How much money do the Teen Moms make? New report

How much money do the Teen Moms make?

With the Teen Mom Season 4 premiere just around the corner the tabloids are running with all sorts of stories about our favorite young drama mamas this week! Star magazine (via Radar Online) claims to have an inside scoop on one of the most closely guarded secrets in all of reality television, how much money do the Teen Moms make?

According to one of their sources, Jenelle Evans “gets paid $75,000 a year and her mom gets paid $65,000: she calls her an overpaid babysitter.” The source adds, “She also gets a lot of gift cards to places like The Olive Garden from MTV as a bonus payment.”

From there the Star magazine sources get a little more vague. “Catelynn Lowell and (baby daddy) Tyler Baltierra have enough money to buy both of their mom’s cars,” a source says, “and Tyler paid for his sister to get a boob job.”

Another source says Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer “believes she could make $20,000 from her wedding,” and “makes the most of all the girls in Teen Mom 2 because she held out the longest on her contract.” So I guess that means she makes more than $75,000, if we believe all of the sources so far.

Kailyn Lowry is mentioned, but only to say she is the only Teen Mom that still has a job. “All the others did it for show,” a source says.

Maci Bookout “was able to buy a house with her profits.”

So what about the dads on the shows? “The teen dads make a lot of money … the Teen Moms think it’s ridiculous because they don’t have to film nearly as much or do as much work,” the insider said.

I haven’t actually gotten my copy of Star yet, but it sounds like they culled together an article based on their infinite supply of Jenelle Evans sources and a few other friends of friends of a Teen Mom. My guess is that the Jenelle figure could be somewhere in the ballpark, and the rest is just chitter chatter from friends of friends.

If that’s the case, then the Teen Mom 2 stars are making way less than the original cast, based on Amber Portwood’s court testimony that revealed she made $140,000 per season in 2010. (She actually recorded two seasons in 2010, so her income that year was actually $280,000, according to her testimony.)

That admission came after a Life & Style article in October of 2010 claimed the Teen Mom stars made between $60,000 to $65,000 per season.

We should also remember that MTV almost certainly has put a great deal of money towards the childrens’ futures in the form of college funds or annuities. (A few of the girls have mentioned in the past that their child’s college is “taken care of” or something similar.)

To put things in perspective, I took the salaries of the cast of Jersey Shore and, based on that show’s ratings versus the Teen Mom shows, I figured the Teen Moms should be making $867,000 per season. (Click the link and scroll down for a full explanation of my equation.)

People sometimes get confused and leave angry comments about how these girls “get paid for getting pregnant and getting arrested and…” But remember, these girls get paid to bring in television viewers, which is something they do at a rate of about $3 million per episode – and that’s only counting the first time the episode airs! So whatever these girls do make, my guess is that MTV is getting a steal. Heck, these young women being on the covers of tabloids and making blog headlines week in and week out is worth more to MTV than some of the numbers mentioned above!

The issue of reality stars making a lot of money (similar to sports stars) often spawns heated arguments. What do you think? And if you think they are overpaid, then is it OK that the networks make millions from the shows?

  • Mom of 4

    time for them to get real jobs…

  • Kelly

    I think they should get a minimal amount, and the rest should be put into a trust for the kids.

  • Brittany

    There is a huge difference between the teen mom’s and the Jersey Shore cast: there are children and marriages and real relationships at stake. Paying these girls more will inevitably bring up major ethical issues. Really, it’s already unethical for them to profit from their teen pregnancies, but giving them nearly a million a year will only make it worse.

    I personally feel “16 and Pregnant” is fine but “Teen Mom” should be over. They shouldn’t get fame and fortune for becoming a teen-pregnancy statistic.

    • suzy q:)

      I agree with you. I’m fine with 16 and pregnant, but with teen mom, i believe MTV is at least going overboard with teen pregnancy. Even though in my opinion, they at least do a good job with showing other teens the reality of being a teen parent. it’s just that the teens are taking it the wrong way, thinking that the show makes teen pregnancy ok- IT’S NOT! Well, for some people, they feel like they’ve learned a life lesson watching 16 and pregnant while others just think they’re glamorizing teen pregnancy. well, we all have our own opinions on that show for a reason:/

      • Shannon

        But it isn’t reality, I had my son at sixteen. I worked two jobs. Took the bus back and forth and scrounged to pay for a sitter. These girls are all out nails and hair done, living on their own in their own paid for homes, driving cars 2010 and newer of upward in value of 25,000 dollars. Jeez Maci drives a new 4 door jeep 35,000+ and Kyle drives a little red mercedes, and own a beautiful, neiter work, well a real job anyway. How is this all reality. Im 25 now and married I still drive a 97 ford taurus.

        • kylie

          I feel you. These girls get too much for the descision they made a long time ago.

    • nia

      Amen. 16 and pregnant is more realistic and deal with a larger variety of teens. You see some of the real struggles that most teens have with relationships, money, and personal problems.

  • Ralphie

    I am friends with a teen mom and she dont make nothing/

    • Andrea

      Ya your friends with a teen mom not on tv. The moms do get paid. They would not do it for free.

    • kelly

      You are obviously not friends with a teen mom. They have nice homes and cars and LOTS of $$$. But you probably won’t see them give anything to charities. They make more than mom and she has FOUR kids.

  • amanda

    I think they deserve more money than they are making. The lack of privacy and judgment all the time must be very difficult. But they are making millions for MTV, i just think they should be limited to how much they get until they are cone filming. Like, lets say they make 800,000 one year, well they should get 10,000 and the 790,000 should be held until they are completely finished filming, it would take a few years, but it would make the show more realistic, and it would humble them and it would make them a few years older and hopefully more responsible with that much money!

    • anna

      Isn’t that a little bit too much for girl who are irresponsible and don’t really know what’s most important?
      They could end up in jail, drugs, and do all these crazy things with the money.
      Money doesn’t buy happiness

  • Blahblahblah

    Yes…but didn’t this show start off as a documentary? Jersey Shore is more like a Real World or Surreal Life type of show….serves no other purpose but mindless entertainment. I think that they deserve some kind of compensation for being filmed, but it should not only be put in a trust for their kids (which I don’t 100% believe that’s been done because wasn’t Amber required to start one herself? They could very well be saying its “taken care of” because they’re ballin’ now and they think the MTV gravy train will never end.) but for themselves as well, until they reach a mature age. We’ve all seen how having a baby apparently doesn’t make you grow up and make good choices. That money shouldn’t be going to tattoos and following JimMikeJohnSamChrisMarkFrankJoe all over the country! This discussion has been started by Starcasm at least twice before and again, you’re comparing apples and oranges by bringing up other tv shows. But to suggest they deserve even more is just ridic. Let’s give them more than people actually famous for their TALENT. Geez.

  • Emily

    I agree with Amanda. If they only got a small portion during filming and the rest after the show is done for good, it would portray them more accurately as “struggling” teen moms. Financial difficulty is one of the major obstacles that teen moms face. Without that struggle, a huge part of teen parenting is taken out of the equation. Actually, financial difficulty is an obstacle MOST parents face. Parents in their teens and early twenties do not make a million dollars a year. I like the show and I watch it every week but giving them that much money is making their parenting experience very easy and unrelatable. I will say that the show still tries to feature the financial aspect as being a challenge, but at this point it must just be scripted. However these girls do bring in crazy ratings for MTV so I guess in that respect, they are earning what they deserve. Are they working hard for it? That’s debatable.

  • Really?

    Tyler bought his sister a boob job? What an idiot.

    • ikr

      ikr, I wonder if he will buy his kaitlynn one

      • jj

        or lipo

  • Kim

    Instead of giving these people salaries so they can be irresponsible with it, buying fake boobs and drugs, MTV should cut their pay and donate the money to help others in their situation who really need the support. That amount of money just for being irresponsible and overdramatic is criminal.

  • Tracie

    And since the series is ending, they’ll all end up broke and back on welfare!!! yay!!

    • kip

      Yay? Umm what if you ended up broke and on welfare would you want me to be laughing? some people are so mean. You better repent. Do what you want others to do for you.

      • jj

        dumass its sarcasm

  • K

    I wish I hadn’t read this article cos I am so angry!!!! They’re getting paid thousands to do what mothers everywhere do every single day! So what about privacy, they all go on about doing teen mom to show other girls how hard it is to be a young mum but what is hard for them?? Nothing!! They are doing it for the money! The entire show is scripted and completely fake, they’re not struggling mothers they are glamourising teen pregnancy and living ‘celebrity’ life styles!!

    16 and Pregnant was really good cos it did show the struggles of teen pregnancy but teen mom is pathetic, it needs to stop! These girls are no one special, they are regular people who get credit for looking after their kids and doing what they’re supposed to do!

    Sorry, rant over!

  • V

    How is filming “hard work” for them? Are they not just supposed to be living their lives and let a camera crew follow them around? And Tyler is a moron. All those Jezebel readers who paid for his college probably want their money back now.

  • Nicole

    This is beyond stupid really,they don’t air anything that really happens when your a teen mom, not once have I seen these girls dig through change to buy diapers, formula etc, I have never seen them struggle to find a sitter to be able to go to work.. All of the things real teen moms go through are not shown on this show, they should pay them but they should of waited until they were 25 or something like that so the show was more realistic.

    • alissa

      that is so true. I always wondered where they got the money. I always assumed their parents were filthy rich. Maci popped up with a new house, car, all these tatoos, and a new hairstyle. I wondered where she got the money because I know she’s not employed. None of them are really.

  • Blah

    Catelynn and Tyler are stupid! If they can afford to buy their moms a new car and boob jobs then they obviously have enough to take care of Carly and provid her with a home ect..but no they took the easy way out and dumped their responsibilities on someone else then get on tv and cry about missing their baby calling someone else mom and dad. Boo hoo!

    • @Blah,
      Catelynn and Tyler are stupid????? Those kids are the only level headed kids on the show. Tyler is an admirable young man. It is obvious he came from a rough background but he seems more mature than most adults I know. It’s clear he has a great love for his father even with his father’s drug use and alcoholism and revolving door in and out of prison.
      Giving up Carly for adoption was the best thing they could have done for that child. The did NOT abandon that baby, they did NOT ABORT that baby! They gave her up to a nice couple who can provide for the child so much more than they could have ever hoped too being teenage parents.
      Blah, you state they should have used the money to care for Carly, are you serious??? Just because they made great money for being on the show does not mean they can take Carly back!! She was legally adopted, hello!!!!!
      These kids did the right thing and we would be in a much better world if more teenage parents would give these children up for adoption as opposed to repeating the vicious cycle that is poverty and end up having us taxpayers subsidize their children through welfare. Carly WILL have a chance, she WILL go to college. If Carly stayed with her birth parents, she would have been caught up in poverty being with both parents are still children themselves.
      I am proud of both Catelynn and Tyler

      • jj

        umm maybe being a reegular teen parent struggling in poverty it would have been the best choice… but they probable make more than the adoptive parents.. and noone said they can get her back nor that they should.. what he said was they could have done it.. and done it well since they basically parent their moms and dads and little brother.. it was a complte excuse….. catelynn in one episode asked tyler if he would have left her if she didnt give up carly and he said probably.. thats why she did it, cuz she loves her bf more then he child and was afraid to loose him

    • Do you think that, if they had kept Carly, MTV would have taken them on for Teen Mom after 16 & Pregnant?

    • emily dicks

      Ya I understand what you are saying but they would’ve never went to college If Carly was there. But that’s their problem for not using protection. (they should’ve never had sex)

  • K

    I think they need to get real jobs just like everyone else in the real world. So for sitting around causing drama, and “getting a job for show” basically lying to be on tv, they get to make more a year than others will in 2 years busting our asses…I like the fact of them trying to prevent teen pregnancy, but that is usually something volunteers do. not make bank off of it

  • TSJ

    Alls i have to say is imagine having cameras follow you around and in your face at all hours of the day. they are getting paid to have their faces and reputations blasted all over the magazines, a huge invasion on privacy and personal space as well as keeping america obviously entertained. i dont believe that MTV is making it look glamorized. they show real struggles. all the complaining everyone does is just going to up their ratings more. its a show that most of america can relate to. I dont believe that teens are getting pregnant on purpose because of this show. it is going to happen either way.

  • TSJ

    im also going to add to this…how are they any different then any other reality stars other than they make way less money? jersery shore gets paid to get drunk and sleep with random people…oh and to completely disregaurd and respect for authority. dont you people have anything better to complain about?

  • gina

    I don’t see the point n paying teenagers to share there horrible story of becoming a teen mom and basically telling other teens hey look at us go have a baby u can become famous it makes me sick there not real teen moms they don’t live the everyday struggle they don’t worry about how there baby is gonna eat r how there gonna pay bills r buy a pck of diapers everything is handed to them give them a year of no luxury and see how far they make it

  • ER

    I sincerely hope Jenelle’s comment about her mom being an “overpaid babysitter” is a fabrication- for starters, she is NOT a babysitter, she is a full time parent to Jace, whereas Jenelle is a parent when she wants to be or when whatever boyfriend she is dating f**ks up and she needs somebody to validate her. Barb is probably spending a lot of money to clothe and feed Jace, as well as provide childcare for when she is working and Jenelle has better things to do like get ugly tattoos or fake boobs than watch Jace.

  • Angie

    And most of them are blowing it on designer bags, tanning, crappy dye jobs/extensions, cosmetic surgeries, makeup, and absolutely HIDEOUS tattoos. Buying homes, cars, necessities, I understand. But otherwise, they have no idea how to manage their money.

    How many of these girls are actually thinking about their childrens’ futures?! The money should have been put into a trust for the babies from the start. They should have let these girls learn how to really work.

  • Kate

    I don’t know how anyone can say they struggle!! Honestly, the only one I would say is struggling is Leah and that’s only because of Ali’s health problems. She’s not struggling with money. The only things that seem to be hard for these girls is arguing with parents or boyfriends and that’s it. Millions of people every day struggle with personal relationships, work and looking after their kids. The only girl to have a real job as far as I know is Kailyn. Maci & Farrah are to busy taking pictures of themselves and flying all over the country, Catelynn is focused on her house and wedding, Chelsea is busy changing her hair & stressing over Adam, Leah is a wife again now and Jenelle spends all her time at the beach showing off her boobs!! At least Kail has a real job inbetween obsessing about her latest boyfriend!!

    Teen mom should stop all together and these girls just need to fade into the background and be parents.

  • Z

    I find it incredibly sad that Barbara gets less than Jenelle, but she is Jace’s caregiver and basically parent. Jenelle gets paid to be a stupid idiot doing drugs, going from boyfriend to boyfriend, getting fake boobs and lizards.
    I agree, it would be so much more realistic if they only gave them a small amount of the money during filming. I don’t find the show realistic. They all live in nice houses and drive nice cars, they don’t all have jobs etc. I also hate that the episodes rarely feature a man who is a nice person, stays with the mother and is a good dad. Most of these guys are losers, and I’m just thinking surely every guy can’t be like that? I was a teen mother and my partner was there from the beginning, some of these guys make me want to punch them!
    Also, most of these girls seem to realise that once they stop filming, they won’t have all that money coming to them anymore. It will run out, and then what? So many have wasted their money on crap. If it was me, I would buy a house and put away money for my child and some spare for savings.

    • mia

      Ikr I guess that’s why they gave the teen moms less money

  • Kaycee

    Imo, Jenelle Evans should get WAY less than the other Teen Moms! She signed over custody of Jace to her mother, so she really has NO RESPONSIBILITIES, while the other moms have to take care of their children. Leah AND Corey, should be the highest paid, for the simple fact that they do have a special needs child + another & some her medical bills are more expensive. Chelsea is another, her dad is clearly footing the bill for almost everything she has. Kail should receive more, she’s the only that still has a job & is doing quite productive w| her life. She’s obviously NO SLACKER when it comes to little Issac. These are only my opinions, though.

    • eric keck

      It’s all about what brings viewers in and his much mtv makes. People in here are complaining about a mom getting less for being a bad parent. It’s called capitalism, you make money based on your ability to bring in viewers and with the income mtv makes from this show, these girls should make a lot more. This isn’t a good mom bad mom discussion. The drama brings in viewers which those moms will be paid more

  • Allison

    Omg! Just shut the f**k up all of you! A bunch of jealous chics is what you all are. My god! If YOU were or are a teen mom and they offered you a spot on the show, your broke asses would be begging for that position because of the money. So just sit bac, shut up and continue watching the show cuz obviously you all watch it anyway. Idiots!!! JEALOUS!

    • Kaycee

      First & foremost, if I had gotten pregnant at 16 (19 now) I most certainly wouldn’t have been on either of those shows! I would rather take care of my kid & struggle than announce to the whole world my personal issues & I definitely know for sure, my parents/family would have NEVER allowed it. Second, I have NO reason to be jealous, especially of these females. I’m still able to be a teen & make my mistakes, without having to worry about ruining a child’s future! Finally, I don’t watch the show anymore. The f**kery is too much, & plus I live in the same town as Jenelle Evans, so really there’s NO NEED for the show ; her f**k ups are displayed daily.

      • fuk u

        sftu bitch

    • Paula

      Oh STFU, Allison!

  • Teen MOm FOREVER

    Holy Cow that is alot of darn money. I really dont think they should make more. I really believe that they would end up being irrespnsible with it and not use it wisely. If I was 16…and pregnant I wouldn’t take the offer because I don’t want the whole entire world calling me a bad mom and gettin all into my biz. Stop making these bad comments about them they are teens and they obviously love their children and that’s all that matters.

  • Teen MOm FOREVER

    Ferrah really needs to get her attitude straight. She shouldn’t disrespect her parents no matter what they’ve said or done. And she should watch her mouth when she is around her daughter because at the age of five she’s going to copy what her mother says. She needs to get her re;ationship with her parents back together or they will never have one. I think her boyfriend saw how she acted on Mtv and just didn’t like how she behaved. And does she have any friends? I never saw her hanging out with anyone but her sister.

  • the thing is young girls get an idea that being a teen mom is easier than it is because the money these girls are getting keeps them from being destitute. i also think the show pays for them to do stuff with their kids for the purposes of creating a good show.. like for instance when they take the kids to the zoo the show prob pays the admission so they’re not just filming them sitting around. most teen moms can’t afford to do extra stuff like that. it’s giving young girls the wrong impression. i just wish they would at least acknowledge that their circumstances are different than other teen moms.

  • Zb

    I do believe they should get paid for there lives being showcased and with as much as the networks make. BUT they should not get paid until there whole time with the show is over especially if they want to portray this show as the struggles of what teen moms go through instead the only real struggle these moms go through is with their relationships the money they make covers most of the struggles they should go through

  • Eric

    I agree with a lot of these comments. One thing that really bugs me about this show is that most of these teen moms seem really ignorant about birth control.. STILL. Obviously a lot of the scenes are staged or re-enacted, so why doesn’t MTV ever make the teens address birth control.. like.. EVER? How many of these teens mom have had pregnancy scares already.. let’s see.. Leah… Amber.. Chelsea.. anyone else?

  • Shannon

    Why shouldn’t they get paid? They bring in a lot of viewership for MTV and that’s all that matters. Doesn’t matter if we think they’re good Moms or not. I do wish the show would add some disclaimers or something though to point out how they’re helping them so that other young kids watching realize that they make a lot of money through the show…like “Without the help of MTV Amber would not have been able to afford an attorney” printed on the screen type of thing.

  • angie49456

    I agree that they should have been given the money later so the struggling would have been more real….I lived on my own since I was 14 I know what it’s like to struggle. ….. I’m not bashing any of the teen moms because they all do there best…..even jenelle sometimes people choose to do drugs but they have to screw up and make mistakes in order to learn from them and make better choices in the future…..the only teen mom I absolutely cant stand is farrah shes fake she had all the support that any teen mom would appreciate and she threw it away and pushed her baby on to her parents for dating and hanging out….she needs to learn men come and go your child is forever….kailyn is amazing so is maci, kaitlyn, tyler and leah

  • marie

    Janelle may not be raising Jace but I bet she gets the most ratings! She is a train wreck and America always loves watching one. As a mom she is lacking, but as a reality star she is creating a lot of drama/entertainment. Barb gets paid less because she gets less airtime. This show does not deter young women from becoming mothers too soon, but it sure does make money!

  • Aly Adams

    I still love it Janelle ever wants a gf I’m the perfect match make my n eyes and ratings would skyrocket with a gay relationship just saying

  • joey

    Stupid show. Get a life. Promotes girls get prego and crap

  • milly

    Why are they supporting early teen pregnancy I’m seriously why do they want every young teen to have more kids? Is so there kids can grow up and do the darn thing and keep making the company more money. Come on realization

  • Trisha A

    This is going to force young girls to get pregnant so that they too can try out for Teen mom and get paid