VIDEO – RHNY Reunion Season 3, Part 2: Jill Zarin’s jealousy and Sonja Morgan’s sex life

Tonight on Part 2 of the 20-part Real Housewives of New York reunion show, Andy Cohen asks Jill Zarin about a potential jealousy issue over Bethenny’s spin-off show. We’ve already learned that Jill tried to sabotage that show by calling the other girls and asking them not to film with Bethenny, but Jill’s story is that she is and has always been Bethenny’s greatest cheerleader.

She begins by bragging that she was the very first person Bethenny told about the show, even when she wasn’t supposed to and then surmises: “I have a very good life, and I have nothing to be jealous of.”

Ramona interjects with additional information. Jill called up Ramona one day and said “Why should we help Bethenny have a successful show. So we shouldn’t film with her anymore because why should she ride on our coattails.” Jill looked disgusted (pic above), like Ramona just took a poop on the floor, and then admitted that yes, that did happen.

Later, Saucy Sonja Morgan discusses her active sex life again, and expresses concern that Kelly isn’t getting enough sex.

Kelly explains that she hasn’t ever had a one-night stand because she’s from the Mid-west. The other girls ask why she thinks one night stands are synonymous with unprotected sex, and she goes off on another personal PSA, which doesn’t exactly answer the question at hand. What Kelly refuses to acknowledge is that all of the women are promoting protected sex, especially for one night stands.

And here’s some of the best clips (meanest comments) from this season: