EXCLUSIVE The Last Alaskans Season 2 sneak peek video

Heimo Korth The Last Alaskans quote

Amid a plethora of reality shows set in America’s northernmost state of Alaska, The Last Alaskans stands out as it documents the authentic lives of the handful of human beings still permitted live in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and its surrounding wildness — an area the US government blocked from new residents more than 25 years ago. These rugged loners are the last of their kind. They are The Last Alaskans.

After the show premiered its first successful season on Animal Planet, it returns for a second season to a new home on Discovery. Here is an exclusive sneak peek at The Last Alaskans Season 2, which premiere’s Tuesday, April 12 at 10/9c:

The only thing more epic than the scenery in that clip are the quotes! At the top of this post is Heimo Korth stating “This is probably the most free life you could live.” Here are some more in social-media-friendly graphics with the text beneath each:

Tyler Shelden The Last Alaskans quote
“When it comes to the animals, I’m just another predator out here.” – Tyler Shelden

The Last Alaskans Ray Lewis quote
“Being able to pursue your life without fences or borders — it’s thrilling. Makes you feel alive.” – Ray Lewis

Bob Harte The Last Alaskans quote
“I love the solitude. It’s Heaven on Earth.” – Bob Harte

If you were wondering how these particular folks wound up being some of the very few allowed to live on the land in question, here’s the explanation from Discovery:

In 1980, the US government banned new human occupation in the refuge and currently, only a handful of families spread across seven permitted cabins remain. In fewer than 100 years, all permits will reach expiration, and there will be no human presence left.


For those of you who missed out on Season One, or those fans looking for a refresher of the show’s rookie year, be sure to check out the two-hour catch-up special titled The Last Alaskans: “A Year in the Wild” airing Saturday night at 9/8c on Discovery.

And for those curious about what to expect when the series returns, here is the synopsis of The Last Alaskans Season 2 premiere episode titled “Home Again:”

Alaska’s fleeting summer fades and the countdown to the winter trapping season begins. Heimo Korth constructs a temporary campsite for his family while he starts building a brand new cabin to replace their old one, now ruined by mold from the rising waters of a nearby river. Tyler and Ashley settle into their backcountry home and immediately begin to search for enough meat to last them the entire season. Ray Lewis leads his wife and three daughters to their original homestead, and experience dangerous setbacks that risk the life of his children.


The Last Alaskans Season 2 premieres Tuesday, April 12 at 10/9c on Discovery.

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