PHOTOS Adam Lind’s girlfriend Taylor Halbur gives birth to daughter Paislee

Adam Lind with girlfriend Taylor Halbur and daughter Paislee

Monday really was Labor Day for Taylor Halbur, girlfriend of Teen Mom 2‘s Adam Lind. The brand new mom went into labor yesterday and delivered her first child, a daughter named Paislee Lind, earlier today — the same day she was scheduled to be induced.

Taylor had been keeping her Twitter followers updated on the pregnancy and tweeted yesterday, “C’mon 7pm. Hurry up!!” seemingly hinting that they were going to induce labor at that point. She shared a couple photos from the hospital, including one in which she can be seen kissing Adam. Then, at 7:51AM this morning she tweeted, “Yeeeah. Contractions <" It was Taylor Halbur's close friend Molly who made the exciting birth announcement at 5:26PM by tweeting, "My niece is born!!! 7lb baby paislee!'so happy @thalbur89" Then Taylor posted the photo above of herself, Adam and daughter Paislee with the simple caption. "Family." Here's a zoomed-in shot of little Paislee: Chelsea Houska's ex Adam Lind's daughter Paislee Lind

UPDATE – And another photo of Taylor, Adam and Paislee posted by Taylor on instagram along with simply, “Love.”

Taylor Halbur Adam Lind and newborn baby daughter Paislee Lind

UPDATE – Mo Paislee, mo Paislee, mo Paislee!! The top photo below of just Paislee was captioned “Sleepin on mommy.” The one underneath was described as “Father daughter love.”

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind's daughter Paislee Lind Adam Lind with newborn daughter Paislee

Paislee Lind joins Adam Lind’s other daughter Aubree by Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska. Paislee is the first child for Taylor.

Although rumors had been circulating for a while beforehand, Taylor’s pregnancy was officially confirmed in April by Adam’s lawyer when he subtly announced that his client was expecting a second child in August.

Taylor addressed the pregnancy one week later, saying, “I didn’t want to put my family in the middle of all the chaos it would make. Also, Adam and I decided that we didn’t want to make it public for the sake of our child. We knew there would be a lot of backlash from the viewers of the show.”

Adam Lind's girlfriend Taylor Halbur pregnant

Taylor also defended Adam, who wasn’t exactly a fan-favorite dad on Teen Mom 2.

“I understand why people feel the way they do about him because they only see one side of the story. Yes, he has his faults and has made mistakes, but so has everyone else in the world. No one is perfect,” she said. “He doesn’t like this persona he has created for himself; he was young and made some poor decisions, but yet again, who hasn’t?”

Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind Baby

Based on pictures and tweets since then, it really seems Adam learned from the first time around and has been a loving, supportive partner to Taylor. In turn, Taylor has embraced Aubree into the growing family — while remaining respectful of Chelsea’s role.

“My relationship with Aubree is great. Chelsea does a very good job raising her. She’s very bright and very smart,” Taylor said in April. “(She’s) just all around an adorable little girl.” (No doubt!)

Congratulations to Adam, Taylor and big sis Aubree on the new addition. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can see a bit of the pregnancy play out on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2

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  • :))))))))

    Honestly i don’t have any congrats for Adumb since he probably won’t give a shit about this kid too, but congrats Taylor, hope everythings goes right with that hella cute baby :).

  • Guest

    holy sh*t he is so bald and old looking! What happened man? or better question is: what does she see in him? Why? just why?

  • Kieffah’s Hoodie

    She looks good for just having a baby! Congrats to her.

  • Posh☮

    holy sh*t! Adam looks so bald and old! what happened man? or better yet, what does she see in him? why just why?

    • Kieffah’s Hoodie

      Maybe she sees more than just looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you know. I mean, he’s a trashbox and a half, but maybe there’s more to what we see on MTV. We all know how notorious they are for making the fathers look like a-holes.

      • Oh please

        Yes, because texting your child’s mother calling her a “fat strechmark bitch” and saying that he’d “sign over the rights to that mistake” (that mistake being Aubree) was totally MTV editing him in a bad light. Not to mention his multiple drunk driving convictions, he spent the beginning of her pregnancy on work release! That’s a great sign.

        More like this girl is another immature idiot that thinks she can “change him” like so many wrong girls before her… Why girls continue to get pregnant by known scumbags is a mystery to me. Hope you didn’t get any stretchmarks Taylor, Adam doesn’t like those!

        • Kieffah’s Hoodie

          Look how bad they made Ryan, Josh, Joey, and Matt look! MTV likes to make the mothers look good because the show very clearly isn’t called “Teen Dad”.

          • sigh

            MTV or the show had nothing do to with him selfishly drunk driving and endangering others multiple times…

          • burkey

            Are you talking about Josh, Nikkole’s ex? The same Josh who fought with her mother while she was IN LABOR about who was number one in Nikkole’s life and then attempted to get Nikkole involved in the argument to back up his point, the same Josh that is currently (or at least was recently) in jail again?

            • burkey

              And by Matt do you mean the same Matt who was so high on heroine on 16 and pregnant that he could barely keep his eyes open while speaking, and spent time in prison and rehab and overdosed?.. for some of these dads they really don’t need MTVs help looking like terrible people..

            • Wild Guess

              I think they meant Josh McKee.

        • Anita Bidet

          Taylor stopped eating during her pregnancy I guess, I read the baby wasnt growing and she wasnt gaining weight. Trying not to get fat. Too bad Adam has already got one foot out the door.

          • Anita Bidet

            BTW there are a few teen mom sites with quotes from her friends talking about her dieting during her pregnancy. I wouldnt say it if I didnt have a website article to back it up.

            • CARAMEL96

              If it is true that she dieted during her pregnacy it’s sad and she should be a shame of hersef. But she is probably not

        • burkey

          im so glad someone finally brought that up! Adam, regardless of how nicely he plays at times, is a complete scumbag. no matter how badly MTV edits things they did not make him say some of the horrible things that have come out of his mouth (or via text). and regardless of how annoying people think Chelsea is, it doesn’t justify how he used to treat her. its only a matter of time before this girl finds herself dealing with some of the same BS that Chelsea was..

        • …truth

          Umm… Pretty sure he got paid to text that text to her so why wouldn’t he if MTV tells him to he has too soo u believe everything from tv n what u read … Ha sad.

          • DbagDan

            You couldnt pay me enough to text someone that. You are a moron, he admitted he did it of his own free will. Don’t you check your facts before you spew comments?

        • Anita Bidet

          She must have had stretchmarks, Adam dumped her again, its all over the teen mom sites.

  • frontdoormom

    Chelsea must be whining somewhere…out there.
    Ohhhhhh myyyy godddddd!

    • Anita Bidet

      Chelseas laughing I’m sure, Now Taylor is stuck with him until he ditches her in less than a year for a new girl. He already has one daughter he doesnt care about or pay for, why would he do any different for this new one.

  • frontdoormom

    That “hand heart” on the belly photo is so over and done. Omg i cant lol. I know its everyones want to take a pregnancy photo like that but dear god i see it everywhere. Ive been pregnant once and am currently expecting so im not being a childless prude but christ! Cheesy much?

    Where did the time go? Judging by adams hair line…its been a few ten years.

  • Kelso

    That picture of his hands on her stomache looks like a man whose pregnant.

    • Jessika

      Lol that’s Adams hands

    • Regina


  • Sara Hearn

    That poor girl, Adam was such an ass on Teen Mom.

  • Ashley

    I’m really glad she’s respectful of Chelsea and her role. She seems like a nice girl. Maybe she’s doing Adam some good. Congrats to them.

    I do feel for Chelsea though. That’s all she ever wanted with Adam, a family. She’ll have one some day.

    • Anita Bidet

      Chelsea will have a family that lasts, whereas Adam and Taylor will be done in a year, tops.

      • :))))))))

        If Chelsea got a family with Aubree, so does Taylor with Paislee. Neither of them needs Adumb. Neither does his third baby momma in 2 years

        • Ay

          Adam needs to be put in jail until he learns not to drive drunk and especially learns how to use a damn condom!

  • muci

    the two double Es’ father

  • Zephyr

    Aubree and Paislee… born almost exactly 4 years apart. Aubree’s birthday is in a few days.

  • anjealka

    One can only hope this will make Adam be more mature and take his fatherhood role seriously. I see this baby got Adam last name from the start? Is Aubree’s last name Lind? I remember something about removing his name or it not being there from the start.

    • Dani

      Chelsea had Aubree’s last name changed from Lind to her’s I believe.

      • Bri

        Yeah, she did.

    • Anita Bidet

      Adam already has one daughter he wasnt paying child support on and not taking care of. It wont be any different this time. I give it a year tops before he drops Taylor for a new hoe. Either that or jail for a 4th DUI.

    • burkey

      I think Aubree originally had Adam’s last name until he called her a fat stretch mark bitch and referred to Aubree as a mistake, then she had it changed

      • anjealka

        That is what I thought. I remember Chelsea going to a lawyer about the birth certificate and last name. I guess it is a good thing I didn’t know Aubree’s official last name, because that means Chelsea has stayed out of the drama most of the other teen moms have had and is not on the cover of magazines or headlining some of those sites that pay for stores every week.

        • cat

          She never got it changed, Randy confirmed it last year on twitter, and Heather clouse did an article on it ( i could try to find it for you ). Unfortunely for her she is still legaly Aubree Lind, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes by Houska.

          • anjealka

            I had a friend that had a similar situation. She was born to a teen mom and grew up going by one last name. It wasn’t till she went to get her wedding license that she found out she actually had a different legal last name.

  • amberc88

    he looks like he has aged 40 years in last 6 months!!

  • Both she and Aubree were born in the same month, and days apart. I wonder how that’s going to work out in the future.

  • Kara

    I don’t get why they chose a name with double E ending, when both Aubree and her cousin Braylee have that.

  • ..truth

    Ever think that it was just that chelsea was crazy not Adams fault he wanted away from the chelsea but not his daughter but chelsea wasn’t letting that happen… Only if u actually knew that family.

  • ..truth

    Ever think it was chelsea and she’s crazy baby momma, Adam wanted away from chelsea not his daughter ,but chelsea wasn’t letting that happen shouldn’t base ur option on tv when they don’t show it all… Only if u knew that family.

    • DbagDan

      Regarless you dont treat the mother of your child that way. AND that doesnt explain why he won’t pay child support for Aubree, He doesnt have to see chelsea, just pay for the kid he helped make. He’s dirt. End of story.

  • DbagDan

    Adam dumped Taylor when she told him she was pregnant. Thats why she hid it so long. He took her back after a few months but at first he wanted her to abort the baby. He’s a piece of sh!+ to everyone.

  • Logic

    Adam is balding because he wears a hat so much. Lol that happens to everyone who does so every day.


    Adam is someone else problem now. Chelsea’s dad told her to stop taking him back. She let him move into the house that her dad helped her get. He was just using her.

  • Anita Bidet

    AAAAND Adam broke up with her. Again.
    Taylor, sex didnt make him love you and the baby didnt make him stay!

  • Anita Bidet

    Adam just dumped Taylor again, despite the baby. Your argument is invalid.