VIDEO LHHH’s Alexis Skyy shares her first ultrasound, teases baby’s gender reveal

Alexis Skyy ultrasound 2

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Alexis Skyy reportedly announced her pregnancy at the taping of the reunion special. Since then, we’ve gotten social media confirmation of the pregnancy from Alexis herself, and heard plenty of rumors suggesting that Alexis’ baby daddy is none other than Masika Kalysha’s own Fetty Wap.

While the identity of the father remains a secret (for now), the baby’s mama offered fans the first official look at her child by making the Alexis Skyy ultrasound public on Instagram earlier this week. Alexis documented her visit to the OBGYN in a series of five slides–four videos, plus a photo of herself holding the ultrasound printout while standing next to her doctor (who doesn’t actually appear in the clips). The whole presentation is actually quite sweet, and not necessarily what you’d expect from anyone involved with LHHH’s over-the-top fourth season.

Here’s the Alexis Skyy ultrasound reveal itself:

If this is intended to be a salvo in the ongoing PR war, it’s very well done. For one thing, it’s hard to be against Alexis–no matter what your allegiances on the show–when you realize that her own mother is the ultrasound technician. For another, it’s difficult (though not impossible) to keep from smiling when you get to see the baby’s head and hear the baby’s heartbeat *and* get to witness the mother’s reaction to seeing and hearing those things for the first time. Alexis mostly says “Oh my God,” and that seems exactly right.

Unfortunately, as Alexis notes in the videos’ caption and the clips themselves, she’s still too early in the pregnancy to know her baby’s gender. The friend she brought with her says “It’s a boy. I can tell,” but Alexis would definitely prefer a girl–after all, she already has a girl’s name picked out. Along with a lot of happiness and humility: “I’m blessed and I’m grateful,” she says, “’cause my baby is breathing, and has a heartbeat.”

One curious, borderline-awkward moment comes early in the series, when the cameraman asks Alexis how far along she is and she says she doesn’t actually know. Given that the pregnancy is *technically* still a secret (since it has yet to come out on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood), this seems like simple misdirection on Alexis’ part. If she deflects all questions about how pregnant she is, she can keep fans and viewers guessing about when she got pregnant–and, by extension (ahem), who the father might be.

Speaking of fans and viewers: you can catch Alexis and the rest of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Alexis Skyy ultrasound via Instagram)

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