The Jay Photoglou, Alexis Bellino, Gretchen Rossi connection


According to Radaronline, Alexis Bellino is no stranger to Gretchen Rossi and her old pal/lover Jay Photoglou. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Gretchen/Jeff/Jay/Tamra drama, Jay’s the man who called Tamra Barney in the middle of the night last season to tell her he was really Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend, and that she was being paid to be Jeff Beitzel’s caregiver. Whatever Jeff’s arrangement was with Gretchen, he left her a pretty chunk of change (though according to Gretchen she didn’t get to see much of it because of debts the estate had) and didn’t mind being portrayed as her fiance on television.

Meanwhile, the Dirty website posted a number of interesting photos of Gretchen playing tongue hockey with Photoglou while Jeff was alive, and shortly after his death including the one below:

Gretchen Rossi Jay Photoglou

Now Gretchen’s moved on to Slimey Slade Smiley, and scorned Jay has been angrily fighting back ever since. Most recently he outed Gretchen’s friendship with new Housewives castmate Alexis Bellino, saying that Alexis knew all about Gretchen and Jeff’s arrangement. Right now it seems like instead of judging Gretchen, she may have Gretchen’s back this season.

About Alexis’ casting, Jay told Radar:

“Gretchen and I meet the Bellino’s through mutual friends. We socialized with them last fall just weeks after Jeff Beitzel (Gretchen’s fiancée) passed way.  Alexis knows all about our relationship.”

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  • Marissa

    Wow Jay…all this time and you are still here in Gretchens business. THAT is scary! I thought you were just trying to “defend yourself” against all her “slander”, yet here you are almost 2 years later, this story has NOTHING to do with you….You are a scary individual…and the fact that you’re here…reading, commenting,…PROVES YOU ARE a STALKER!! She was right all along…how creepy you are to not have gotten on with your life. You are obsessed with Gretchen….any woman should be leery of a man who’s still around AFTER TWO YEARS!! And I bet this is your fav website too eh Jay…friend of yours? Your are such a disgusting, bloated, tool!!! Left this post on a site run by Jay and his cronies, wasn’t posted. It is now!!

    • admin

      FYI, has no connection with Jay Photoglou

  • Marissa

    I didn’t at all mean to insinuate that Stalker Jay had ANY thing to do with this website. I simply wanted to post what this other website, apparently set up by Jay and his cronies, did not post. So thanks for posting it!!

  • Asha07

    He has Gretchen who weekly is giving her side of the events, though the courts totally side with him. Why wouldn’t he be explaining things, especially since she’s giving contrdictory accounts, though the legal system has proved her to be lying and it’s HER that’s been liable for slander!

  • Brenda

    Vicki needs to get over it.Gretchen wasn’t married to Jeff.Vicki keeps going on and on about this to put the spot lite on someone else Vicki was MARRIED Gretchen wasn’t so Vicki as you always say OWN it