Who are the world’s highest paid actors?

Forbes recently released their list of the highest paid actors for 2015. While most people would immediately think of big name celebs like Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Leonardo Dicaprio, those guys didn’t even crack the top ten!

Check out the top 20 list:

1. Robert Downey, Jr. $80 million


This is the third year in the row that RDJ tops the list of the highest paid actors. With film roles in major action flicks like Iron ManAvengers: Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War, it’s easy to see how he’s raking in the dough. Avengers grossed $1.4 billion, and Downey made $40 million on that role alone.

2. Jackie Chan $50 Million


While it may seem surprising to see Jackie Chan’s name on the list, he’s actually China’s biggest movie star. Forbes points out that he has a booming empire outside of movies, which includes “Chan-branded merchandise, a Segway dealership and an eponymous cinema chain.”

3. Vin Diesel $47 Million


Vin ranked #3 on the list thanks to the seventh installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. It’s hard enough to imagine a sequel being very successful, let alone a seventh movie. In the case of Furious 7, the movie grossed $1.5 billion! That may seem like an inflated number for those living in the U.S., but it’s because most of the sales came from overseas—77%, in fact.

4. Bradley Cooper $41.5 Million


B-Coop struck cinematic gold with American Sniper, for which he both starred and produced. He’s also bringing home the bacon from other significant roles, like the star-studded Aloha.

5. Adam Sandler $41 million


Believe it or not, Adam Sandler is one of the top Hollywood earners for 2015. Though his career has been lackluster over the last several years, the actor maintains his ability to pull in top dollar paychecks for movies such as Pixels. While his ability to lure fans to theaters may be dwindling, his overall comedic appeal is not. In fact, the 48-year-old comedian just signed a deal to make four movies specifically for Netflix.

Are you surprised by some of the names in the top five?

Here are the remaining top 20 earning actors for Forbes 2015 list:

6. Tom Cruise $40 million
7. Amitabh Bachchan $33.5 million
8. Salman Khan $33.5 million
9. Akshay Kumar $32.5 million
10. Mark Wahlberg $32 million
11. Dwayne Johnson $31.5 million
12. Johnny Depp $30 million
13. Leonardo Dicaprio $29 million
14. Channing Tatum $29 million
15. Chris Hemsworth $27 million
16. Daniel Craig $27 million
17. Matthew McConaughey $26.5 million
18. Shah Rukh Khan 26 million
19. Will Smith $26 million
20. Matt Damon $25 million


Earlier in the summer, Forbes also released their list of the world’s highest paid celebrities. The list includes actors, musicians, and athletes. Topping the list are Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Katy Perry, and Howard Stern. Click here to check out all the top-dollar earners.