Miley and Liam break up looms large: ‘She won’t be able to handle it’

Miley and Liam Paranoia Premiere

A long string of alleged bad news has fans the world over asking: Did Miley and Liam break up? The celebrity lovers made big headlines when they appeared to get back together this past winter–and apparently got engaged for the second time just weeks after that. According to the latest reports, though, the fate of the new engagement might be the same as the old.

It was only this past Christmas that Miley and Liam looked to have gotten back together and picked up right where they left off. The pair was spotted swimming in the ocean at the Hemsworth family compound down under, and reports stated that they seemed very close indeed. Shortly thereafter, the Miley and Liam engagement was said to be going full-speed ahead: the couple allegedly wanted to throw “the biggest [naked] wedding ever,” possibly as soon as this summer.

However, all those good vibes might have been for naught, according to several new dispatches. A recent Inquisitr article claims that Miley is deathly afraid she’ll be left at the altar “at [she and Liam’s] upcoming wedding,” because Liam might “have a change of heart” if he listens too closely to his friends and family “when it comes to their opinions on [his] recent reconciliation.” Miley apparently understands that the Hemsworth family has “massive influence” over Liam, and thinks they might be able to turn him against her.

And a related In Touch article alleges that the Miley and Liam engagement is “barely hanging on” because of those very same fears. Curiously, the In Touch source appears to suggest that Miley thinks it would be best if she and Liam both turned their backs on their families and went their own way: “She’s made it clear to him,” says that source, “that if this relationship is going to work, they are both going to have to ignore what their friends and family say.”

That source also spoke to the extent of Miley’s worry. “[Liam] dumping her would put her into a very dark place mentally, emotionally and physically,” the insider is said to have revealed. “She will fall apart—and it will be ugly. She won’t be able to handle it.”


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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth allegedly engaged in Australia, swimming in the ocean naked, having a glorious time


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  • FarrahsCryFace

    I don’t really follow these idiots but I can’t imagine they even got back together or that her would be ok with a naked wedding. Unless he’s drinking the koolade Miley is making.

  • twelfthnight

    I feel bad for him. He probably really loved who she was, but she went so far off the rails to get away from her HM years that she wasn’t that person anymore.

    She just needs to tone it down. If I were his family I too would be saying “Is this who you want as a wife and mother to your kids?” because I wouldn’t want that.

    I also doubt her friends and family are saying anything against him, it’s probably just people in his camp that are warning him to think twice.

    • Victoria

      He should listen to them

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Ditto. I don’t follow them except what I read on here or see on other gossip sites. Before they always looked like a nice wholesome couple. Even when she cut all her hair off, super cute average couple ( with lots of money) but then she lost her mind trying to find herself and change her image that I don’t think anybody would want her for more than a night or her money.

  • jen

    I thought she was gay and/or gender fluid? This girl is a hot mess, and shouldn’t be marrying anyone. Note to anyone who wants to bitch, I’m totally ok with anyone’s gender or sexual identity, I just simply think she does it for attention.

    • MsAwesomePants

      I think everything she’s done in the last couple years has been for attention. Seems she’s not mature enough for a real relationship, much less marriage.

  • Tink

    They look like a joke couple, ya know? When they first started dating years ago, they were cute but now its like what does he see in her? She’s trying so hard to be edgy. “I smoke salvia and don’t shave my armpits and be ornery while hosting the mtv music awards and don’t care what people say.” We get it, you’re not hannah Montana but at the same time, he could so much better.

    • Tricia77

      Don’t forget that lesbian phase with that model..which I think was a publicity stunt

  • Beba

    It’s just like lady gaga and her hot husband… I have no idea what these guys see in these gross girls.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Ugh I love Taylor Kinney.

    • Guest


    • twelfthnight

      Gaga isn’t really all that bad looking when she’s just dressed nicely and normally and not in some outfit that resembles an entire circus.

      What particularly do you find gross about her, out of curiosity?

  • Aussie cathie

    Oh Liam !! Lie with dogs you will get fleas!!

  • DeeDeDee

    What I find odd is that everybody is sooo distracted by Miley being off her rocker that they didn’t even notice Liam kissing another girl in public 2 days after they broke up the first time. I don’t even like the girl, but everybody is all “OMG, Miley is twerking on stage and cutting her hair!” that they didn’t even stop to wonder if that girl was the reason they broke up in the first place. o.O

  • realitybites2

    I don’t see the rush to marry in the first place….they are both young, go out with a lot of different people, find out who you are, what you really like and experience life for goodness sake, don’t rush into marriage and be like everyone else in Hollywood and divorce a zillion times….plus, they really don’t seem right for each other at all!!