Jenelle Eason attacks Teen Mom 2 producers after MTV reportedly cracks down on her diva antics

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason continues to lash out at show producers after a report surfaces indicating the network is no longer tolerating her on-set diva antics.

The “lack of drama” drama started last week when Jenelle shared a couple of posts on her Instagram story complaining about how lame her segments have been. “Let’s continue boring ass lunches and hardly speaking on camera! I love it. Bet everyone else will love this season too.” She added a face palm emoji as well as this string of hash tags: #BORING #TeenMom2 #Distant #NotMe

Jenelle would later share a second post in which she simply wrote: “I’m just a prop in the background. ?? #TeenMom2.”

The outburst seems odd given that Jenelle’s biggest complaints about producers in the past was that they focused on all of some of the over-the-top drama in her life. She has complained about how some of her co-stars were edited in a better light, but if you look at Chelsea DeBoer for example, her segments over the past couple of seasons have been mostly “boring lunches” and similar scenes.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup may have touched on the real issue, however, as her sources reveal that the tension between Jenelle and producers may actually stem from their crackdown on Jenelle’s on-set diva antics!

“For years, Jenelle wasted everyone’s time, throwing tantrums, refusing to film during scheduled film dates, and going over her filming day budget every season,” one source tells The Ashley. “This season, MTV is not accepting any excuses from Jenelle and making her film [on scheduled film dates], no matter what. And Jenelle’s p*ssed.”

You may recall that Jenelle and producers went through a series of heavily contested contract negotiations before they finally reached an agreement in August that allowed her to return. Jenelle hired a lawyer to represent her in the negotiations, and it seems that all of the legal wrangling and contractual specifics have empowered producers when it comes to forcing Jenelle to hold up her end.

“She tried to get out of filming by texting the crew at the last minute, saying she wasn’t going to film that day, just like she used to,” The Ashley’s source recalls of one instance earlier this season. “Her crew told her that they would have to get legal involved and Jenelle showed up 10 minutes later to film,” the source says. “She’s not happy about it, so ranting about how ‘boring’ the season will be is kind of her way of rebelling. Because she can’t rebel like she used to because she knows MTV is not playing anymore.”

The Ashley says that Jenelle’s antics in the past often caused production to miss deadlines and go over budget, but they refuse to let that happen any more as they enforce the stipulations of Jenelle’s contract. “She kind of did it to herself by trying to play hardball and always getting her lawyer involved,” one source says of the situation.

After The Ashley’s story broke, Jenelle continued bashing the network on Instagram as she went into further detail about exactly what is and isn’t being filmed for the upcoming season:

To play Jenelle’s advocate here, it does sound like her segments next season will be a bit boring. Teen Mom 2 is still a very popular series and A LOT of that has to do with the fact that Jenelle could always bring the unexpected drama that wasn’t your standard salty lunch conversations. Of course, that isn’t what Jenelle wants either, and I will have to confess that watching Jace’s soccer game, Ensley’s check up, etc. sounds a little more boring (from a reality TV viewer’s standpoint) than the lunch convos.

Also playing Jenelle’s advocate, The Ashley seems to suggest that she has seen some of the new season and confirms Jenelle’s comments about how bad it is:

So what are your thoughts? Will you be happy if MTV finally gives show critics what they want by not showcasing Jenelle’s crazy, and sometimes dangerous, antics on screen — or will you be disappointed?

Here are a couple images to help you decide:

Teen Mom Fury Road Jenelle Eason Jace

Jenelle Eason and mom Barbara Evans enjoy tea and a cute breakfast together

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