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TLC Unexpected mom Myrka Cantu pregnant again

Unexpected Season 4 mom Myrka Cantu is pregnant again!
The teen mom revealed the news in a series of Instagram story posts Tuesday night. Myrka first posted that she was bored and was willing to answer questions from her followers. Someone asked if Myrka planned to get any additional piercings or tattoos.

“Omg yes,” Myrka replied, “but rn I can’t get either,” she added, along with a frowny face. When pressed about why she couldn’t get tattoos or piercings right now, Myrka eventually revealed that she is expecting again with a selfie clip on TikTok showing off her baby bump. (Screen cap included above.)

Myrka returned to Instagram and continued to answer questions and respond to comments in her stories. She revealed that she is currently 15 weeks pregnant and she doesn’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. The dad is her current boyfriend, who doesn’t like to be posted on social media. The two have been dating for a while, and he has been helping with Myrka’s daughter Attalie.

Myrka’s boyfriend is 18 years old and is six feet, three inches tall — which is quite a bit taller that Myrka at five foot even.

There were numerous questions and comments about Myrka’s current living situation. She says she moved out of her mother Lilly’s house prior to getting pregnant:

I moved out in April. Mostly because we was moving out of the county and I get CCMS. Which is help with child care since I’m a full time student (and I’m working). And I would have had to transfer my case over to her county and would have had to wait another 10 months.

Myrka clarifies in another post that she has applied for food stamps, but hasn’t been approved yet.

Myrka Cantu food stamps

Unexpected Myrka Cantu government assistance

One follower pointed out that Myrka was adamant in the past about not wanting another child any time soon. “It’s just different when you don’t have to do it by yourself,” Myrka responded in a video. “It’s hard raising kids by yourself. I’m not going to do it by myself, and he’s shown me that.”

Does the fact that Myrka is pregnant again mean that we might see her back on another season of Unexpected? “Nope,” Myrka says, “not after having the producers treating me like a literal dog.”

TLC Unexpected Myrka Cantu's new boyfriend and baby daddy

Myrka’s Mom Lilly Reacts To 2nd Pregnancy

After Myrka made the official pregnancy announcement, her mom, Lilly Cantu, posted an official statement on Instagram:
“Ok since the cat is out of the bag here’s what I have to say so that people don’t speculate.
“Since my husband and I planned to move out of Harlingen due to both of us having to drive to work and gas prices on the rise, Myrka just didn’t want to move, she had her reasons and as the adult she is now made a choice. There is no animosity, we moved to a 3 bedroom thinking of her and Attalie just in case things didn’t go her way.

“The boy came to our house spoke to both my husband and I, we have seen him around Attalie and we have nothing but good things to say about him. We wish them the best, we also bought Myrka and Attalie a car so they can visit us and pay their phone service so we can video call whenever we want. They are working and going to school, have solid career plans and have our support as well and his family’s support.

“Yes we never know what the future holds and we all wish they waited till they were in a better financial position but it is what it is and I am here enjoying my family, that includes him. We are happy, we are all learning as we go to be more tolerant and my daughter knows that no matter what I will always be here for her.

“When we found out, I was obviously crying, worried, sort of upset then my husband hugged me, he was crying and said. I am going to be a grandpa again, before you guys I had nothing now my heart is so full. That right there was priceless. My husband doesn’t have children and he can’t have any, but is is totally in love with mine and is there for them unconditionally.

“For those asking if I help with Attalie, I wish I could do more but I work Mon-Sat and get out at 7. We try to see each other twice a week. Financially if they are in a stretch and need something they know they can come to us. But they have been doing very good. WE ARE ALL GOOD.”

Myrka’s Ex Ethan Ybarra Update

It seems Attalie may have two siblings on the way! There were numerous reports in May that Ethan Ybarra’s 23-year-old girlfriend was also pregnant. I don’t know if Ethan ever officially confirmed the pregnancy himself, but there was a bunch of messiness that played out on social media that seemed to be confirmation.

Here are a few samples from @thetlcunexpected on Instagram:

Ummmm… Congratulations Ethan?

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