Attorney: Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is walking the straight and narrow

According to Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ attorney Dustin Sullivan, the North Carolina momma-full-of-drama is doing all the things required to get her life back in order.

Radar spoke with Sullivan and he stated that Jenelle has passed every drug test for the past two and a half months straight. Sullivan was in court today representing Evans following her probation violation. In addition to the drug testing Sullivan stated that:

“Jenelle is attending her anger management classes and her parenting classes and she sees her son Jace on a daily basis.”

As for Jenelle, she’s been promotin’ up a storm for an upcoming official website, that I’ll plug since she’s been on good behavior, called She also got a nasty wasp sting (photo above) that she jokingly referred to as her “alarm clock.” I would be calling for my momma because that looks like it freaking hurts man!

Seriously though, it’s made my day hearing that Evans, at least for a while now, has been flying straight. I get a sense from the show and from writing about her so much that she’s a really smart kid and I believe that once she gets a taste of success the hard earned way she’ll love what she finds. I’ve been wrong before but I’m not giving up on Jenelle.

As for her old love interest Kieffer Delp, well dude’s still at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center after being busted for drug possession. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jenelle is doing good while #delper is not around.

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