Donnie, Paul and Mark Wahlberg to open up Wahlburgers restaurant

Donnie and Mark Wahlberg open Wahlburgers

The next time you’re in Boston and you’re jonesing for a burger after watching Mark Wahlberg in a movie or Donnie Wahlberg sing you can head your Sox loving backside over to Wahlburgers!

That’s right kid, so what you thinking ’bout dem apples, I mean burgers? There’s going to be a new kid on the restaurant block owned by actor Mark Wahlberg, singer Donnie Wahlberg and their older brother chef Paul Wahlberg to be called Wahlburgers. The plan has been in the works for a while but the most difficult part of the business plan was the fact that some wise guy had already trademarked the name Wahlburgers.

Now get this you Boston vs. New York conspiracy theorists. Guess where that name was trademarked? You betcha – Rochester, New York where a food chain by the name of Tom Wahl’s had been selling the Wahlburger for a while. What are the chances of that? It would be like an old timey restaurant called Tom Roethlis’ and them selling the Roethlisburger (the Roethlisburger does exist in Pittsburgh). Anyways, the Wahlbergs pulled a backward Boston move and actually paid for this high-profile name to come home to Boston.

The 4,300-sq. ft. Wahlburgers is set to open at the Hingham Shipyard in Boston. Wahlburgers will seat about 80 inside and 40 on an outdoor patio. The brothers are also planning to open a pizza restaurant next spring. You know they could call that The Right Stuffing! What? All this ain’t enough to fill you up and now you want an old school Marky Mark and Donnie performance from Leno? You got it boyeeeee:

You know all this burger talk is making me hungry yo, hungry for a Kim Kardashian burger!

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