TEEN MOM 2 Javi Marroquin confirms divorce from Kailyn Lowry is finalized


Javi Marroquin has verified that his divorce from Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is officially completed.

Javi stated a week ago on Instagram that the divorce was over. Radar followed up with Javi and he affirmed that information. “It’s true, it’s been finalized,” he said.

He also provided some details about the custody arrangement for he and Kail’s 3-year-old son Lincoln:

“I didn’t take her for child support because I do have 50/50 of Lincoln. I don’t need any money from her. I can provide for my own son!”


Javi has been sharing the love recently for his new lady friend, Cassandra Bucka, via social media. A week ago he posted a pic with Cass and had a choice reply for all the negative comments that inevitably followed. “Y’all hating. Cass is prettier than everyone.,” he said.


Miss Bucka didn’t shy away from a fight as she clapped back at a critic of Javi’s in the comments section:

“Disrespecting me and commenting on my looks is one thing and easily able to brush off, but disrespecting @javim9 ‘s character is a completely different story that I’m not quite okay with regardless of relationship title. Remember, you see the aspects of life tv and social media WANTS you to see.. Don’t trip so hard over a family you don’t even know.”


Yesterday Javi shared another pic with Bucka, tagged her in it, and captioned it, “The reason why the good times are great.”