VIDEO Kim Kardashian reveals the sex of her baby!

What sex is Kim Kardashian's baby? She finds out it's a girl on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians answered one of the biggest questions of the decade: What’s the sex of Kim Kardashian’s baby? On the episode Kim, sisters Khloe and Khourtney, and mom Kris Jenner all visit the doctor for an ultrasound and… I’ll let him tell you:

“Do you see any peepee?” Kris asks.

“I don’t see any peepees,” says the doctor.

“It definitely would take after his father so you would see it,” Kim said of her husband Kanye West, who I’m sure if high-fiving his pals about now.

The doctor then goes on to say that he is 99% sure Kim is having a girl!

Kim then says in a voiceover, “I’m so excited we’re having a girl. Who doesn’t want a girl? They’re the best and I know that’s really what Kanye has always wanted. He wanted a little girl.”

Congratulations Kimye!

Not only was tonight the sex reveal on KUWTK, but it was also Kim Kardashian’s baby shower! What do you wanna bet the folks in attendance got an advance screening of tonight’s episode?