Tiger Woods Scandal: Video of Tool Academy drama with “Tiger’s mistress” Jaimee Grubbs, Shawn Southern, and Aida

Tiger Wood's mistress Jaimee Grubbs

Before Jaimee Grubbs was claiming a long-term affair with Tiger Woods, she was on Tool Academy with a guy (Shawn “Loud Mouth Tool” Southern) who was such a tool he dumped her for another girl on the show named Aida. I haven’t ever really watched this show outside of short hilarious clips on The Soup, but isn’t it supposed to be some sort of relationship therapy for hot chicks with douchebags? What kind of douchey tool gets with another girl while on that show? Maybe one who’s own girl is sexting Tiger Woods. It’s starting to make more sense now.

Shawn’s Myspace (He wants to meet proper industry people, not fakes or losers, btw)

Aida’s Myspace (She’s set to private, but she’s in lingere in her profile pic, so she’s not THAT private.)

Jaimee Grubbs doesn’t have a Myspace, probably because of her plan to jump into the Tiger Woods scandal headfirst.

Watch the drama unfold below:

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