Peter Gunz reveals baby boy’s name in surprise Tara Wallace pregnancy update

Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace pregnancy 1

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The surprise Tara Wallace pregnancy update that’s still sending shockwaves through the Love & Hip Hop fan community got a further unexpected update from the man himself today. Gunz went on the air with The Breakfast Club and dropped the latest information regarding the Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace pregnancy–and then, as if to back up his own words, took to social media and shared both the sex of Tara’s baby and the baby’s name.

It’s been a week with one Tara Wallace pregnancy update after another. Last Monday’s Love & Hip Hop news confirmed the fact that Gunz’s rumored ninth child was in fact a reality, thanks to the now-infamous Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace pregnancy. Then came the report that Amina Buddafly, who aborted a baby by Gunz several months ago, is in fact pregnant by him once more, and is approximately three months along. (The Amina Buddafly pregnancy update was confirmed at the Love & Hip Hop reunion special just a few days ago.) And, because of all these babies popping up left and right, Gunz has also been dealing with rumors that his eldest daughter Whitney has a secret mother…who could even be Tara Wallace herself.

Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace pregnancy 2

It went largely overlooked, then, when several days ago we got the first Tara Wallace pregnancy update straight from Peter Gunz:

Gunz offered a second Tara Wallace pregnancy update on Instagram earlier today:

But he still managed to throw some love over toward baby mama Amina Buddafly:

Furthermore, Gunz sat for his most extensive interview in some time with The Breakfast Club crew just a few days ago. He again confirmed that Tara Wallace’s baby’s name is Gunner-which, in turn, suggests that the baby is a boy. The interview is also worth a look because it’s the first time Gunz admits that “things may have gone a little too far” between himself, Tara Wallace, and Amina Buddafly. Check it: (Photo credits: Tara Wallace pregnancy update via Instagram)

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