PHOTOS Amber Portwood’s mystery boyfriend plus his new “Amber” tattoo


Amber Portwood has been keeping a big secret: the identity of her new man. Earlier this year, we talked with Amber who admitted she has a special someone in her life.

“I have been talking specifically to one person and I really do feel like I love him,” Amber confessed.

It seems Amber has intentionally been keeping him a secret. She has yet to reveal his name or a picture of his face.

In fact, Amber teased us when she posted this picture earlier today with her boyfriend and Leah saying, “My loves.”

Unfortunately, the picture is dark and you can’t make out much.

Amber Portwood BF

However, we were able to enhance the picture to get a better look.

You can clearly see him and Leah playing at a park as they brace themselves to go down a slide. From the picture we’ve learned he wears glasses, has dark hair, and enjoys wearing flannel on a chilly fall day.


The former Teen Mom is adamant about not making the same mistake twice and admitted she’s taking things slow in this relationship. However, it looks like Amber and her new man have since shifted gears from taking things slow to going full throttle.

Not long ago, Amber shared a picture of their matching tattoos which read, “Vero Amore” meaning “true love” in Italian. You can also clearly see a ring on Amber’s left finger making us all wonder if they aren’t just dating but are engaged.


It looks as though her secret beau has gone back to the tattoo shop for more ink. This time, he wasn’t shy about advertising who his heart belongs to.

The large tattoo is on the inside of his left forearm and reads “Amber” with a heart on one side and a music note on the other. Hmmm… could he be a musician?

Amber Tat

According to Amber, he surprised her with this tattoo. “I think he loves me? Lol baby surprised me with this the other day,” she said.

I wonder if/when Amber will choose to reveal the identity of her mystery boyfriend. Until then, she’s having fun keeping us all guessing!

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