Who is Kim Kardashian’s father, Robert Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian with father Robert Kardashian

Rob Jr., Kim, Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian, and their mother Kim Jenner sometimes mention the Kardashian patriarch Robert Kardashian on the E! reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashian. Who was he? The answer is pretty fascinating.

Robert Kardashian married flight attendant Kris Houghton (Kristen Mary Houghton) in 1978. He earned a law degree from University of San Diego and practiced law for about ten years before moving into the music production business. His marriage to Kris ended in 1989, and on the show Kourtney has claimed that her father loved her mother until his death, in 2003 from esophageal cancer. In Kris’s 2011 biography, she explained that the marriage ended because she cheated on Robert with a guy named Ryan. Here’s the confession from Kris Jenner . . . and All Things Kardashian:

“Coming from humble yet wonderful beginnings in Southern California, I was lucky to meet a man who should have been the love of my life, a young and successful lawyer named Robert Kardashian. He transported me into a Beverly Hills dream life and helped me foster a close relationship with God. Then I threw it all away fro a crazy love (or lust affair that left me flattened. I lost my husband, my friends, my home, and nearly me mind, only to reassemble my life and my family with my second husband, the Olympic champion Bruce Jenner. “

She lied to Robert for a while, and made every excuse to have wild, passionate sex with Ryan.

But Kardashian wasn’t the only person Kris cheated on. She also admits in her book to cheating on a professional golfer (who she refuses to name) with Robert Kardashian! Kris Houghton was even engaged to the golfer, and almost got married at Tom Watson’s rented house in England, but for quite some time she had been stringing along Robert Kardashian.

Kris met Robert at a horse race while she was living with her sister in the golfer’s house in San Diego. Robert tracked her down, and continued to call her at the golfer’s house even after she told him about her “situation.” Eventually they went on a date, but that same night the golfer caught Kris and Robert together in the house, and Robert got roughed up by the golfer.

Kris stayed with the golfer for a while, but found an out when she discovered he was cheating on her. After that Robert proposed to Kris, but she refused, still not yet twenty, and not ready to be engaged again. She went off to flight attendant school, and Robert promptly started dating Priscilla Presley!

Kris and Robert eventually got back together, and married on July 8, 1978.

Kardashian practiced law for 20 years, but had let his law license go inactive to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors when his best friend O.J. Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994. O.J. was an old friend of Robert’s, going back to the 1970s when they lived together and started a yogurt company called Juice, Inc. O.J. stayed at Kardashian’s home after Nicole and Ron were murdered, and Robert quickly became entwined in the case. Not only did Robert let O.J. stay at his house, he also read a letter on behalf of O.J. the day he failed to turn himself in on murder charges. At 11 a.m. on June 17, 1994, Robert Kardashian read to television cameras what many believed was O.J.’s suicide note. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’ve had a great life, great friends. Please think of the real O.J. and not this lost person.”

He then reactivated his law license and went to work on O.J.’s legal dream team, sitting beside  him throughout the media blitz trial. Robert Kardashian’s association with O.J. Simpson further alienated his ex-wife, then Kris, then married to athlete Bruce Jenner. On the E! show Kris reveals that she was a friend of Nicole Brown Simpson and was on the opposite side of the Simpson case. Later, Robert expressed doubts about O.J.’s innocence. Although O.J. was acquitted of the Simpson-Goldman murders has since been sentenced to 33 years for a 2007 armed robbery in Las Vegas.

Kim Kardashian and father Robert Kardashian when she was 14 years old
Kim and her father Robert Kardashian taken when she was 14 years old

Robert Kardashian died on September 30, 2003, eight weeks after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Last year on the fifth anniversary of her father’s death Kim Kardashian posted the black and white photo at the top of this post and wrote this on her website:

Today [September 30] is the day my father passed away

five years ago. I can’t even believe it has been that long.It seems like our lives have changed so much in these past five years. Every tough thing that would come our way, it seemed my dad was watching over us and protecting us and somehow we would make it through and come out even stronger!There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about him or wish he were here. I often have really real dreams about him, where I wake up so mad it was just a dream. I miss him so much!Today is a hard day, but my reason for this post is to honor my dad! He was the most amazing dad, husband, son, brother and my best friend!I love you Dad!

Photos: kimkardashian.celebuzz.com

UPDATE: January 2012 reports were made by one of Khloe Kardashian’s stepmoms (and past speculative claims made by another of Khloe’s stepmoms that Khloe was not Robert Kardashian’s biological dad. Immediately afterwards, court documents emerged with a quote from Robert Kardashian saying that he had “four biological children” and Kris Jenner called the claims “crap.”

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    • Mz.G

      Please do not ever display such IGNORANCE again, I don’t know if you have a relationship with GOD, but if you do then you will know that He is a Forgiving, Sovereign, Loving God who display to all of us His Mercy & Grace. Know one knows the destiny of any man except the Father (He knows the day, time, & hour of our demise) God is a God of a 2nd chance and therefore the exceptional work of Robert Kardashian was an emulation of the talent God gave to Him destined just for that purpose to have the trial acquitted until He warranted further action from above. It was Robert’s time to go and we all have to do the same. Born to live, learn, love an then you DIE…

      • KidFox

        Your an idiot! Just because someone’s opinion isn’t the same as yours doesn’t make them ignorant. The world is in the place it is right now because of high and mighty one track mind individuals like yourself.

        • Angel

          Ahem, excuse me, but it’s YOU’RE an indiot…

          • Angel

            correction, iodiot -THAT was a typo on my part

            • 1416

              You STILL managed to spell ‘idiot’ incorrectly!!

              • ninja

                LOL she did spell idiot wrong twice, that is hilarious

                • Kate

                  Nice child-like tactics. You’re going to tell me you don’t have the comprehension skills to weed out a typo from a misspelling? Because those skills are far more valuable than that of a spelling bee champ.

                  • Prof Bean

                    As my dear, sweet grandfather used to say, ‘Catastrophies, even those deemed mediocre, abound, but theories and rhetoric dissipate. If one really ponders, a realization that socialism and fondue are the same, yet different.’ In this day and age, we should all heed Grandfather’s wise words.

                    • Davie


                      We need to eliminate

                      1. Cancer

                      2. Kardashians

                      3 Aids

      • Check out the starving kids in Africa and tell us again about your “Forgiving, Sovereign, Loving God.”

        • maxine

          The children of africa are starving but dont blame that or all badness on god..that is down to mankind..god is love but he also gives people the mind to make good and bad choices..the fact that children are hungry is down to man and his greed.

      • Miireehh

        That touched me

    • rockefeller

      Stella, that was truely hateful. Just think, if your post is true, how will God judge you now after your post? Think about it and while you do, READ the Good Book and you will soon rethink your words. You need to remember that he was there father. How would you feel if someone posted that kind of stuff about one of your family members. You need healing and blessing for your hate.

    • Bronx NY

      You all should respect Kim,s inner feeling about her father who did only his job but also love his family. OJ was the a$$ hole not her dad. Lay off you idiots. Bronx NY

  • merja

    its sad to loose great ppl,,,,,,,,,

  • Stella no! That’s what defense lawyers do. We all know O.J. was guilty. That is why HE!!!!!! got 33years in prison. And, he expressed doubts about oj ‘s innocence after the fact. I don’t think he could have produced such a nice family, were he a bad guy. They all really loved him, including Kris, that speaks volumes!

    • W-Blog

      Since I watched the documentary theoverlookedsuspect I personally believe that OJ was maybe innocent and just protected his son.

      • Mefi

        I hate to say it, but the more I read about it, the more it seems to fill in holes. I am NOT saying OJ is def innocent or a great guy. He actually hired a defense attorney for his son the day after the murders. Why would he do that if there wasn’t a reason for it?

  • misses p

    HAHAHAHAHAHA ^^^^^ You guys are hilarious. Listen to yourselves its just an article no need for cyber bullshit. Bet you guys dont even know the man so just stop. lmao:)

  • Greg

    He acted as any “true” friend would act. Unfortunately in this case his friend was O.J. Simpson. I would be have felt very fortunate to have had such a loyal friend such as Robert. I’ll always wonder what conversations took place between him and O.J. shortly after the two murders took place. I’m glad I’ve never been in that kind of position before. Rest in peace.

  • joebloggs

    her dad would be so proud of the s**t kim has become and her other s**ty low life sisters

    who would be turning in the grave at these wh0res

    • rockefeller

      Seems to me that the haters on here are simply jealous of the Kardashian fame. Just because you have money doesn’t make you ignorant. I, myself, envy them as I feel they are extremly smart, all of them, and simply make money doing it. They are not in p0rn for goodness sake so get over yourselves.
      As far as their father and the O.J. thing, duh, that is his job just like it is all attorney’s. Grow up and stop bringing God into it as if you were a true Christian you would certainly not be taking like that. Go back and read the Good Book and study it. You just might learn something. Salude to the Jenner’s and the Kardashians for there fame and fortune as you all work hard at alot of good to make it happen.

      • makuprt

        Loss of a parent is never a good thing to go through for anyone. My own daughter never got to see her dad. You are so right about these people …lol… Hey we make them rich by doing all this talk and hype. Her life reflects issues she has gone through.

    • dont hate on kardashians

      dont hate on kourt and kloe none of the kardashians are low life because their life style is wayyyyyy higher than yours so your lifestyle is low living bullshit

  • Jmh

    Yes, GOD is in control but since you are so Christian MZ G, why do you get to call people ignorant. If you are a Christian yourself, you wouldn’t have said that. I’m a Christian and Jesus Christ is my savior but I can’t imagine Him calling someone ignorant! I believe in Karma and Rob Kardashian SR probably fell into that. But God will judge his heart. All we have are our opinions here on Earth. No offense MZ G!

    • jorgi

      excuse me Jmh , but Karma and christian are NOT the same .
      “Karma” is NOT of Christ !

      • bailey

        reap what you sow… is KARMA!

    • Lena

      Karma is a Hindu belief. Christian belief “thou shall not judge”, “he without sin cast the first stone”. I don’t believe him defending OJ Simpson was Karma… That was his college friend who he believed was innocent & wanted to be by his side. Not every person Accussed of a crime actually did in fact do the crime. And if your long-time friend is telling you they are innocent… Please help me.. Do you just walk away? Not knowing 100% what the truth really is? No, you wouldn’t. And I’m sure “God” could understand that & knows where Robert Kardashian heart was. He was a hard-working man, good father & a loyal friend– even if it was to the wrong person.. He believed it was for the right reasons. Don’t speak on Karma or sin’s for someone you don’t know.



    • rockefeller

      Ok, you need to grammer and spell check your posts first of all. Who cares about her butt. Really! If you hate it so much, you sure watch it alot.

      • ak1976

        “GRAMMAR.” “A LOT.” You spelled two words incorrectly while giving others a hard time for their spelling. LMAO!!!

    • j. reynolds

      If you would stop hating long enough, maybe you could learn the English language and how to use it.

  • JoJo

    Wow! Alot of Kardashian haters. The kardashian sisters are stunning and very smart, so what if they have fake arse and t!ts, they can afford to do it and they look good on it. I think anyone must be seriously jealous to call them whores just because of how they look coz lets face it they obviously don’t know them! Commentslike that are probably coming from someone that has low self esteem and no confidence, basically an ugly b@*ch!!!

  • Sam

    God is not a person people…he doesn’t think nor feel human emotions like us

    • ninja

      How would you know that he did not have any emotions like us? did he tell you that? Jesus has gone through every emotion and temptation that humans go through, you need to read the word.

  • jeya karina

    Wow!!! Lay off ya allsssss!!!! All the Kardashians are BOMB!! Just enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!

  • eve

    i luv the Kardashians and Jenners…..cool family.


  • Jan

    Why would anyone, in this economy, flaunt a 5 or 6 gazillion dollar wedding, when people are out of jobs and on welfare. THAT is ignorance in full bloom. It is shoddy and most of all thoughtless. But look who we are talking about…….the Ks. Kloe has a worse mouth on her than any truck driver. She is a pig.

  • Knight

    I love how all these people are complaining about the family yet they were interested enough in them to find and read this article! Wow!!!

    • prettybrowneyezzz

      So true. U took the thoughts right out of my head

    • KK follower sometimes

      spot on !

  • cln

    U people r ridiculous. She posted a memorial to her father and people take that as an opportunity to take some pretty low blows

  • Red

    I find it funny when people complain because there jealousy. Who care if her body parts are real she has to deal with it not you. Who care about her dating life it’s her business. she got chewed out for a video s*x tape but no one said nothing about Ray J or the fact that he was the one who released it. I just find it funny that she label but not him and her sisters and brother are just supportive of each other. Yet they get a bad name, there a typical family there not perfect. if any of you were under the microscope I’m sure we would find flaws. And as the her dress it her money it not her fault that people are on welfare. I have mire if and issue with people whi live on welfare and are able to get a job and spend there welfare checks on labels. Give me a break and I’m sure her father would have been proud of his kids even if the messed up in the past .

  • Kelly

    Everyone should be ashamed. These people are human just like you, with feelings emotions and hearts. What you see on tv is not always the story, that’s why it’s called entertainment. They may have money but chances are they are more sincere to life and are more grateful then any of you. There should not be a price on death, they worked hard for where they are, and deserve it. They go through as many hard times as anyone else even if it is showed differently. Congrats to there family for being strong and staying strong, and everything u have u deserve

  • El Conquistador

    Every time someone mentions the Kardashians on the radio or t.v., I still say, “who? what are kardashians?” No idea why their fifteen minutes aren’t up. My guess is that they’re living off the backs of poor rednecks living in trailers who wish they had the same lifestyle and therefore go to their over-priced boutiques and purchase merchande with the K name on it.

  • margaret

    i know the feeling kim, iv’e been there before, the feeling that we all almost loose control of our lives, and turn into something that we don’t want to talk about, my both parents passed away, but i still never been through their paas, it’s sad but on the other side, they are in good hands in heaven,be strong for your dad God bless

  • margaret nansen

    everytime i saw the kardarshians’ show, i don’t want to be disturbed or do anything untill it’s finish, i like the way you sisters working together, and get along together in business, and your only brother, i have two sisters too and one brother, love to hear from you kim cheers

  • I’m a Christian. For us all rich or poor life is temporary . PS 37 Don’t bother your head with braggarts or wish you could succeed like the wicked. In no time they’ll shrivel like grass clippings and wilt like cut flowers in the sun……….. We aren’t immortal. We don’t last long.Like our dogs we age and weaken.And die. Its living a life the glorifies our creator that makes a difference in eternity……… Yeah there pretty women,but if there sins aren’t forgiven ?

  • nick

    everyone… there is no “god”. Bill Mahr has it all correct.

    No one believes anymore in greek or roman mythology, native beliefs are ignored, by mostly everyone except a few native peoples. Only the three main religions exist as popular. Why? Many reasons, but the foremost reason is money. Science is proving religion faulty – and yet still people just blindly believe in “god”. There is literally nothing on earth or beyond that proves god exists. Yet people follow like sheep. And no, the bible is not proof god exists. In fact religion has been the cause of more violence and deaths than anything this world has ever seen. You’d think people would smarten up by now in this enlightened world.

    I’ve even heard the most crazy concept in believing in god. “What if it’s actually true – you won’t make it to heaven”. If that’s the main reason you believe in god, then you don’t really believe in god then do you? You’re hedging your bets is what you’re doing. It’s also the point kings and cardinals used to control the masses.

    If you want to believe in god, fine, but do yourself a big big favour. You don’t have to go to church to believe. Organized religion is not anywhere in the bible. If you crave a relationship with god – leave that between you and god. Leave the church out of it.

    I sincerely hope this inspires someone to think rationally.

    All the best everyone.

    • disquslogin1

      How is this for rational. Nothing nothing will never become something. Also, things fall apart. They do not progress into order; not even an apparent order. All mutation results in loss of information, not a gain. All information always originates from intelligence. So, rationally please explain where any genetic information arose from nothing, etc. Although you cant use intangibles like laws of logic either. If you only believe in the natural (matter-in-motion), then how can you speak in terms of any “laws” without a lawgiver?

  • jana

    I love the Kardashians…they r cool people…n if I were a member of the fam…I would literally beat da hell out of da person who thinks my dad deserved to die…wtf were u thinking to make that comment

    • ninja

      Some people think that he deserved it because he represented OJ matter of fact every person that touched that case something bad has happened to it. Go to youtube and find any video about the verdict and keep your eyes on Kardashians face and tell us what you think.
      The man was human and whether he deserved to die or not is not up to us. The man left behind his children and that had to have been hard for them being so young. Jana I wouldn’t worry about it I really don’t think that Kim is reading this junk some people are heartless and use the internet to show their bravado.

  • pro-freedom

    Wow. People really think they “know” someone personally if they see them on TV or online. Don’t believe everything you read….oh, wait…some of you people are using this bogus board to preach…I bet if you read the Qu’ran first you would have believed it instead…? which is fine by me….do your thing and I don’t care what people believe but when you feel the need to preach it to those who don’t want to hear it and talk down to anyone who doesn’t believe in “your God”…religions are like penises. If you have one great, but it doesn’t mean you have to whip it out and cram it down my throat whenever you want.

  • Tequisha

    Stop worrying so much about the Kardashians, and worry about how you can get to the top, they already there!

  • Andresina

    Wow,went thru all de comments n its soo funny how some ppl are soo pathetic… Trashing people they barely know,just so they can feel good about demselves….oh,how i wish y’all cld get a better life than wasting it here(on a person who doesnt even know abt ur existence on dis earth)…..if y’all cld find a paying job for urselves,it wld go a long way to help de society at large,,,instead wastn ur energy on abusing others for making n spending their own cash…dis is a total show of inferiority complex…#successful ppl do not get there by pulling down those who r already up

  • Farzan

    I just think its so sad that all these ppl came and commented with their negative opions if u hate the Kardashians so much y r u on this site anyway ? As u all can see , she posted some thing about her dad who has died,if Kim might be famous and have it all, but she has feelings.we all have to respect it, I wonder how u would all feel if u posted something about a loved one that passed away and some one called u a whore or slat? These kinda ppl make me sick to my stomach

    • Guest

      Don’t worry about them. It’s like us ourselves. We shouldn’t have a negative thought about anyone at all. Nobody is as blessed as the Kardashians, at this point. So they don’t know what’s it like to have a good life. Ignore their foolishness and karma will come biting their way. Maybe not now, but it must be later ! 🙂

  • Lay Z I

    I’m an Athiest I don’t believe in god nor any other religious dumness.. its juz plain out retarded, so about Kimmy’s dad juz kuz he was Oj’s friend nd wanted to protect him was not a F*ckin crime for what he believed in.. Cancer is the worst thing to ever happen to any1.. nd if u have something to say, juz say it.. becuz if its negative, ill juz be a b*tch nd juz say I hope u or a family member get cancer nd die… I’m heartless/black hearted, I don’t give a f*ck… if u don’t like them Kardashian’s then fine, so be it but don’t ever say sum1 deserved to die… what if u deserve to die..? U know sum day u will… 🙂 get over urself, nd juz live life witout “GOD” the bible, omgoodness don’t get me started on dat shyt… LMFAO

    • vmg gil

      You are the type of people Christian people pray for. Even though you are so hateful people that believe in a loving forgiving God will pray for your soul. Do you self a favor and stop the hatefeulness it will only make you more sad. You obviously are not a happy person. Ask God to come into your heart he will make you feel better. Learn to love not hate.

    • ninja

      Lay Z I
      You really need Jesus, I never judge an atheist because most atheist have had really bad things happen to them that made them say if God was real why did he let this happen to me?
      My heart bleeds for you to have such hate and anger in your life must make you exceptionally loney and hard to get along with.
      Every human needs love without it we die and you sound like you are dieing. I ache for you.

      • leah

        I agree with Ninja too! God bless the kardashian for the horrific tragedy in their life. I believe without the struggle, they wouldn’t have gone that far! Infact, all the pain may pay off but I believe and hope Kardashians would still have God in their life again, if this made sense. I just feel thaat God has become a strong part of their life and enhance them to be a better person, however I hope they don’t take advantage of that which were society might whatever I’m not going to continue because I believe that it might not send, my post. But we’ll see 😀

    • Claude Lamontagne

      do you think you came from a dinosaur?

  • Liz

    What is worth really appreciating about the Kardashians is the way they are able to get along together, like a previous commentor mentioned. Kris Jenner may have committed some serious mistakes in her life, but her real positive characteristic is in the loving family she has created. Though it may make business sense for them to stick together, it is more common to find family members branching off on their own, unable/ unwilling to nurture their bonds.

    Just because they are rich and famous, they should not be targetted with hate. They have not harmed anyone. Hate should be aimed at child abusers, killers, and other destroyers.


    It doesn’t take a genus to know that Kloe has a tall white daddy. Kortney is no good for having a child out of wedlock and shacking up with some loser that doesn’t even have a job. lol

    • Anthony Hall

      It doesn’t take A genius to spell genius or Kourtney but you did so maybe you are wrong about the father claim.

  • lee pearl

    Khloe looks more like her Dad, Robert, than her sisters.
    I have always noticed the strong resemblence she and Robert
    have. Those ex-wives need some money and are selling false
    information. Khloe shouldn’t worry about this at all. Everyone
    knows the truth. Khloe is beautiful and is only one of those
    girls who really knows how to be a real wife. She cooks for
    her husband and maintains a home.
    I think she is great gal!!!

    • Mary Jane Kelly

      you’re high. kim and kourtney look like kris but have roberts coloring. khloe looks like that hairdresser that kris admits she was banging. khloe is NOT a kardashian and she should be glad of it!

  • Beautiful Mic

    I think Robert Senior’s loyalty to sorry a$$ O.J. Simpson is what lead to Kris Jenner cheating on her husband. I read somewhere that O.J. used to live with them and Rob K. considered O.J. family; and that he would spend most of his time with this man. They did business together, and Rob K. covered a lot of O.J.’s dirt. The man was loyal to a fault, and probably a little star/celeb struck.

    I just wish he hadn’t been so loyal to Simpson. IMO, being involved with him is what messed his marriage up. All the aftermath cause the stress that lead him to smoke, which lead to his cancer.

    • Claude Lamontagne

      don’t you think that is a little fast to start smoking in 1994 and die 9 years later from it?

  • Kelly

    I am very happy I surfed along into this article….I find it very hard to see the kardashian’s in the spot light with sooooooo much controversy… I will not make any more comments except that the people that start out w/money always seem to find a way to make more money for doing close to nothing…This is not their fault it is society’s that will continue to view their show and buy their products…..I will “surf” a little more and maybe I will find something that proves to me they are true people not just trying to make more money at other people’s expense…I really hope I do not find any more negative about them …..the false wedding for money was enough!!!

    • JMO

      Don’t be so quick to blame society. The numbers of who watch the show are manipulated. There are over 380 million people in the usa. Only 3 million people view their show.

  • Ute

    One thing I notice is that people call the Kardashian-haters “jealous,” all the time.
    Personally, I don’t know about that.
    I absolutely adore the Kardashians, I love every single one of them, and I am EXTREMELY jealous of these girls. Just because you’re jealous of someone doesn’t mean you have to hate them. I would trade places with any one of them in a heart beat, they have the most fabulous life on the planet, and they have such a loving family and such cool, funny sisters with the most awesome personalities. I wish my sister was as cool as Khloe or Kourtney or Kim. I wish my sister and I were as beautiful as them, as rich as them. They get to relax in fresh clean hotels, fresh crisp clothes, chill on the beach, get their hair and nails done, get massages, live in the best houses and condos, they have the life everyone wants, they have the entire world within their reach.

    To say I am jealous is a HUGE understatement. I am totally jealous but I don’t hate them because of it. I love them, love watching them, seeing how they live their awesome lives. They are beyond beautiful.

  • dan

    Mr kardashian is he,s from usa origanil or from defrent country.

  • dave matty

    I would love to have a pair of Kim’s well worn white cotton panties. I’m getting a chubby just thinking of her.

  • Shonatard

    What bad English aha

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  • LaKeytra Chanel Nero

    Khloe looks like her Father O.J.Simpson!

  • Mefi

    I wonder if those kids would be as messed up and all over the media making fools out of themselves if their father was still alive.

  • Anthony Hall

    This is what is wrong with this world.
    Giving people wealth and power for being shallow mindless twits who haven’t a clue as to how the world truly works.
    They advocate for things they have no clue about. The latest being “gun control” which they truly have no clue about. Just is the cool topic nowadays with the distraction of police gunning down black people. It’s a distraction and a ploy, these aimless fools help to perpetuate the distractions and lies.
    Listening to them fret over which sconce to install then loosely discuss the black lives matter makes me wanna puke.
    Need to give the attention and platform to people who know what to do with it and can make a real difference.