DATELINE: The Ascension of Mother God – How did Amy Carlson Die?

Tonight’s episode of Dateline delves into inner world of Amy Carlson, a woman who claimed to be God, and was mummified and adorned with glitter and Christmas lights by her cult followers after her death.

Amy Carlson told her followers that she was God incarnate on Earth, but she warned that soon she would ascend. During her last years alive Amy was often drunk and belligerent. She also turned a shade of blue/gray because of the colloidal silver she would ingest.

Her followers also sold colloidal silver, which they claimed cure a host of diseases, including COVID-19. A side effect is a permeant change of skin color. Amy was an alcoholic and also suffered from other disorders which may have included cancer. Her diagnoses are unknown because she did not receive medical help. At some point she asked her followers to take her to a hospital, but they refused because she preached against conventional medicine.

Amy’s cult, which was called “Love Has Won” gained members by broadcasting on Facebook and YouTube. Amy lived in several states during her time in the cult. She and a group of followers were kicked out of Hawaii, and she was staying in a houseboat on Lake Shasta soon before her death. Rural Colordao was a home-base for the group, and where her body was found.

After Amy died, her followers kept her body for months before it was discovered in April 2021 in a house outside Crestone, Colorado. They put glitter in her eye sockets and draped her body in electric lights. They believed that she had ascended to a new, Fifth, dimension.

Her cause of death is still unknown, but as of July 2021, the coroner was testing her body for heavy medals because of her use of colloidal silver. Her followers made money by selling colloidal silver and other supplements. In 2020, the groupd received a warning from the FDA for claiming that colloidal silver could cure COVID-19.

After her body was discovered by authorities, seven of the members were arrested for tampering with a corpse as and child abuse. The charges were dropped in September, 2021, with no reason given to the public.

Since her death, the group has failed to stick together and has broken off into at least two different factions.

Amy claimed she had been on Earth in many forms before, including Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana, but that this was her last time as a mortal.

People who knew Amy before when she was a mortal human mom, however, were shocked by her new role as a god on Earth. She had left everything behind, including her children, to embark on her self-destructive quest to be a spiritual leader.

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