Matt Baier survives World Series of Poker Main Event first round

Matt Baier World Series of Poker in Las Vegas

It seems Amber Portwood’s ex-fiance Matt Baier isn’t letting a little thing like a break up prevent him from living out his dream of competing in The World Series of Poker Main Event! Matt teased on Twitter last week that he was in Vegas for the famous No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em tourney, which costs $10,000 to enter, but he later seemed to suggest he was only joking. However, he just shared a photo of his chip stack after Day 1, and his name is listed on the WSOP official standings!

Here are the standings — the first is arranged alphabetically by last name, and then there is a smaller excerpt from the rankings arranged by number of chips:

Matt Baier World Series of Poker Standings

Matt ended the day with 63,600 chips, which puts him in 262nd place out of the 570+ who survived the first round with Matt. (I should point out that the first round is divided into three days, with Matt participating on the first day.) Here is Matt’s chip bag, which he posted online and wrote “Bag O’Chips ??? #lasvegas”

Matt Baier World Series of Poker chip stack in a bag

Matt is scheduled to return to the felt for round 2 on Tuesday, with ESPN2 airing live coverage from 7:30-11:00PM EST. Live coverage before and after will stream on

Matt’s “pokah buddy” Jeff (real name Jeffrey Bruno) is also playing in The World Series of Poker Main Event (That’s $20,000 in entry fess if you’re keeping count at home) and he was sitting at the featured table featured on ESPN2’s live coverage on Saturday! I’m not sure why, but I cannot find results for Jeff anywhere — not even among those who were knocked out. (???) Amber called him “Don” on Twitter, so I guess I should check aliases?

Meanwhile, to get you all caught up, here are Matt’s tweets from the last few days at The World Series of Poker:

Matt Baier WSOP tweet
Matt Baier World Series of Poker tweets about buddy Jeff aka Jeffrey Bruno

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  • DanaD

    Savage. Broadcasting he is living it up in Vegas, spending Ambers money. I actually thought he would at least pretend to be sad and win her back.

  • Xty Mack

    What a douche. Hope amber is really done with this ass hat.

  • sysmjp


  • Josie

    Maybe he’s planning to pay back all her missing money with his winnings. Lol

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Either he took more of ambers money or he’s blowing through his portion at lightening speed.

  • LoLo

    Bad move to look at this right before eating lunch. While he’s there Amber needs to pack his stuff up & start the process of getting him out of their house. If he wins he should have to replace the money he took from her. I know she really doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on because she put him on the accounts but if he really wants to prove to her he is sorry, then give her back every dime.