Sister Wives’ Hunter Brown wins 2nd Nevada state wrestling title

Kody Brown and son Hunter Brown wrestling champions

Some HUGE congratulations are in order for Sister Wives son Hunter Brown who took home his second straight Nevada state wrestling championship title this weekend! Hunter, who competes in the 195-pound class, pinned Desert Oasis wrestler Ryan Knipp in the third period to take home the title as pop Kody Brown, mom Janelle Brown and a number of other family members in attendance cheered him on.

Kody Brown, a former two-time state champion wrestler himself, took to Twitter to offer up his humble congrats to the best wrestler in the Brown family by posting this next father-and-son photo and tweet:

Mom Janelle shared her enthusiasm and pride on Twitter as well, along with a photo of the triumphant Hunter just after his victory:

Hunter’s sister Mariah had perhaps my favorite congratulatory social media message for Hunter (because I’m a big softie and sucker for emotional moments) with this hugtacular Instagram snap:

In a recent Nevada Preps article, Hunter is praised by his coach for being able to focus on the challenge in front of him despite all of the distractions around him, including being on a reality show. “There are kids you have to poke and prod to work, there are others you have to rein in,” Centennial High School coach Steve Wike said. “But Hunter, no he’s focused, he’s balanced, he compartmentalizes, he’s organized. We talk about compartmentalization constantly in the room, and Hunter is usually my reference on that. He’s able to focus on what needs to be focused on at that moment and handle other things when it’s time to handle them.”

Hunter acknowledges that his experiences on the mat have helped him mature. “I’ve been to some of the top tournaments in the nation, and it’s to the point where we’ve been to top-level matches, and I’ve learned to control my emotions and thought process when preparing for a tournament,” he said.

Pop Kody points out that although Hunter has been placed in the spotlight because of Sister Wives, which is something Hunter never asked for, the family and the production team have made sure to allow Hunter space and a life outside the scope of the cameras. “They can’t follow him to the school, they can’t follow him to his wrestling career, they can’t follow him to wrestling tournaments,” Kody Brown said. “It’s called Sister Wives — it’s not about him. It’s about those mothers, and it’s about their children when we’ve got the opportunity to film them. That actually sets him free on a level.”

Kody confesses that he himself would enjoy seeing Hunter step into the spotlight a little more. “I’d love to make an entire episode about wrestling, but it’s not about me, it’s not about him, it’s not about wrestling.” You might recall that there was one episode that featured wrestling quite a bit, as Kody installed a wrestling mat in Christine’s garage because of his sons’ growing interest in the sport. Kody then showed off some of his wrestling skills with his bromance partner Brett:

Sister Wives Kody Brown wrestling with Brett in the garage

And just in case you wanted to see Kody Brown in his wrestling prime, here’s a throwback photo of him on the mat in high school courtesy of TLC:

Sister Wives Kody Brown wrestling in high school

But enough about Kody, this is Hunter’s moment! With that in mind, here are all kinds of congrats via social media from friends and family:

Congratulations again Hunter. Being a two-time individual state champion in anything is a mind-bogglingly admirable accomplishment! I can only assume that we will soon be hearing about the scholarship offers pouring in. 🙂

We’ll wrap this post up with a great throwback photo of Hunter winning his first state championship a year ago:

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