Jenelle Evans breaks up with boyfriend Gary Head again, and this time it’s absolutely final maybe

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Gary Head split up

It seems our valiant troops in the Marine Corps could conquer Iwo Jima, but not the mercurial heart of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. After having a rather nasty falling out last weekend, Jenelle and her Marine boyfriend Gary Heard managed to patch things up. But, as many commenters speculated, the writing was on the wall.

The couple, who officially began dating in the beginning of January, appeared to be a perfect match, and Jenelle seemed happier and more stable than at any other time since taping her famously dramatic episode of 16 and Pregnant a few years ago. But things took a bad turn last weekend when Jenelle found out from a third party that Gary had slept with her ex bff (and now mortal enemy) Tori Rhyne prior to dating Jenelle, something he had failed to mention to her.

Jenelle eventually took Gary back, but only if he agreed to “obey my rules this time.”

I guess he broke one of her rules because Jenelle tweeted earlier today, “And he ruins Easter thanks…” to which Gary responded with “reckon so when I fin out your texting and callin Keiffer as ‘josh'”

Jenelle was asked by someone on Twitter why she would contact her ex Kieffer Delp and Jenelle tweeted the answer, “I did it out of spite Becuz I’m hurt that he f***ed tori and texted his ex”

Another fan then suggested Jenelle keep her make ups and break ups private and Jenelle responded by tweeting, “yeah I kno it doesn’t matter I’m done”

About an hour later Gary tweeted, “Olive garden with [Jenelle] & Jace :)” He then shared a couple photos, including this heart-warming shot of Jace and Jenelle:

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and son Jace at Olive Garden

A little later Gary followed with, “We fuss & argue but at the end of the day were here and we love each other”

But once again the reconciliation was short-lived, as he later revealed with a long string of tweets and retweets. Here are some high lowlights:

Gary Head tweets about breaking up with Teen Mom Jenelle Evans

Jenelle summed it all up rather succinctly with these two tweets:

Is teen mom Jenelle Evans dating any one? Nope!

UPDATE – The break up seems to be hitting Jenelle harder than she initially let on. She quit playing Zombies and even began to feel physically sick. Here are some of her more recent tweets, including her response to a concerned Nikkole Paulun (another 16 and Pregnant alum who’s had her fair share of relationship issues)

Jenelle Evans tweets about break up with boyfriend Gary Head

UPDATE – Oh boy. The gloves came off today (Monday) and Jenelle and Gary exchanged accusations of physical abuse and drug abuse. Oh, and Jenelle made a music video tribute to her ex too! CLICK HERE for all the latest.

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