Jenelle Evans jailed for testing positive for marijuana, pleads guilty to drug paraphernalia possession

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith courthouse

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was back in court earlier today in what her attorney Dustin Sullivan had said back in July would hopefully be her last court appearance stemming from her arrest alongside husband Courtland Rogers back in April.

It seems Dustin’s predictions were correct as Jenelle pleaded guilty to drug paraphernalia possession and was sentenced to 18 months unsupervised probation, with all the other charges being dropped. But, things took a surprise bad turn for Jenelle. Dustin tells us, “the judge drug tested her and she tested positive for marijuana.” Because of the positive drug test, the “judge gave her 48 hours in jail.” Dustin says Jenelle will be released Wednesday morning at 9:30.

Jenelle’s boyfriend Nathan Griffith was with her in court today (the two can be seen in the photo above arriving at the courthouse), but so far he has remained quiet on Twitter.

Jenelle has been claiming to be completely drug free for some time, so testing positive for marijuana will certainly ignite her detractors. We will update as soon as we get Jenelle’s latest mug shot photo. [And here it is!]

UPDATE – It seems Nathan wasn’t the only Jenelle love interest in the courtroom today — her estranged husband Courtland Rogers was also in attendance. Click here to check out his account of what happened, including a video of himself arriving at the courthouse and his response to Jenelle being jailed! Courtland tweeted that his attorney told him the “heroin charges are being dismissed” against Jenelle.

* We previously included an update with a link to a WECT story about Jenelle’s court hearing that stated “Rogers” still had felony drug charges pending, but that was in reference to Courtland and not Jenelle.

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