Why was Caroline Schwitzky arrested after Cole Goldberg allegedly tried to kill her? EXCLUSIVE

Paola Mayfield's Miami agent Caroline Schwitzky arrested

As we previously reported, the boyfriend of 90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield’s on-screen agent, Caroline Schwitzky, is currently facing an attempted murder charge after he allegedly tried to kill Caroline during an altercation in Florida on Sunday. So, why was Caroline also arrested?

According to Palm Beach County Jail records, Caroline was booked just after 1AM Monday morning. That was 50 minutes after her boyfriend and alleged attacker, Cole Goldberg, was booked in the same jail. The charge is listed as an out-of-county warrant.

I couldn’t find any information about the warrant online, but I assume that it has something to do with the fact that Caroline is currently on probation stemming from a Miami-Dade County felony conviction. The most recent update in that case is a probation violation filed on March 25.

Here is Caroline’s mug shot photo from her Palm Beach County arrest on Monday:

90 Day FIance Paola's agent Caroline Schwitzky arrest 2022

Caroline Schwitzky Felony Arrest Details

Less than five months prior to Cole’s alleged attempted murder of Caroline, she was convicted of a felony charge of resisting an officer with violence to his person. The conviction stemmed from an incident in February of 2019 that made local headlines.

“Schwitzky is facing a felony charge of resisting an officer with violence after Miami-Dade Police said she hurt an officer after a traffic stop,” 7 News Miami reported later that year. The article was about Caroline’s plea for anyone with video of the incident to come forward to help her clear her name, and it included an interview with Caroline.

“I need a witness. I need footage,” Caroline explained. “I need just someone to come forward and say, ‘Hey I was there. I saw what happened to you and I’m going to help you in this,’ because literally it’s my word against the police officer’s.”

Caroline also posted a video plea on YouTube asking for video of her arrest, claiming that she was a victim of police brutality:

In May of 2020, Caroline talked about being a victim of police brutality in response to the death of George Floyd:

The 7 News Miami article reveals that Caroline was offered a plea deal from prosecutors. “They will clear her of the charge if she agrees to an anger management course. She says she won’t take the deal and insists that if someone comes forward with video, it will prove that it’s the police officer who needs the anger management.”

According to court records, Caroline entered a deferred prosecution agreement with prosecutors 12 days after her 7 News Miami interview.
Six months after Caroline entered into the agreement, there is a court docket entry indicating “unsuccessful completion of pre-trial diversion program.” The case was re-opened and a new trial date was set.

In October of 2020, Caroline entered into another deferred prosecution agreement. In March of 2021, the case was re-opened again thanks to yet another unsuccessful completion of pre-trial diversion program.

On December 6 of 2021, Caroline was found guilty of resisting an officer with violence to his person, a third degree felony. She was sentenced to one year of probation.

On January 31 of 2022, there is a docket entry on Caroline’s case indicating that she had a traffic citation that must have been pretty serious to merit an official entry on her case. I searched Miami-Dade traffic records and discovered that Caroline has 40 citations since 2007!

Caroline Schwitzky 2019 Miami arrest mug shot

The most recent traffic citations for Caroline in Miami-Dade County are five of them in 2019. However, none of the citation numbers match up with the number listed in the docket entry. Searches in Palm Beach County and Broward County didn’t turn up the correct citation number either.

Caroline was pulled over and ticketed for going 59mph in a 40mph zone in Broward County in October of 2021. Caroline never paid the ticket and was officially marked as 60 days past due on January 9 of 2022. The ticket was sent to a collection agency and Caroline eventually paid her fine on March 8. (The timing lines up with the docket entry, but I don’t think this is the cause because citation numbers are not the same.)

The Florida DMV website states that Caroline’s driver’s license is currently suspended. “The status of your license is the result of the infractions on your driver record,” is the only information provided. Perhaps Caroline was caught driving on a suspended license in another Florida county?

On March 25 of 2022, a violation of probation affidavit was filed against Caroline in her felony case. The State is scheduled to file a report on her probation status on Friday.
Jail records indicate that Caroline bonded out of Palm Beach County Jail at 7:49PM Monday evening after posting a $1,000 bond.

UPDATE – Paola responded to our Instagram post by revealing that she has met Cole. “Interesting,” she wrote, “and I met the kid 🤔” Want to offer up your thoughts on this story? Head on over to Instagram:

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