’t gonna do that cuz I know what would happen and I am by myself. Its all them against me and I’m out on bond. I ain’t gonna risk me going to jail. I kept telling them they are gonna attack tee And I’m not dumb to walk in alone some where.

Firecracker kept offering us more money more money.

On Friday they kept pressuring us more and more. Mellie was getting P!SSED and she left the hotel but did end up coming back later on.

Firecracker kept up with they need us to go to the bridal shower. Firecracker kept telling me I will be protected,nothing will happen they just need some drama footage.

We roll up there and they come out the place Nukkie,Jay,Nettle,Dallas, Chastitie.

Mellie is screaming let me out of here I want my sister let me go talk to my sister. I tried to stop her from leaving cuz I knew once that door was open they was gonna try to get in.

They was pounding on the car Jay was yelling get out here cut or being that c*nt to me I wanna f***ing kill her. Nukkie got in the car and attacked me Dallas was pulling my hair from outside the window. I couldn’t move, I couldnt do anything.

Everyone was screaming..The only person that broke it up was Nettie. I hope Firecracker TLC got what they needed.

They promised I would be protected. Sh!t this is my family I know how they are. I’m done I’m done with firecracker I’m done with TLC

Today’s date 2-11-2017
Written by Annie

Dallas injury photo: GypsyGossip:TattleTales Facebook page

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