Protesters Occupy People Magazine over Ryan Gosling not being Sexiest Man Alive 2011; George Clooney agrees

Finally! A cause worth standing behind! Enough with the Republican tea parties, anti-Wall Street hippie rallies, hooligan street riots, and political government-overthrowing revolutions (not to mention things like starving babies and gay marriage.) We need the people to come together to continue the Occupy People Magazine movement (#occupypeople) to protest the gross and negligent naming of Bradley Cooper as the Sexiest Man Alive over the formidable true Sexiest Man 2011 Ryan Gosling (because of swagger, indie movies, breaking up street fights, giving his dog a mohawk, blockbuster movies, an adorable meme, and dying his hair trashy bleach blonde (see above) to name a few of the million reasons.)‘s editor Matt Stopera has been organizing Gosling lovers to sign a petition against the Bradley Cooper crowning, and some protesters even showed up outside of People’s offices in NYC! They were chanting “Bradley Cooper’s just fine, but Ryan Gosling is divine.”

George Clooney even thinks that’s true. The former SMA lobbied for the Goz, and groomed him for the role. All that work for naught!

Sometimes the world needs a little levity. Ryan Gosling, you are a ray of light in this callous,
cynical, cruel world.

But seriously, who could deny THIS face?

Top PHOTO: StClair/Massie/Splash News

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