UPDATE Corey Simms and new girfriend Amber Scaggs – how it happened

Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms and his alleged new girlfriend Amber Scaggs

We broke the story earlier today that Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms may have moved on from is soon-to-be ex-wife Leah Messer with 21-year-old Texas brunette Amber Scaggs. Since making that post we’ve learned a little bit more about how the two met and how their relationship began.

First off, let me provide a little background information on Amber Scaggs. Originally from Logan, West Virginia Amber relocated to Conroe, Texas in 2006 after her dad (whose family was from there) got a great job offer. Amber’s mom really liked it there so the family stayed.

Amber dated Hayden O’Brien for over a year before she found out she was pregnant with her first child. The couple, which appear to have had a rather rocky relationship similar to Corey and Leah’s, would eventually get engaged but then break things off not long after their daughter Bralyn was born last year.

Formerly a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings, Amber is now a stay-at-home mom taking online classes. She has also signed up to go to police academy school, so it might be Officer Scaggs before too long!

And speaking of Amber talking with Corey, that occurred after a mutual friend exchanged their numbers. (As mentioned in the previous post, Amber was originally from the same town as Corey and has numerous family members still living there.) Corey began texting Amber which led to numerous phone conversations, some of which lasted hours at a time. This all began a couple weeks before Easter when Amber had already planned a trip home to visit family and wound up spending a lot of time – and posing for lots of photos – with Corey.

According to our source the normally shy Corey and Amber hit it right off from the get go and “they talked like they knew each other for years.” Corey was so excited to see her that he picked her up from the Charleston airport himself. The two were reportedly “really sweet” and very happy together as evidenced by Corey being very affectionate and constantly smiling when with her.

There is no indication that Amber Scaggs intends to move back to West Virginia to be with Corey, although both parties do seem to think the relationship is serious. Even so, Amber is not planning to be involved with shooting Teen Mom.

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