PHOTO Is Jenelle Evans engaged to Courtland Rogers?

Jenelle Evans and her possible fiance Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Evans may be getting ready to walk down the aisle with her boyfriend of just over two months, Courtland Rogers. The two may not have been together for very long, but they have been attached at the hip since September. So, could he be the one? Jenelle seems to think so. Just moments ago, the Teen Mom 2 star posted a photo of her ring finger… and there’s a diamond on it!

So how did it happen? According to Jenelle, it was totally unexpected. “Courtland felt like spending money,” she explains. “Lmao he is inside the store for 2 hours and comes out and BAM! HOLY SH!T!” Along with the shocking tweet, Jenelle posted the photo below of her new diamond ring.

Jenelle Evans shows off her new diamond engagement ring?

While she has yet to confirm or deny an engagement, we have to ask, what else would she be doing with a diamond ring on her finger? Of course, the presence of what appears to be a wedding band as well seems odd. Perhaps they are already married? You just never know in Oak Island!

Anyways, congratulations to Jenelle for at least getting a new ring 🙂

On a side note, could you imagine having Babs Evans as a mother in law? Speaking of which, Twitter phenomenon @BabsEvansMTV offered up her reation moment ago by tweeting a photo of the ring and exclaiming, “DON’T B FOOLED BY THA ROCKS THAt SHES GAHT,SHEs STILL JENELLE FRAHM THA BLOCK! Look at this ring!”

UPDATE – Courtland later tweeted, “made my girl smile when it was desperatley needed!!!! today is nasty outside….need sunlight baddddddd !!!! everyone….i need followers”

UPDATE – Jenelle added the photo to Facebook along with an in-depth explanation which would seem to indicate there was no proposal and is no engagement. Yet.

So Courtland goes inside Zales in the mall. I was in the food court eating. I was getting p!ssed and stressed he was meeting up with some other girl and come to find out we leave the mall and get in the car and he pulls out this!!! He stated “Diamonds lasts forever and go hard or go home.” So now I have a white gold 1.5 karat diamond ring for simply being his girlfriend. I love u so f***ing much, u mean everything to me. ♥ I’m not even his fiancé, best gift EVER! Thanks gorgeous!!

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She then added, “NO IM NOT ENGAGED, the ring was just a present from him to me. 🙂 that’s all.”

  • glk900

    oh please, as fake as her boobs..she is batshit crazy and Courtney will ge “jaced” and gone within a month. I cannot stand how you and wetpaint kiss her her out for once…jesus

    • ohhhhno

      Seriously… all the good shit she does but never talk about how terrible of a mother she is.

    • Burkey

      Seriously, why is it that any websites or magazines could have something to positive to say about this girl. If ALL media would just stop giving her attention every single time she does something like this then maybe she’d eventually realize no one thinks she’s cute or really cares much about her life other than to laugh at what a disgrace of a mother she is.

  • Katie

    Can’t say I’m surprised. Oh well, as long as she keeps doing stupid things, there’s no chance she will get Jace back. Which is a GOOD thing. Barbara should just end all ties with this egg donor.

  • Courtney

    What is wrong with Jenelle that the ONLY time she is EVER happy is with a guy!?! She needs to stop looking for approval, acceptance and love from every guy she meets. It’s either black or white with this girl, she’s either pissed at the guy she’s with or she has to have total commitment. Just the fact that she’s wearing the wedding band too shows me that all she cares about is the image of being engaged and belonging to someone. She doesn’t have any respect or knowledge of what marriage really means. She will be putting Courtland on blast, revealing private info and filled with plenty of cuss words in less than 2 weeks…. I would bet money on that!

    • Stevie

      She’s a total case study for borderline personality disorder. Look it up and you will see jenelles face.

    • yoo

      daddy issues.

  • bri

    2 months and already engaged? I’m not suprised though. This bitch always has a guy. And of course the engagement wouldn’t last.

  • Mickey

    I lol’d at his tweet that he needed more followers. Anybody still wondering why he’s with her.. cuz I’M NOT.

  • Andrea

    So in the three years since her son has been alive she has lived with four different guys been engaged twice arrested six times and had custody for less than one year. Wow.

  • Lisa

    That ring is as real as that plastic wrapped “Jimmy Choo” purse Kieffah bought her.

    • Bri


  • Jj

    How does this girl find so many media wh*re guys? I know lots of guys and never known one that constants updates their social media, gets in fights via social media, etc. it seems like all of her boyfriends are way into that kind of stuff.

  • Nikki

    It’s tiring to read story after story about the girl who is never going to grow up. It’s sad that her Twitter and other online accounts talk more about her flavor of the week than her own son. Just pathetic. They both need to worry about being parents instead of hanging out at the mall, buying ten dollar fake wedding sets, and spending all of their damn time on Twitter.

  • Jenn

    He’s gone for 20 minutes and she thinks he’s meeting a girl? She is crazy!

  • christee

    Who’s got two thumbs and borderline personality disorder…..?

  • Ashley

    She loves him SOOOOO much cus he bought her something? Just like when Keiffer “bought” her an LV bag, right? Didn’t she say that was a lie?

  • Jean

    Does anyone know what this guy does for a living? I would love to know what he does for a living that he can afford a $3k ring (assuming its real) for no particular reason. And why else would he buy a girl a diamond bridal set if its not a proposal? That’s stupid.

    • K

      It’s not real.

  • its bad luck to put a wedding band on before a marriage.

    • Ace

      It’s bad luck to be involved in any way with Jenelle.

    • Phoxee

      She’s so young/dumb she doesn’t even realize it’s a BRIDAL SET!! LOL.

  • ashley

    So many red flags….
    1. Felt like spending money…..go spend it on your kid dude!
    2. Zales…..enough said.
    3. Thought he was meeting up with a girl….of course you did, what’s new?

    Can’t wait to read how she threw the rings back at him, they’re over, and she’s doing better…”to get Jace back.” She is mental!!!

  • Rayne

    Did Janelle seriously interview for a job at a daycare in the season premiere??? Surely we were all just being punked! She loves kids, has tons of patience, and never yells … oh, that is so totally Janelle . She even brought cute little Jace along to prove how good she is w/ kids. Seriously?! The girl needs a job … I’ll give her that … but there’s no way in you know where that I’d leave my child in her care!

  • tab

    “anyways” IS NOT a word!! i really wish people would stop using it, especially someone that is a “writer”.

    • It’s actually in the Merriam-Webster dictionary…

  • Ashley

    So she gets “pissed and stressed” that he is meeting up with another girl when he is inside a Zales for a bit? Clearly they have a strong and trusting relationship,.

  • Kayceethough

    Ugh, such LOSERS! He most likely brought that ring from the truck stop, which is a few miles from that mall. He can get a ring like that for 300$ easy.

  • truthbetold01

    1.5 Carats? My engagement ring is barely over one karat and cost almost $3,000…there’s no way that big ass metal band or diamonds are real..I saw on another website that had this same article that the ring “set” is from Dillards (which is also at the same mall) for $20 and her “1.5 Carats is in fact Cubic Zirconia” !! I like Jenelle and I’m always rooting for her on Teen Mom, but when she tweets stupid shit like this it makes her look so clueless…Come on girl! :/

    • You almost feel bad for her in these type of situations but then remember the embarrassment we feel for her is far more than she will ever feel. She has NO shame.

  • Jean

    OMG You’re right…The zales one has a square setting and the fake one has a round setting and clearly in the picture her ring has a round setting.

  • Kay Kay

    Yawn and gag she must have a stockpile of rings now! Two more months she will add this one to it!

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Come on already! No words yo…no words!!

  • Robin

    These girls are too selfish and self-indulgent and spoiled to have children. These babies have no stability. These girls have no real job or means of support to speak of and yet they’re getting their hair done, tattoos, and nails done. They’re also moving in and out and in and out of apartments and houses every month, seems like. Is MTV footing the bill for that too? Because in the real world, there is something called a lease.

  • lazark

    i love how she says on twitter she was sitting in the car for 2 hours(and when someone asked why she is always in the care she stated she has “social anxiety”) but then on Facebook she says that she was in the food court? hmm

  • Layla

    I really hate this bitch. Most stupid girl I have ever seen.

  • Layla

    Greets from Holland