Janet Hubert fires back at Kenya Moore, calls her she-spider, whoa-man, sad, mean, manipulative…

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Forget Life Twirls On, the most entertaining dramatic comedy starring Kenya Moore is her ongoing war with former The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Janet Hubert!

In case you missed it, Janet starred on Kenya’s pilot for Life Twirls On, but claims Kenya still owed her money and tried to force her to sign a waiver allowing Bravo to include her on The Real Housewives of Atlanta without further compensation. Janet took to Facebook and YouTube via her “Blacktress Janet Hubert” persona to call out Kenya in a very unsubtle manner back in February.

Kenya later responded to Janet’s allegations in a statement. “There have been numerous false allegations made from Janet Hubert regarding non-payment for her work on the TV pilot Life Twirls On and most recently criminal activity,” reads the statement. “We regret Miss Hubert felt it necessary to make relentless personal attacks by slandering the producers, however, we echo the sentiment of the producers of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and wish Miss Hubert well in her future endeavors,” it added later. (CLICK HERE for the full statement.)

After Kenya’s statement and the release of the Life Twirls On pilot on YouTube last week, a Facebook commenter asked if Janet was aware of the big “premiere:”

COMMENTER: Ah Ms Janet, just had to stop by your page to be messy. Have you heard that the pilot from the great twirler is premiering on Facebook today? Anytime now I guess. Or not. This from a person who loves to talk about distribution channels. Anyways, just goes to show, ‘can’t win when u play dirty’ And she plays dirty. Have a good laugh and hope you get your money. Rooting for you!

JANET: The scales of justice though she has not paid me have been righted. It is just where it should be. You cannot sell stolen art. Be blessed. I am laughing now, as are all the extras that didn’t get paid. Good prevails over evil…God is good and I am blessed to have the body of work that I have. To have worked with some of the best out there.

COMMENTER 2: Watched the pilot – you were great as usual — hope it gets picked and that a role will be given to you, you deserve every success.

JANET: I tried to take the simple writing and do something with it. I will not watch, but thank you. I would question any product created by this woman. I have been in meetings with NBC and look forward to working with real producers, who pay their actors.

Kenya and Janet on screen together in Life Twirls On:
Kenya Moore Janet Hubert together on screen in Life Twirls On

COMMENTER 3: Saw the pilot and only saving grace was you. The “jokes” are going to have a limited audience as only HW fans will understand them. There was nothing new in the content and the scene with Cynthia Bailey was in Queen Latifa’s Beauty Shop movie, not a good idea all the way around. Since it appears that it is a vehicle for her hair care line I doubt she would be willing to consider other sponsors so overall it is a marketing fail.

JANET: It was a pretty terrible script, but my job is to take sh!t and make it smell like a flower. That is what I tried to do. As a blacktress I am not supposed to judge but I will advise everyone not to ever work with these people from these kind of shows. I am not used to working for You tube productions and had I known this was the end result I would never have agreed.

Then, on Tuesday, news broke that Kenya Moore’s Millionaire Matchmaker boyfriend (and rumored fiance) James Freeman got married back in April to professional volleyballer Jaimi Gregory. Jaimi later revealed that James and Kenya dated only a couple of times after the taping of their episode back in Spetember, and he then broke things off. (Click the links to chug from that five-gallon jug o’ tea!)

Of course Janet couldn’t resist offering up her take on Kenya’s most recent fauxmance! And what a take it was! To not post it in its entirety would be an affront to the art of shade, so here you go:

From one pile of sh*t to the next. You the media thirst for the excrement of this whoa-man. Every one who comes in contact with this she-spider… will be bit. I am happy to say I finally got the right check, number 3 from this ish. I do not have it as yet but it was sent to my union with the wrong address. She was found guilty of forging my signature and changing the time sheets, and was ordered by SAG to pay the correct amount. Criminal charges cannot be dropped.

Kenya you are one of the lowest women I have ever met and I am so sorry to have ever accepted your offer, but I wanted to help you. You need slime to exist, and your brand honey is your ass, t!ts, and hair. This man was right to run as far away from you as possible, I believe them after having my own horror with this chick.

You must know how to give love to get love, and you know nothing except loving yourself. What will you do when your beauty on the outside fades? You are one of the saddest, meanest, manipulative, women I have had the displeasure of working with. Get help, and stop destroying other people’s lives. You have been stabbed, drug by your damn hair on national TV and called a Toxic Trick, and now dumped…look inside find God or spirit. You bring us all down with your antics, as do all of the Negresses of Bravo. All press is not good press.

That is my statement on this matter, so please do not ask me anymore. I want NO MOORE questions on this matter. THIS POST WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN 1 DAY!

OK Janet, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

I’m guessing Janet’s head is going to explode when she finds out Kenya addressed the fauxmance fallout with a Maya Angelou quote:

#mayaangelou #Still I'll Rise (partial)

A photo posted by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on

I’m sure Maya Angelou was thinking about a former Miss USA and current Real Housewives of Atlanta star — who had her heart broken when her Millionaire Matchmaker boyfriend that she dated twice found love and married another woman — when she wrote that.

However, Kenya has yet to respond to Janet’s latest comments, so the ball is clearly still in her court as far as their feud goes. (So far the shade match between Janet and Kenya has been like watching Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian play tennis, but that doesn’t mean watching Serena SMASH it isn’t entertaining as hell!) (Yes, we are the media. Yes, we are thirsty.) 😉

Life twirls on…

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