PHOTOS Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann marries Lekota Koch

Lekota Koch Matt McCann wedding photo

In the latest chapter of one of reality TV’s most improbable happy endings, Teen Mom 3 dad Matthew McCann married his fiance Lekota Koch in a small, private ceremony in Idaho on Sunday. Making the day even more special was that Lekota is currently almost nine months pregnant with the couple’s first child!

The ceremony was performed by a judge in his home with Lekota’s best friend Olivia and her husband in attendance. We spoke with the bride and she tells us why they felt they needed to go ahead and make things official before Lekota gave birth. “We wanted to get married before Matty Jr. was here so that we’d all have the same last name and be a family,” she says.

Matt and Lekota McCann wedding

Lekota says she will be changing her last name to McCann (which she has already done on social media) and that her and Matt plan to have a larger ceremony in Pennsylvania at a later date.

Lekota revealed on Instagram that Matt started crying during the ceremony, and she added, “He’s literally so perfect ❤” Here’s the accompanying photo:

Matthew McCann Lekota Koch wedding

And another photo of the bride and groom’s first kiss:

Lekota and Matt McCann wedding kiss

As if the emotional Matt needed another reason to celebrate, today is his 22nd birthday!

Lekota shared this next collage of Mattkota photos on Instagram along with a rather lengthy, loving message for her husband:

Matt McCann Lekota Koch photos collage

22 years ago today, Matt’s parents gave me the greatest gift I could ask for. On a snowy December night, my soul mate was born. Today, he is the strongest man I know. My absolute best friend. My whole world. Keeper of my secrets and listener of my thoughts. My rock to lean on and shoulder to cry on. He carries me when I am down and makes my spirit fly. He is smart with something to add to every conversation. He is funny, always making me tear up from laughter. He is brave and true. Never afraid to stand for what he believes is right. He has faced his demons and walked through hell. He is my king among men. I can’t explain what its like knowing he is mine, its like this sense of being whole. I am proud of who he is and what he will become. I am thankful I found him. Our son is so lucky to have Matt as a dad. I know they’re going to be as thick as thieves and such a hand full together! My baby and I are blessed to have Matt. Yesterday I married this man. The rest of my life I’ll stay by his side.

Happy 22nd Birthday Tootie.

Jr and I love you very, very, very much!!!! PS. Binx loves you too! And Sherlock! ?????????


Prior to the birthday message, Lekota shared another appreciative post to Matt on social media expressing her gratitude for him being a great dad-to-be throughout her pregnancy:

Lekota Koch message to Matt McCann during pregnancy

Speaking of “throughout her pregnancy,” it appears as though Lekota’s first time expecting has gone well. Here was her baby bump update from yesterday:

Lekota Koch pregnant baby bump photo

“Matty Jr has been so good to me this pregnancy,” Lekota wrote in the caption. ‘Almost nine months pregnant and I still have confidence in how I look,” she added “Thanks little guy! 30 more days till I see your perfect little face ?”

In case you missed it, Matt has been sober for more than three years. Fans of the show will recall on Alex Sekella’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, and on Teen Mom 3, that Matt was really struggling with drug addiction. And let’s not forget that time he fell off a mountain and nearly lost his life!! It’s really amazing how he has managed to turn his life around so dramatically, and we couldn’t be happier for him, wife Lekota, and little Matty Jr.! Congratulations to all three!

UPDATE – Matty, Jr. has arrived! Click here for all the details, including lots of photos!

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