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Ashley Judd sues Harvey Weinstein for damaging her career, director Peter Jackson on her side

Actress Ashley Judd has filed a lawsuit against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein alleging that her career was negatively impacted because of Harvey's blackball tactics after she refused his sexual advances. One major witness on Ashley's behalf will be director Peter Jackson, who says that he wanted to cast her in a prominent role in his Lord of the Rings trilogy, but he changed his mind after Harvey informed him that Ashley was a “nightmare” who should be avoided “at all costs.”

Ashley Judd is pressing charges on abusive Twitter users

Twitter, and social media in general, can be an extremely unfriendly environment. It can get so negative that some celebrities feel the need to step away for their own sanity. Lena Dunham deleted the app from her phone, and now only tweets via proxy, and Iggy Azalea just quit it entirely. Ashley Judd is taking her response a bit further, she plans to press charges on the people who bully her on Twitter.