Yolanda Hadid-Foster diagnosed with Lyme disease, might not return to RHOBH

Yolanda Foster Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Premiere

Yolanda Foster seems to have it all — a beautiful mansion in Malibu, a loving husband and gorgeous kids, a spot on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — but under the surface, Yolanda has been struggling with her health and because of it, she may not be returning to the show.

On the morning of December 6, Yolanda shocked everyone when she announced that she was suffering from Lyme disease in a tweet. “❤Having a Port implanted, need to Start my treatment for Neuro Borellia Lyme disease, can’t wait to get my energy back,” she had written.

Lyme disease is an infection that starts with a tick bite and causes a variety of symptoms including skin rash, joint pain, and fever.

“This week has been quite a revelation in my health journey. After struggling for the past year to get an accurate diagnosis, I finally found out that I have had Neuro-Borrelia Lyme Disease,” Yolanda revealed in her December 11th blog for Bravo. “So far I have learned that it is a very misunderstood and hard-to-detect enemy, so I feel a lot of comfort in having something that I can fight head on! It will require many months of intravenous antibiotics and immune therapy but I’m very optimistic and ready to fight the good fight.”

A month later, Yolanda appeared on Watch What Happens Live where she opened up about her diagnosis and how she knew that something was not right.

“I’ve had it for about a year-and-a-half, two years,” Yolanda told host Andy Cohen, adding that an incident between herself and Taylor was what made her realize that something was off. Yolanda says after she called Taylor an a**hole, a word she rarely uses, it occurred to her that she “had all these words floating my brain and … couldn’t make a sentence from it. That was the day I realized I was really sick and I needed help.”

While Yolanda is currently in treatment and taking antibiotics four times a day, she may not be ready to return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for the show’s fourth season.

“I got really sick while shooting the show,” Yolanda explained to USA Today. “I lost 40% of my brain power so I was struggling to stay engaged. The show starts shooting in April so I’m taking things day by day,” Yolanda revealed, adding that she just “doesn’t know” if her health will allow her to return.

For now, you can catch Yolanda every Monday on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ third season at 8/7c (the new time) on Bravo.

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  • Hannah

    I know I will get flack for this comment, but this is what happens when karma bites you in the ass (regardless of whether she had it before starting the show or not). When you constantly put others down, stick your nose where it doesn’t belong and speak so pretentiously, it doesn’t surprise me that something came back to bite her- literally! Your snide mean-girl comments won’t be missed, Yolanda. I really cannot stand the comment she made last night- who is Adrienne Maloof in this world- who is Yolanda Foster in this world? Adrienne owns multi-million dollar businesses. Yolanda’s claim to fame is being married to someone who is successful and owning a see-through refrigerator. She’s no better than Brandi, really.

    • Feisty

      Hannah just put herself in the same catagory as Yolanda with her comment. Sleep with one eye open karma may be around the corner!!! LOL!!!

    • Courtney

      I suffer from Lyme disease although it took 9 years before I was finally diagnosed and it was HELL not knowing what was going on, people not believing me and the excruciating symptoms. As I was screaming and crying in pain, praying to God to help me, I often wondered if I deserved it for something I did. But NOBODY deserves to go through this torture of Lyme disease. I REALLY suffer EVERY minute EVERY day and I honestly wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy! That’s HORRIBLE for you to say she had it coming or deserves it (reading in between the lines) the fact that she wasn’t diagnosed and treated with in two weeks of getting bit means she most likely be resistant to most if not all treatments and most symptoms become irreversible after a certain point. I’m now 30 and Lyme disease STOLE my life and my 20’s. even after having physical proof that I have Lyme I still get looked at like in lying or crazy and even insurance denies that Lyme disease is real! Not only did that one tick give me Lyme but it also gave me Babesia which can be fatal and has unbearable symptoms. A tick with Lyme can also give you up to 20 different co-infections! It’s scary!

      • kimberanna@shaw.ca

        same here,sister-4 years of treatment,still suffering,but not living a tortured existence in a wheelchair like before-don’tt
        give up-things will come your way-xo

    • kim

      i hear ya-but people get Lyme from a tick bite because they were outside-Being nice does not protect you from infectious diseases,karma just means that all phenomenology is created by causes and conditions -sometimes outside,plus tick,plus bite,equals a fed tick and an infected victim-natural- not about good and bad,crime and punishment-i have lyme ,it is nothing personal,although it is brutal.

    • spottedgiraffe

      Hi Bernie

    • cuppajoe

      I agree. How ironic that she is a health fanatic. Karma.
      David Foster has a bad marriage history. Yolanda’s clock is ticking.

  • T

    people are suffering with this disease and it just destroys lives.
    There is so much weird political crap surrounding it and many people do
    not get the treatment they need because of CDC test standards,
    unreliable and outdated tests, and uneducated medical providers. I hope
    that she will use her money and influence to speak up and try to make a
    difference. This could be huge for the Lyme community.

    • Fellow Lyme patient for 4+yrs

      Well said! This is the type of exposure this disease needs to get the attention of the medical and government. This DESTROYS lives and we need help!!

    • Courtney

      Lyme Disease is SERIOUS! I have it along with the co-infection Babesia and I suffer 24/7
      If you or anyone you know develops a bull’s eye rash (red ring with a red dot in the middle) contact your Dr. or an interal disease specialist to get blood work done immediately! The tests gives a lot of false negatives so if you get a negative try again!!!

  • Jones o

    U go Hannah. So true

  • andiecohenn

    I wish her well, but she is the most rude, judgemental,snob ever.

  • http://sonyafightslyme.blogspot.com Sonya Nelson

    I love Yolanda. She should get her own show. I love just watching her around her house.

  • J.B.

    Very sorry to hear about Yolanda’s Lyme diagnosis and I wish her the best on your recovery.That said, disabled Lyme patients are forced to be their own advocate and fight a devastating and perplexing disease and a vehemently divided medical community that on one side, denies the existence of chronic Lyme and other tick born infections. The “debate” rages and emotionally, phisically and financially RUINED patients suffer in the balance. Unlike the many renown Cancer research & treatment centers in the US that take insurance, Lyme patients do not have the same access to dedicated, insurance covered research & treatment centers. Much more can and should be done by Federal and State governments for this EPIDEMIC.

    To that end: When the time is right, I hope she and her influential family and friends GET INVOLVED to make a DIFFERENCE for those who suffer in silence.

    • Courtney

      J.B. well said! …”emotionally, physically and financially RUINED patients suffer…” SOO TRUE!

  • foxout

    I will miss Yolanda, I was not so sure about her at first, but like her style and class. Lyme disease is serious and requires rest and medication. Good luck Yolanda!

  • mx_nt

    I hate this disease, and the coinfections, the worst and the criminal side of this are the ignorant doctors.

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