VIDEO – The internet is on Team Conan: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube abound with support for CoCo


Conan O’Brien will air his last show January 22, a source tells PEOPLE (via PopEater), which will give him a full week to think of new and funnier ways to humiliate NBC on air. Meanwhile, CoCo’s fans, including, are rallying behind him online via Facebook and Twitter using a political-style poster image created by Mike Mitchell, who also created a website and Facebook page to promote the campaign.

If you want to take the CoCo campaign to the real world, you can order a “I’m with CoCo T-shirt,” and all proceeds will go to help the earthquake victims in Haiti. That’s right, you can show your support for CoCo, and help provide basic essentials for people in a nightmare disaster-area at the same time! CLICK HERE to learn about more ways you can help Haitian earthquake victims.

It looks like time-slot rival David Letterman is also on Team Conan, he’s been openly praising Conan on The Late Show with David Letterman in the same breath he trashes Leno, and is even rumored to have invited Conan to be a guest on his show. THAT would be a ratings bonanza.

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Below watch a Conan fan, YouTube comedian Eli Braden, serenade Conan with his parody of “Oh Yoko,” Oh CoCo:”