Jenelle Evans found NOT GUILTY in assault and battery charges against Nathan’s girlfriend

Jenelle and David

Good news out of court today for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans: she was found not guilty for charges of assault and battery.

Back in August, Jenelle got into a heated altercation when her ex, Nathan Griffith, brought his new girlfriend, Jessica Henry, to Jenelle’s house. According to the police report, Jenelle threw a drinking glass at Jessica, injuring her.

The reality star was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery.


Now, eight months later, the issue has been resolved in Jenelle’s favor.

“The trial is over and she was found not guilty,” her lawyer Amy Loving told Radar.

Jenelle also happily announced the news on Twitter.

According to The Star Glam, Jenelle remained confident that she would be cleared of any wrong doing. In fact, she was “offered several plea deals but refused to take them because she was sure that a jury would find her not guilty.”

Jenelle even took the stand in her own defense to give her side of the story as did Jessica. The case was left in the hands of the jury who ultimately sided with Jenelle.

“I am really happy with today’s outcome and despite me and my lawyer’s ups and downs that was seen on the show she did an amazing job!” Jenelle said. “I am very blessed and grateful for the jury to be able to see the truth what really happened behind my perspective.”

Back in March, she was served a criminal summons for cyberstalking but, Nathan ended up dropping those charges last week.

This means that, as of today, Jenelle has no pending charges against her!

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  • Booty Fingers

    You shouldn’t even need to be using the words not guilty at all for any reason. This chick has a montage of mug shots. What a loser. I bet when the show is over and she runs out of money she’ll be robbing liquor stores to support her habit.

    • Kmarie

      I am so sick of this skank getting away with the crap she pulls !! All that is telling her is that she can treat people like s**t and not have any consequences its freakin ridiculous our judicial system is so fkd up. No anger management classes no how not to be a dumb psycho b**ch classes nothing…so who will be to blame when she gets stressed out and throws something and hurts her kid or the next victim…i think our system should be to blame and whoever found her not guilty.

    • violet Beuregarde

      No wonder she’s actually smiling at the camera in like 5-6 of them. She knows nothing will happen to her.

    • Bruja

      Just think of the awesome custom wallpaper she could have made out of those mugshots for her bathroom though!

      What a conversation starter!

      If she keeps going, she can have it done for her livingroom!

  • AshleyBlack

    How long will the “no pending charges against her” last? I give it 12 hours.

    • Ellie

      Nah she’s gonna spend at least two days celebrating, so she won’t be moving from her couch for at least four days including recovery. That fifth day though… I’ll put my money on it.

      • AshleyBlack

        Hahaha! You’re right!

    • Tabitha

      I give it 5 minutes.

    • Victoria

      Really.. Lol her and David Will get into a fight. About him “physically beating” her. And she.ll push him. And then boom another charge

  • Rene

    Why can’t she do some time like Amber?

    • TA

      She has money to hire decent attorneys thanks to MTV. But she has spent time in jail before for other charges.
      Also, Amber chose prison over rehab.

    • Kmarie

      Right !! Im getting to where i am just sick of all this personal freakin white trash drama with some of these teen moms its not even about them and their kids anymore really…i mean yes they are on the show and they may be involved a little but the main focus is on these losers and their personal problems. They need to just take them off if their story with their kids are so played out that they have to use this trash. Jenelle, Leah, & Farrah ALL NEED TO GO !!!

      • vintagecheerwine

        Agree along with the O G’s.

    • vintagecheerwine

      And how did that work for Slumber?

      Ready to marry a loser with no income but hers.

      Flipping houses. Sure.

      She is useless and clueless. She is 25 and has nothing to show for it.


      • Kmarie

        Im proud of Amber for learming how to control her temper and for trying to communicate better with her ex without screaming, cussing, calling names, and hitting but wtf is the deal with settling for that loser ?? Oh well to each his own maybe they will get something going so he can say he has an income.

  • Pattipandi

    Who does she have to blow to stay out of trouble?

    • vintagecheerwine


    • Kmarie

      We all know she dont care just put one in front of her !!!!

  • Je_suis_moi

    Let’s be honest here… Conviction or not, who will hire her to work at any decent job with her reputation and numerous other run ins with the law?

    • Kmarie

      Well i think it just boosts her bad attitude . I bet she was telling that fugly “dude” she is with …ya i got away with the shit again…haha my lawyer said they had me red handed..ha so much for what she knows..and fk nathan and that b**ch tell her to come over and i will do it again….i can just here here ugly little penguin looking a** saying that.

      • Regina

        Penguin hahahahah

    • vintagecheerwine

      She couldn’t handle a real job.

      • Bruja

        Who are we all kidding?

        She doesn’t even want a real job.

        But it sure do make a good storyline!

    • Ellie

      I was a management in retail, and I was more than willing to give people a chance. But you can bet your butt I watched them carefully, and sadly a few people did have to be let go.

      Point is for every lost cause (*coughJENELLEcough*) there’s people willing to make up for their mistakes.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      I Google people before I hire them. She’s faux famous if I googled her no way. If it was old stuff sure but she racks up a charge and court date every few months.

    • Victoria

      She’s “trying” to be a surgical tech. But it’s hard right now because she’s trying to get engaged plan a baby. Then get jace back

  • vintagecheerwine

    She’s the Queen of Trashiness! And that is the nice name for her. All these old mamas will be on welfare right after the final episode. JMHO

  • Alisson Leech


  • sysmjp

    Damn that b* is lucky. She should definitely look into a career as a defense attorney, not only to save on legal fees but she seems to have a knack for getting out of trouble and could represent her boyfriends and what not.

    • Booty Fingers

      Comment of the day ladies and gentlemen 👏🏾

    • Tabitha

      HAHA as if Jenelle actually has enough intellectual competence to be an attorney.

      • ann

        I actually think she does have the intellectual competence. She has the potential to be very bright and successful. See what drugs and violence does?

        • Pattipandi

          I think it’s more mental illness/personality disorder. Plus I don’t think she’s that smart, she just knows how to be well spoken when she has to.

  • Alisson Leech

    She looks really drugged out on this new season. She’s looking bad.

    • Kmarie

      She always looks bad….shes ugly she cant get rid of it !!

    • Devils Advocate

      Considering her best friend Tori/ Nanny just got busted for heroin…

      • Kmarie

        Ouch !! I didnt hear that one !! Well Jenelle was doing heroin with Kiefer so doesnt suprise me that its somewhere around. Look at that “dudes” bug ugly head laying next to her…uuuggghhh ..idk why but when i first saw it i thought he looked like character off the Bugs Life kids movie..

      • Caty C.P. :)

        Oh wow I hadn’t heard that about Tori, but I believe you!! Girl couldn’t even keep one hand from twitching to light her damn cigarette….

      • Bruja

        That’s funny! I just used the same name for Tori (nanny) as you did in the heroin article, and I just now read your comment.

        Wonder how Jenelle is feeling about having to find new help? lol!

  • Redheaded stranger

    Well Jenelle I see ya ain’t goin to tha slamma .. It’s the Lucky court staaaar

  • BreBreezieBre

    This is why acts the way she do she’s never been really held responsible for anything she has done. It’ll be something new next season why she can’t get a job in the medical field she will find someone else to blame other than herself

    • Lawmk

      Ha someone said the same thing about 6 or 7 hours before you posted.

      • BreBreezieBre

        Oh sorry I didn’t read anyone else’s comment

        • Lawmk

          Just saying how alot of us think the same way about her so theres an obvious problem with her.

  • Michdlld

    I don’t agree with what jenelle says or does at all, but it seems to me that there is a lot
    More to the story than we are being told. This went to a jury. That’s ordinary people so it’s not a case of the system being fixed. There must be a reason they found her not guilty. I don’t like jenelle but I don’t like Jessica or Nathan either. I completely agree that Nathan wants to look good and isn’t really interested in being s father. I wouldn’t trust that Jessica as far as I could throw her either. She even made a point of saying she was only pursuing it to help his custody case. I think it’s sad as I don’t think either one of them all should be parents. I wish mtv had been there for this incident though because I get the feeling none of them are really being up front and honest about what happened that day.

    • Lawmk

      Ya like all the other REPEAT CRIMINALS ..we dont know why they continue to get off or merely get just a slap in the hand. Its all the liberals and all the ” oh i just feel so sorry for her ” clueless idiots that vote these criminals not guilty.

    • :/

      Apparently there was no prosecuting attorney, the victims case was represented by an officer. And they weren’t able to prove Jenelle guilty cause they weren’t able to use some evidence. This is even after the fact Jenelle herself admitted what she did was unprovoked. Also Jenelle’s attorney supposedly got to choose the jury. Idk how the courts work where she’s from.

      • Lawmk

        They obviously dont work.

  • Gabie Aldrich

    Another chapter in the saga of J.E.

  • Booty Fingers

    I hope a sink hole swallows both casts

    • Lol

      You win with your comment and your username.

    • Kmarie

      Farrahs big sink hole !!

      • Deer Cam

        Surely you mean *stink* hole 😉

        • Kmarie

          That too !!

  • shebee

    I can hear her now, ” Dudeeeee, I KNEW I was going to beat this. I told you I was innocent.” I can’t even say she’s off the hook because rest assure Janelle will do something stupid soon to add to her gallery of mug shots. She can’t help herself. She’s too attention starved not to. Countdown to when she turns on Dumb-as-a-sack-of-rocks David and he becomes her next target.

    • Regina

      Maybe she can punch his face into a normal shape.

  • lalalandjl

    I am happy for her. Now it’s time for her to just focus on herself and her children. Grow up and act like an adult.

    • Bruja

      Like that will ever happen.

      This will just add fuel to the already huge fire that is Jenelle’s hot mess of a life, because now, the next time she assaults someone, she’ll likely actually hurt them, or get hurt herself in the process.

      Let someone like this come at me sideways with a jar towards my head…

      • Kmarie

        Yeeeeep !!!! I would LOVE to have the chance to be a victim of Jenells or Farrahs bulls**t i have always said one good b**ch slap is what they need . Im a pretty down to earth easy going person but to hear either of them running that mouth i would gladly pop that jaw. There have been so many times i would see one of them cussing their mom or someone else and i just think i would grab the back of that head and slam that face right into a wall….they would be choking on sheetrock.

        • Bruja

          Hallelujah! Same here, I will not suffer someone visiting violence on me. Shove me or lob something at me, it’s gonna be an issue I’m going to feel the need to address. Swiftly.

          I think one good butt-whoopin’ (or a smack to a running mouth) would be all it would take to see ’em slinkin’ right back into the hole they crawled out of. Unfortunately, they’ve been raised to treat people like punching bags, and see no consequences for such poor behavior (where most of us were raised to know better with groundings and such- even when we didn’t have the best of childhoods!), so it is now extending into their adult lives. Further, especially in Farrah’s case, you see Sophia jammin’ along in her disrespectful, bratty footsteps, and I know when I see it, all I can think is, “someone better handle that now, before she is Farrah 2.0“.. but.. there is no one there to do so and I fear, it’s likely too late. A bully on the playground (or the internet) is probably gonna be Sophia’s butt-whoopin’ soon (there have already been reports of kids making fun of her at school), if Sophia doesn’t turn out to be that bully herself..

          • Kmarie

            Yep that kid is something else with her little mouth making her demands on them all the time like her mom she learns it all from hearing her. I hope when Sophia gets a little older she realizes that when you’re not that cute its a plus to have a good personality.

    • Kmarie

      Hahahaha thats the funniest thing i have heard in a looooong you know who we are all talking about ?? Maybe you havent seen much of the show. How can anyone be happy for someone that gives up their baby for d**k and drugs and then turn around and treat this one like crap and neglect him ?? I have NOTHING for a b**ch that cant take care of their children not once but twice…and is still constantly getting in trouble. Ya…good luck with all that focusing crap. Seems like all she can do is sit on the couch under a blanket and focus on her phone. You never see her play with Kaiser, or read to him or anything. He will probably be 3 years old and wont be able to form the smallest sentence.

  • victorg

    not guilty does not mean innocent.

  • PCpolice

    Teflon Jenelle. Another argument for professional jury panels instead of Joe-Schmos, many of which barely have a diploma, many of which are fans of these shows & their participants. It’s ridiculous! Even her lawyer advised her that the prosecution had a solid case against her being she admitted to her violent actions..Was her many other arrests not allowed as part of the evidence? It’s ridiculous! NO FAITH IN THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM..
    By the way, Jenelle expressed that she didn’t want to use Nathan & her son, Kaiser, as visitation leverage offered to HIS DADDY, because she’s feel that was using Kaiser….BUT, that’s exactly what she does whenever she’s mad at his daddy—changes her phone number & refuses him to see his son..Instead, she leaves him w/people she barely knows, including new boytoy’s sister & her child…My baby would never be placed in that situation..NEVER.
    Jenelle’s a HORRIBLE MOTHER

    • Regina

      I know when she said that she felt bad using her son I was like “… UHHHHHHHM???” The only reason she HAS children is to use them to control other people. I can’t believe she actually does still have custody of Kaiser. She shouldn’t.

  • Regina

    David’s face is so WEIRD. That first photo… urghhhh

  • Kaykay

    This chick is a ticking time bomb. I am waiting for that one charge and you know its going to happen soon that the judge is going to make an example of her and throw the book at her. I give it by the beginning of the summer that her and her boy toy will get into s fight and one or both will get arrested. She can kiss any chance of a career and the medical field away. No one will hire her cause she is too erratic and all of her business is in the public eye.

  • Kidd

    Jenelle does have some more growing up to do but she has come a very long way from where she was when the show started. It’s obvious she has remained clean which is a major accomplishment for a heroin/crack user. I’m glad she was found not guilty. I think Nathan deliberately took the new girlfriend to Jenelle’s house just to get her riled up.