VIDEO Slipknot frontman calls Kanye West out on “Greatest rock star” comments

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Recently, Kanye West headlined the prestigious Glastonbury Festival in England. While onstage there, Kanye raised some eyebrows and rankled some feathers by proclaiming himself to be the Greatest Living Rock Star.

Or, more precisely: What he said to the crowd was “You’re watching the greatest living rock star on the planet!”

Kanye did not describe any other kinds of rock stars on other planets, because he gets caught up in the moment and talks that way from time to time. But other, similarly Earth-bound rock stars have taken umbrage with Kanye’s boast, and one of them decided to speak up.

Corey Taylor, the oft-masked frontman for noted rockers Slipknot, recorded a video message for Kanye West while visiting the Music Choice studios in New York City. The clip is short, but succinct:



“The fact that you had to tell people that,” Taylor said, “kind of says it all.”

And Taylor wasn’t done. “You remind me of the guy who brags about p*ssy. They never get as much as they brag about.”

Taylor concluded his message with a slap to the back of his hand, and a stern warning: “Stop it.”

But Slipknot’s main man didn’t offer much by way of an argument (though the “guy who brags about p*ssy” thing kind of makes sense), and he didn’t nominate anyone else to be the Greatest Living Rock Star on the Planet. So the question remains: Is Kanye West, in fact, the Greatest Living Rock Star on the Planet?

Here’s Kanye’s full Glastonbury set:



(Photo credits: Slipknot via Facebook; Kanye West via WENN)

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