Maci Bookout shares Bentley’s first school picture

Teen Mom Bentley

Former Teen Mom star (and current MTV on-air personality) Maci Bookout was having a rough day today, tweeting a few hours ago, “the amount of stress right now,” along with a stressed out emoticon. But, just as he did for Teen Mom viewers every week for four seasons, Maci’s son Bentley was able to cheer his mom right up!

How did he do it? With his first ever school picture! Maci shared the photo above on instagram along with these humble words:

i was having the worst day until i picked bentley up from school and saw these. i have such a blessing in him, and should never have anything to complain about. here is bentley’s first school picture ever! he is perfect

I have to confess, it cheered me up too 🙂

On a side note, these Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 kids grow up too fast! It’ll be no time before Maci is telling us Bentley cheered her up by getting his driver’s license!