Teen Mom Leah Messer IS pregnant again with Jeremy Calvert’s baby! (Plus, they’re engaged)

Leah Messer and boyfriend Jeremy Calvert

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is pregnant again with her new boyfriend Jeremy Calvert, but the reality star and her family have adamantly denied the reports. Until now!

The cover story for this week’s issue of Reality Weekly (a brand new publication by the company that publishes Star and Radar Online) boldly proclaims “Leah’s pregnant with my baby” and features an interview with Jeremy Calvert confirming the reports. (Leah did not know she was pregnant when the rumors first started circulating in December.)

Here’s the only photo of the Reality Weekly magazine cover with the Leah Messer pregnancy story I could find:

Reallity Weekly magazine cover announcing Teen Mom Leah Messer is in fact pregnant

“Yes, Leah is having my baby!” Jeremy tells the magazine. “I was at work when Leah called to tell me. She’d gotten blood work done and it came back positive. At first I was kind of surprised — but I was happy.”

And that’s not the only good news. Jeremy also proposed! On Christmas day!

“I bought an ornament for the tree that said ‘Engaged’ with both our names on it and the date,” Jeremy says. “And when I saw Leah looking at it, that’s when I gave her the ring. It’s a 1.5 princess-cut diamond.”

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup is reporting that is was a publicist for Leah who sold the story, not long after the rumors started. Her publicist “had been shopping the story to various celebrity magazines. They found a buyer in Reality Weekly,” according to The Ashley. And just as she states on her blog, if they are quoting Jeremy then this is most likely true. It’s easy to hide behind information when it comes from an anonymous “source” but you can’t attribute something to someone specific (like Jeremy Calvert) when they didn’t actually say it or you would be in a whole heap of legal trouble!

That being said, congrats to Leah and Jeremy – and to Aliannah and Aleeah who can look forward to having a younger* sibling very soon!

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