VIDEO 90 Day Fiance’s Jorge and Anfisa answer fan questions about Jorge’s potential jail time, kids, cast mates, how they met and more!

90 Day Fiance Jorge and Anfisa fan interview Q&A

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After couple Anfisa and Jorge Nava continue to transition their success from television to YouTube as their channel has grown to well over a quarter million subscribers in just six months. In their latest video together, the two reality stars answer a TON of fan questions about everything ranging from how they got on the show and what their first date was like to why Jorge hasn’t proposed and what is the latest on his legal issues after being arrested with nearly 300 pounds of marijuana in Arizona earlier this year.

Before I get to sharing some of the highlights from the Q&A I want to take a moment to applaud Jorge and Anfisa for doing such an amazing job at converting what was initially not much more than notoriety into a genuinely successful and largely positive brand. These two received so much negativity during their first couple of seasons on TLC, and it would have been so easy to just be defensive and bitter — or to even eschew social media and the public spotlight outside of the show altogether. But, thanks mostly to Anfisa, they have continued to put themselves out there in an authentic way that has really resonated with viewers, and the result has been the conversion of hundreds of thousands of “haters” into a huge fan base. ??????

As far as the fan Q&A, the five MAJOR highlights include Anfisa’s assertion that she did lose her virginity to Jorge (as she revealed on the show), the only other Happily Ever After couple they get along with are Chantel and Pedro, Jorge says 90 Day Fiance “was never a hit show until we came,” kids are not in their five-year plan, and Jorge “may be facing some time in the jail” after pleading guilty to a felony count of Attempted Transportation of Marijuana for Sale.

OK, here is the 37+ minute video, which has lots of additional stuff not transcribed below — including details on Jorge’s awkward first encounter with Anfisa’s mom, the couple’s thoughts on why people don’t like them, and TONS of gloriously entertaining Jorge and Anfisa interactions that can’t be captured in a recap or transcript. (See if you can spot Anfisa leaving Jorge hanging on an attempted kiss AND a high five!)

And here is a partial transcript:

QUESTION: You look amazing. Does Jorge ever worry you will leave him for a real millionaire? Since he lied and said he was one. Or are you past that and OK with the lifestyle you have now?

JORGE: Yeah, I feel like that’s a good question. I do worry that you would leave me for a millionaire or whatever, but you know, at the same time, I feel like you’re very loyal to me, so that kind of gives me peace of mind.

Has your relationship improved with Jorge’s family?

JORGE: Lemme answer! Lemme answer! HALE NO!

ANFISA: Yeah, I have not even seen any of Jorge’s family ever since the last time we filmed with them. So no, the relationship is still where it was.

Is it fine with you to be with someone that is different than you physically? I mean you work out, eat healthy and care a lot about your body and on the other hand your husband seems to be .. a typical American :p

JORGE: [Gestures towards the Chick-fil-a spread in front of them] This is eating healthy for us.

ANFISA: I honestly get annoyed at this question because I feel like maybe people were asking the same thing a lot, you know. I fell in love with Jorge when he looked [laughs] — he always looked the way he looks now, so you know, I like that… [laughs] I’m saying it’s not like when we met you were fit and I fell in love with that, and you got fat and I’m like, “What the hell? Wait a second!” No [laughs], I fall in love with you the way you are.

JORGE: Awwww! [Leans in for a kiss and gets denied]

ANFISA: Like, I don’t get this question.

JORGE: We both go to the gym and we’re pretty active. Like, I’m just fat.

ANFISA: There was another question that people ask a lot, like, “Why does Jorge not go to the gym with you?” And he DOES! He does…On that note there was another question.

Are you a chubby chaser?

ANFISA: I’m sure you can tell from the previous answer.

JORGE: I wouldn’t necessarily say “chubby chaser.”

ANFISA: Yeah, I’m just a you chaser. I’m just a Jorge chaser. It’s not like I like fat guys.

90 Day Fiance Anfisa chubby chaser

Who edits your YouTube videos, you or Jorge?

ANFISA: I edit our videos because I like to be in control. I like to know what I put out there and because I know my angles, I know what looks bad and so I wouldn’t trust anybody else with editing videos…Jorge helps me because I ask him for advice sometimes, like how to put a picture in the video or how to edit music or something.

JORGE: But do you think I would be able to edit?

ANFISA: Yeah, I’m sure you would be able to edit.

JORGE: It’s not very hard.

ANFISA: Yeah, it’s not hard. I just like to do it. [laughs] I don’t like to do it because it takes me forever, but I just like to know that this, there — it’s all the way I like it.

Is it only your YouTube channel, or does it belong to both of you?

JORGE: [after he and Anfisa both laughed] I would say, like, if I do have anything, it’s still hers anyways.

How did Jorge ask you to marry him?

JORGE: I told her that I wanted to marry her, but it was never, like, a proposal. No, no, I want to do it but I’m broke as hell. One day I feel like, I want it to be something special. Like maybe when the YouTube views come like ten million subscribers and whatnot, and, like, all this money comes in. But anyways!

Why does Jorge speak Spanish? Is he from Latin America?

JORGE: My parents are from Mexico. Their parents are from Spain. So, I don’t know what that really makes me. I feel like I’m Mexican because my parents are from Mexico. So I have that, like, Hispanic or whatever in me…I would say that I’m Latino Hispanic. I speak Spanish. My first language was Spanish.

What was Jorge and your first date together like? Where was it? How did you feel? Comfortable? Nervous?

JORGE: …Our very first date was in Almería, Spain.

ANFISA: It was July 4, 2015 and I came to Spain with some of the students from my school to study the Spanish language at the University there. And so, that’s when Jorge and I met in person for the first time, because we were only talking online before that moment.

[Jorge Talks about building his relationship with Anfisa online via Facetime before she revealed she was going to Spain. Jorge said, “Alright, I’ll see you there,” but Anfisa didn’t really take him seriously. Jorge booked a hotel and a flight immediately.]

JORGE: And then BOOM! I fly there. I show up in Almería and I’m wearing all these, like, cool shades and whatnot.

ANFISA: So, I was living with a Spanish woman and another student from my school…and Jorge stayed at the hotel.

JORGE: …So I pull up in the taxi, and even the taxi driver was, like, “Goddamn who’s that?!” [laughs] … I pull up to the spot and I’m waiting. Were you scared to come out?

ANFISA: Yeah, I was so nervous! I was scared. I was 19 years old and so scared.

JORGE: I was, like, 25.

ANFISA: That’s an old man compared to me being a 19-year-old baby.

[Jorge says when Anfisa walked out he was in shock. “I was just like, ‘OH MY GOD! I can’t believe that she’s, like, a freaking goddess!'” Jorge says he immediately leaned in and kissed Anfisa and can’t even remember if she kissed back. They later had dinner at a restaurant inside of a cave.]

How did you and Jorge get on the show in the first place?

ANFISA: When we were researching the K-1 visa we found this website that was assisting couples that try to get that kind of visa. So we used the services and there was a casting call on this website. It said “TLC casting for a new documentary about couples who go through with K-1 visa.” I never seen the show before and I think you didn’t either. [Jorge says he had never seen it either.] I decided to do a little bit of research and I looked up the show, and I watched it and I thought — at that time, I think there were only three seasons out? Yeah, three seasons before us.

JORGE: Time out. I want to say it was never a hit show until we came.

ANFISA: I researched it and I watched the three seasons and I thought: “Seems alright, you know? It will be cool and fun to be on TV and to tell — to share our story with the world.” And so I applied through casting. I sent our info and whatever the questions were there that had to fill. And they got back to me, and then we had Skype interviews with producers, and then we got chosen. And then we started filming. That’s how we got on the show.

How are you so fluent with the English?

ANFISA: Well, first of all, thank you. I’ve been studying English since I was 10 years old. First I had a tutor, then I started school and then university. I was studying linguistics in Russia, but I never finished. So that’s how I learned English. And plus, now, being in the United States obviously helps me because I speak English every day with Jorge and in school and just everywhere. So, I mean, if you want it or not if you speak English every day, if you hear English around you every day, you’re gonna become better.

Where does your insane confidence come from?

JORGE: Her confidence is pretty insane, seriously.

ANFISA: It’s not! It’s non-existent! You know I’m not confident at all.

JORGE: I feel like your confidence comes from, like, me boosting you up.

Anfisa confidence

ANFISA: Yeah. And, um, I don’t know. I’m not a very confident person deeply inside, but I just try to put on this front I guess — this fake confident front.

Why do the other couples on the show seem to have a problem with you?

JORGE: The thing with us is, like, we don’t really watch the show, and I feel like the other couples are OBSESSED! They’re obsessed with this franchise, and they’re obsessed with watching the shows and the whole thing. And they’re obsessed with being in other people’s business. And I feel like that’s why we have a problem with them.

ANFISA: My only problem with other people starts when they get my name in their mouth. [Laughs] Like, before that, I don’t care you know? Mind your own business. I do my own thing and our paths don’t cross. OK. But then other people start attacking us or talk sh!t about us.

JORGE: I feel like the only other couple that we’re cool with is Chantel and Pedro…I feel like they never, ever told us anything about, like, our relationship or anything like that.

ANFISA: They also don’t care, you know? They don’t watch the show. They just mind their own business.

JORGE: Exactly! Exactly like everybody else should.

Was Jorge really your first in terms of sex stuff? I remember you saying this on an episode, but I wasn’t sure if you were serious or not.

ANFISA: I was serious, but I don’t go around and brag about it. It was a conversation between me and my friend. So, she asked me, I said it, OK? Get over it. But people started calling me a liar, saying I lied, saying I’m —

JORGE: I think if anything I was the one around bragging about it, remember? I’m like “Yeah, I popped a cherry Boom!” I was, like, I texted everybody I knew.

Why don’t you have an engagement ring still? What’s Jorge waiting for?!

ANFISA: You know this is just me asking from a fake account. [laughs]

JORGE: [Takes out his empty wallet and shows it off.] No, no. But for real, this is the reason why. [Something metal falls out of his wallet.] That wasn’t even money, that was a key. Like, I don’t have anything in there. Seriously, these are empty [Jorge gestures to the part of the wallet that holds credit cards.] That’s the reason why. I just feel like I’ve been broke. All this sh!t happened with me. It’s like, every time I’m going to make some money, some crap happens.

Jorge Anfisa engagement ring, Jorge explains he is broke

ANFISA: Excuses, excuses.

JORGE: It’s not an excuse!

When are you going to have kids?

ANFISA: I just started, basically, my school and so —

JORGE: That’s not really an excuse because there’s people that are going to school and stuff — but no, no, no, really though, I feel like — I just feel like we’re young still, and our lives are just going so fast-paced right now. Well, not mine really because I just sit at home all day and do nothing [laughs], but anyways, I feel like…right now I’m in a situation where I got in trouble in February for doing some stuff.

ANFISA: Yeah, if you saw our very first video on this channel, we talked about it. And Jorge may be facing some time in the jail, and so yeah, let’s have a child right now! [That was sarcastic in case you couldn’t tell.] Even if that was not the case, I still feel like we’re young and we don’t really have much. we don’t have much to give to kids. So, the kids are not in the five-year plan.

JORGE: Well, unless we like win the lottery tomorrow or something. Then that would be a little different story!

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