PHOTOS First night in Italy for the Jersey Shore cast and they… ride a carousel?

Snooki from Jersey Shore rides a carousel in Florence Italy

Maybe it’s because the clubs don’t open until late in Florence, or it maybe it’s because there are no clubs in Florence, but whatever the reason the cast of Jersey Shore hit the streets for their first night out in Italy and wound up smushing some carousel horses!

Snooki (as usual) was the most gung-ho as she did her best Asbury Bronco Billy on a colorful steed. The Situation, who was sporting a Lady Killer t-shirt, took it easy inside a carriage and read up on how to speak Italian:

The Situation reads a How To Speak Italian book while riding a carousel in Florence Italy

Sadly, there were no photos of JWoww going for a ride, but I can’t do a Jersey Shore cast photos post without my fave so here she is standing beside the carousel looking damn fine:

Jersey Shore's JWoww poses in front of a carousel in Florence, Italy

And to give you a taste of just how crazy it is on the streets of Florence when Jersey Shore comes to town, here’s a far away shot that shows the cast as well as the film crew and the mass of people that came out for the spectacle:

MTV films Season 4 of Jersey Shore on the streets of Florence Italy
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Perhaps later we will have some photos of a knocked out Italian dude courtesy of Ronnie, some vandalized Michelangelo sculptures or a passed out Snooki – or maybe all three! Stay tuned!

Photos: StClair/Macpherson/Splash News