TEEN MOM 2 Javi Marroquin confirms divorce from Kailyn Lowry is finalized


Javi Marroquin has verified that his divorce from Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is officially completed.

Javi stated a week ago on Instagram that the divorce was over. Radar followed up with Javi and he affirmed that information. “It’s true, it’s been finalized,” he said.

He also provided some details about the custody arrangement for he and Kail’s 3-year-old son Lincoln:

“I didn’t take her for child support because I do have 50/50 of Lincoln. I don’t need any money from her. I can provide for my own son!”


Javi has been sharing the love recently for his new lady friend, Cassandra Bucka, via social media. A week ago he posted a pic with Cass and had a choice reply for all the negative comments that inevitably followed. “Y’all hating. Cass is prettier than everyone.,” he said.


Miss Bucka didn’t shy away from a fight as she clapped back at a critic of Javi’s in the comments section:

“Disrespecting me and commenting on my looks is one thing and easily able to brush off, but disrespecting @javim9 ‘s character is a completely different story that I’m not quite okay with regardless of relationship title. Remember, you see the aspects of life tv and social media WANTS you to see.. Don’t trip so hard over a family you don’t even know.”


Yesterday Javi shared another pic with Bucka, tagged her in it, and captioned it, “The reason why the good times are great.”


  • Bruja

    Ahhh, now the whole underwear thing while he was deployed makes more sense.. this chick is AF, too… MmmmHmm.

    I said it on The Ashley, and I’ll say it here too. I smell rebound.

    If Kail..and Javi were really thinking of their kids, they’d STFU about all of this crap on social media, stop acting like kids and grow the phuck up.

    Javi and his fits and whining are ridiculous.. Kail’s penchant for hitting insane.. they both suck.

    *edit- Darren O or anyone, please turn on comments for the TM OG brawl article. Thanks!

    • Darren O

      Woah – thanks for the heads up on the TM OG post!

    • Guest

      From what I have heard…he was flirting the second week he was deployed and cheating within the first month.

  • ren24

    No chance of these people ever staying single for 20 minutes huh?

    • Dana

      Nope I guess its not the “in” thing these days.

  • Ali.P

    Eh, I always liked Javi. I didn’t think he was whiny because he legit couldn’t even get his wife to look his direction unless it was to argue. I thought it was great how amazing he was with Isaac. Almost everyone deserves a relationship with someone that actually wants to be with you.

    • Wtf

      Agreed. Everyone seems to hate Javi, but I think he only acted that way because it’s the only attention Kail would pay him. She treated him like trash. He was so good with Isaac.

      • LoLo

        I will admit that I liked him in the beginning then I didn’t like some of his behavior but now I can see why he behaved that way. Cail has a history or cheating & keeps everything a secret. Javi not only loved her but adored & loved isaac. I feel like she didn’t really want a husband. She wanted a baby. When they would fight she would say she wanted a divorce or that she would take the kids. You don’t throw around the D word every time you fight. That means you never took your marriage seriously. I feel bad for Isaac who clearly loved Javi. I also do not care for them posting pics of their new loves so quickly. When you don’t have kids do what you want but when you have kids relationships need to be taken seriously & bringing people in & out of your kids lives is reckless.

      • Guest

        Okay, so be a cry baby and fun cry to your girl because she doesn’t give you attention??? How needy is that?? What a turn off.

        • Wtf


        • LoLo

          More like he was away all the time & when he would return she didn’t want anything to do with him. She wanted a baby & military benefits that’s all. Every time they argued she would throw divorce around like it was nothing. She never really wanted a husband, in my opinion. Now, rumors are that she was actually cheating on him so I feel that his being immature was a result of things we didn’t get to see. He was good to her child & it’s sad it didn’t work out.

    • TimM

      Ali, Funny ting? Kail is a money grubbing gold digger. She pushed to marry him quickly before he deployed. That way she could take advantage of on-base housing and insurance. His money bought all of their things. She’s just a gold digging skank who has the personality of a wet bag. She is eating the attention up tho. Don’t get me wrong, she had a hard up bringing but even from 16 and pregnant, you could tell she was looking for someone to make her stable but couldn’t escape chaos.

  • TA

    She’s a Kail look-a-like. Guess he has a type.
    I hope for the sake of Isaac that Javi is still allowed to have a relationship with him too.

    • Guest

      He has always said he prefers blondes!! Look out Amber!!

  • barbinop

    I’m happy that Javi found a nice lady. He deserves better than the way Kail used him. Good luck Javi

    • Guest

      “The way Kail used him” ? Meaning?? I don’t think she used him at all…he was the one with no job when they met and he is the one that continuously stalked her at her job before they actually went out. I’m sure Kail was very irritated to find out her man was really a teary eyed little school girl.

  • YourMom

    I see he improved in the looks department. This chick is 100 times better looking than Kail! She seems nicer too!

  • Sarah B

    Can’t stand Javi. He comes across as a total control freak. Kail isn’t perfect either but at least she was sensible enough to say no to a third baby with him after the miscarriage. He was a complete ass to her during that time! Poor Isaac though, he really looked up to Javi. I know he isn’t his child, but I hope despite their split, he still makes a fuss of him when seeing Lincoln.

    • Guest

      Can’t stand Javi either!! NEVER could, he always came across as a big pussee, with emotional issues. He acts like he grew up as a huge mommas/grandma’s boy that was a little whiney brat.

  • Alibastar Beaubo

    I dunno who this Cassie is. He’s my man. Luv u Javi boo boo. Can’t wait to have your baby in 5 months.