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Unexpected dad Jason Korpi got some good news and some bad news in court earlier today. The good news is that prosecutors decided not to prosecute 8 of the 11 charges against Jason stemming from an incident in February of 2022. The bad news for Jason is that he was found guilty of the other three — including DUI.

Jason was scheduled for a trial management conference earlier today and he entered an amended plea of guilty to the charges of driving under the influence (Class B Misdemeanor), driving with a revoked/suspended license (Class B Misdemeanor), and possession of tobacco product by a minor (Violation). As a result of the guilty pleas, Jason received the following sentences:
• 60 days in jail — suspended for two years (Jason will not serve jail time as long as he abides by the terms of his supervision for the next two years).
• Fined $620 for the DUI with payment due on March 1, 2023.

• Fined $620 for driving on a revoked/suspended license, but that fine was “suspended.”

• Fined $124 for possession of tobacco product by a minor. That fine is payable by 20 hours of community service.

• Balance due today for other costs and fees: $645.
• Driver’s license is suspended for 12 months.
• Jason must use an interlock system on his vehicle(s) for 12 months.
• Jason must participate in the Impaired Driver Care Management Program.

TLC Unexpected Jason Korpi Sentencing

Here is the list of the eight charges that were not prosecuted as part of Jason’s plea deal:
1. Disobeying an Officer (Class A Misdemeanor)
2. Aggravated DUI (Class A Misdemeanor)
3. Transport Alcohol by Minor (Violation)

4. Unregistered Vehicle (Violation)

5. Improper Use of Registration (Violation)

6. Front Lights Fail/Turn on Lights When Required (Violation)
7. Stop Signs; Yield Signs (Violation)
8. Reckless Operation (Violation)

Jason Korpi arrest(s) recap

For those needing a brief recap, Jason was facing four misdemeanor charges and seven violations stemming from an incident on February 26, 2022. In summary, Jason was allegedly driving while inebriated and with alcohol in his vehicle. It was dark and he was not using his headlights as he attempted to flee from a police officer on the scene. You can click here for all of the specific details.

Jason was a no show at his scheduled arraignment on May 3 and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Jason cleared up the warrant and managed to show up for his rescheduled arraignment on June 28.

Jason had at least two other arrests prior to the February incident. In May of 2019, Jason was initially charged with reckless operation of a vehicle. The charge was dropped to negligent driving before being filed. Jason was found guilty on November 5, 2019.

In July of 2021, Jason was charged with driving with a revoked or suspended license. Jason was found guilty of driving with a revoked or suspended license in November of 2021 and fined an undisclosed amount.

It’s still unknown if “professional rawdogger” Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith will be back for Unexpected Season 6. Jason is pretty much universally despised by viewers, but there is some truth to Jason’s claims that a lot of people tuned in because they despised him. We are constantly on the look out for any updates on the new season, so keep checking back!

Meanwhile, here’s Jason’s Instagram bio to help keep us all riled up:

TLC unexpected views this season for me📈🤩 stay mad I stay up😘💰 “I let them think what they want. If they care what I do I’m already better”
~Marilyn M

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