PHOTOS Amber Rose’s birthday costume party with Chris Brown, Carmen Electra, Karrueche Tran, more

Amber Rose zombie Peg Bundy costume

It’s only ten days until Halloween so it seems appropriate that Amber Rose would celebrate her 31st birthday, which is actually today, with a big costume bash Monday night in Los Angeles. Amber, who recently split from her husband (and father of her 20-month-old son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz) Wiz Khalifa, seemed to be making a bit of a joke at her ex’s expense as she dressed up as a zombiefied version of Married With Children matriarch Peg Bundy.

Amber shared this next selfie on instagram and captioned it, “Al killed me so I came back as a zombie to eat his Brains #ZombiePegBundy”

Amber Rose zombie Peg Bundy

(Get the message, Wiz Bundy?)

In addition to her towering red wig and undead whiteface makeup, Amber packed her famously ample assets into a Peg Bundynamite full-length leopard cat suit that will have men happily seeing spots for days! Here’s Amber showing off her Peg Bundonkadonk while posing for fun photos with Carmen Electra, who was dressed as, um…

Amber Rose Peg Bundy costume with Carmen Electra

And here’s a great photo of Zomber Rose along with stylist EJ King dressed as a cigar-smoking and beer-drinking pregnant lady:

Amber Rose EJ King costume birthday party

Amber foreshadowed the fun evening with a couple tweets in which she emphasized that she is single and ready to mingle — especially with a certain male demographic. 😉

And here’s another Amber Rose Peg Bundead selfie from early in the evening:

#ZombiePegBundy my night is just getting started. #HappyBdaytome

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Ah, but Amber wasn’t the only lady taking advantage oft he first official celebrity costume party of the 2014 Halloween season! Check out model/designer Blac Chyna as she puts the “bad” in bad habit with her revealing nun costume! (Link coming soon!)

Karruech Tran also worked the sexy costume angle with her black leather bunny ears and sex kitten look, while Chris Brown came dressed as his favorite celebrity in the world: Chris Brown:

Chris Brown Karrueche Tran October 2014

Makeup artist Priscilla Ono showed off her skills dressing as the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland:

Zombi Peg Bundy and cheshire cat AKA @amberrose AND I

A photo posted by Priscilla Ono (@priscillaono) on

Spooky cat

A photo posted by Priscilla Ono (@priscillaono) on

And I will wrap things up with an amazing group photo of the whole party!!!

Click to enlarge:
Amber Rose 2014 birthday party costumes

Happy birthday to Amber Rose, and thanks for allowing photographers at your bash! 😉

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