Naomi Judd was sexually abused as a child by a family member

Naomi Judd sexually molested

On the heels of daughter Ashley Judd’s memoir that revealed sexual molestation as a child, mother Naomi Judd revealed that she was also sexually molested as a kid.

While filming her OWN reality show with daughter Wynonna, Naomi delves into the memories of her sexual abuse, and tries to come to terms with it in the midst of a stressful reunion tour.

Naomi: “I come from a family of stone-cold secrets . .  . . have always controlled the memories of my childhood. I white-washed . . . I’m an expert white-washer.”

In order to create a certain image, Naomi (born Diane) made up “creation myths” for the Judd family that masked the abuse and dysfunction that was tormenting her (and, through trickle down effect her children Ashley and Naomi.) Now that the 65-year-old is letting herself acknowledge some of the things that happened, the memories are vivid and overwhelming “I don’t just remember abuse, I’m there.”

She hires Lee Gerdes, from Brain State Technologies, to help her. He has a device called a “brain stick” that monitors brain waves while you experience unpleasant memories and emotions that supposedly helps people monitor and control their state of mind.

Naomi reveals that her very first memory was around three years old, when she was fending away the sexual advances of a relative:

“My first memory was when I was three-and-a-half, and a man was trying to sexually abuse me . . It happened twice more. I never said anything to anybody, I just kept it all to myself.”

She recently found a pictures of herself at four years old standing next to the man who molested her. Usually smiling in her other pictures, the four-year-old Naomi is wincing, and tightly grasping her hands in front of her.