New Pepsi Special soda released in Japan claims to help you lose weight by blocking fat, making you poop

Even though weight loss is really a simple thing (reduce calories in, and increase calories burned) it’s a difficult thing for a human to do, so we’re constantly looking for quick-fix alternatives. We try to find chemicals that taste like sugar, reduce our appetitive, mess with our sense of smell, or increase our metabolism to make the process easier for us. Now Pepsi is introducing a soda to the Japenese market that claims to “block fat.”

So what’s the secret ingredient?

Fiber. This new Pepsi contains wheat dextrin, a fiber additive that speeds up your digestive process (makes you poop more.)

Does it work?

Japan has allowed the new Pepsi to be classified as a “food specified for health use,” but experts aren’t really convinced that it helps you lose weight. Japanese advertising tells you than when you drink Pepsi Special, you don’t have to choose between a hamburger and pizza; but you can have both, which doesn’t make any since. It’s true that fiber can bind somewhat with fat, but eating high fiber foods or supplements while you over-indulge in cheeseburger and pizza isn’t exactly going to keep the pounds off. Not only is it not proven that dextrin will bind with ALL of the fats, but those foods are also loaded with tons of simple carbohydrates, which will definitely be absorbed by the body.

Here’s the commercial: