Colorado shooter James Holmes new mug shot – loses orange hair, still looks insane

Colorado shooter James Holmes mug shot without orange hair

The Colorado Dark Knight shooting suspect James Holmes has lost his infamous Joker-inspired orange hair for his latest mug shot photo, but he still managed to keep with the caped crusader theme by looking absolutely bat-sh!t crazy.

Holmes appeared in court yesterday sporting the new look as prosecutors announced they were dropping efforts to gain access to a notebook written by Holmes and mailed to a university psychiatrist. The notebook reportedly contains violent descriptions of an attack, but prosecutors didn’t want to hold up the trial with inevitable appeals stemming from the request. The issue may be moot anyways because if Holmes’ mental condition becomes an issue in the trial, as it most assuredly will, the notebook may be entered into evidence anyway because defendants who plead not guilty by reason of insanity relinquish a number of their patient-doctor privacy protections.

James Holmes is facing 152 charges in the July 20 Aurora, Colorado theater shooting that killed 12 people and wounded 58 others.

  • amber leger

    He looks even crazier than before!

  • What is up with the use of the word ‘anyways’? It’s used in this article and I’ve heard it used on tv. But it shouldn’t be used at all, it’s not a word!

    • Poopface

      Ohhhh…we have the creator of the English language folks! She says what is and isn’t a word! Hooray!! As if they aren’t continually adding them to the dictionary each year…you understand their point when they say “anyways”, yes? Deal with it then.

  • vanessa


  • Kait

    This pisses me off. Take his stupid picture down and stop mentioning his name…

    • Kari

      Exactly. The more “glory” the media gives him, the more he thinks he’s won.

    • tiff


  • Nina

    He has sanpaku eyes…just like Manson.

  • tryingtogetoff

    When I see a picture of him looking like this, I wonder if it is him TRYING to look crazy to build his defense.