VIDEO Matt Baier’s buddy Jeff playing in the World Series of Poker on ESPN2

Teen Mom Matt Baier's poker buddy Jeff aka Jeffrey Bruno at the World Series of Poker

Amber Portwood’s ex Matt Baier has been tweeting updates from The World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas over the last couple of days, but his “pokah buddy” Jeff was in the spotlight as he was sitting at the featured table for ESPN2’s live broadcast on Saturday!

Jeff, whose full name is Jeffrey Bruno, was sitting in fourth position and proudly sporting a Boston Bruins jersey. I tracked down a video of the live broadcast in which you can see Jeff exercising his poker chops — he gets involved in a hand at right around the 34:00 mark:

Amazingly, it appears as though the catastrophic falling out between Matt and Amber has not prevented Amber from supporting Jeff — whom she apparently calls “Don?”

Amber later responded to a fan and revealed that poker is not her game:

The opening round of The World Series of Poker’s Main Event is broken up into three days, with today being day two of three — so it is still possible that Matt will be participating. However, his most recent tweets appear to be posted from New York, so it may be unlikely.

UPDATE – It appears that Matt Baier actually IS in The World Series of Poker Main Event after all! Click the link to find out how he finished after Day 1!

If Jeff seems eerily familiar to the off-screen Teen Mom OG dramaddicts out there, then it could be because you recognize him from the now-infamous “Being Matt” screen shot featuring him and Matt’s lie detector test failure inducing other woman, Tiffany Bassett:

Being Matt Baier Tiffany Bassett and pokah buddy Jeff

Jeff is also infamous for being the actual subject of the also now-infamous leaked scrotograph of Matt Baier. Well, according to Matt Baier, it’s Jeff’s wienah.

OK, I am SERIOUSLY digressing here!

Back to The World Series of Poker… I tried to find “Jeffrey Bruno” on the WSOP website’s official standings, but he isn’t there. Here is the chip count from day one listed alphabetically by last name:

2017 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 1 standings chip count

I’m thinking maybe Jeff got knocked out? The conclusion of the featured table coverage was on, which is a pay site, so I don’t know what happened late in round one.

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