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TLC Unexpected Matthew and Hailey

TLC’s teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected is back for a third season with two returning moms (McKayla and Chloe) along with four new moms. We previously profiled new cast members Rilah, Tyra, and Tiarra, but we left off one of the new moms because her story is a bit more complicated.

Hailey Marie Tomlinson is from Louisville, Kentucky. Currently just 16 years old, Hailey was born December 27, 2002. She met her future boyfriend Matthew Blevins in late 2017 after he was released from being “locked up.” (Matthew doesn’t explain why he was locked up or where, and since he is a minor, those records would not be public.) Matthew was born in May of 2002 and is currently 17.

Matthew saw Hailey in the background while FaceTiming with a mutual friend, and he eventually got her social media links. After continually sliding into Hailey’s DMs for roughly six weeks, she eventually gave in and the two met up in person for the first time. They began dating a week later, starting a rocky relationship that was off and on (and off) for the next couple years.

At some point during that two years, Matthew was having some issues at home, so Hailey’s mom Tanya let him move in with them when Hailey was just 15. Matthew and Hailey slept together often, and the two claim they had sex up to four times a day. Of course, Hailey’s mom eventually found out.

Here’s an Unexpected clip about that topic, which also serves as a perfect introduction to Hailey, Matthew, and Tanya:

Hailey announced that she was pregnant on Instagram on August 27 of last year. “Well this happen..” she began her caption of a photo of two positive pregnancy tests. “Please don’t leave any negative comments I’m really not tryna hear it or need it right now. I know we are young and a lot of people are going to have sh*t to say ab it but we can do this and we are keeping the baby??”

In a video about her pregnancy, Hailey says that her mother encouraged her to have an abortion, but she opted to give birth and keep the child. (All of Hailey’s YouTube videos are included at the bottom of this post.)

Hailey gave birth to her daughter Kinsley Marie Blevins on April 9, 2019 at 1:34PM. Kinsley weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces and measure 21 inches. Here are a few photos:

TLC Unexpected Matthew and Hailey'sbaby daughter Kinsley

Just prior to giving birth, Hailey posted a video on YouTube titled “We broke up..” in which she announced that she and Matthew had split up. The odd clip includes Matthew on a bed in the background as both of them accuse the other of being the reason for the break up. However, at the end of the clip, they reveal it was just a joke and that they were still together. “We’re never breaking up!” Hailey said as she laughed and hugged Matthew.

Fast forward one month and Hailey shared another video titled “He left me for my best friend..” This video was not a joke. “Matthew left two weeks after she was born, which was not even a week ago,” Hailey reveals in the 12+ minute video.

As you might have guessed from the video title, Matthew broke up with Hailey because he had fallen for Hailey’s friend — who is also named Hailey. Amazingly, the two girls also share the middle name Marie as well. Her full name is Hailey Marie Tilford, but I will just call her Hailey 2.

Despite the apparent bestie betrayal and the passing of the Matthew, it appeared as though Hailey and Hailey 2 remained friends. Check out this Instagram story post from Hailey 2 in which she can be seen holding Kinsley while hanging out on the porch with Matthew and Hailey:

TLC Unexpected Matthew Hailey baby Kinsley and the other Hailey

Hailey even posted a video about how she and Hailey 2 are good. She later deleted that video and followed it up with another titled “The truth..” in which she reveals that she IS NOT getting along with Hailey 2 or Matthew! Here are some excerpts from the video, which was uploaded on May 11 and is included at the bottom of this post:

I’m tired of being fake to you all and telling y’all stuff that’s not real, and I apologize for faking it in the last video. It was all just a front. I am NOT civil with Hailey or Matthew and I never will be. I was doing it for him because I thought he was gonna step up and be a dad, but he’s not. He’s seen her like twice this month, and he has brought formula and diapers one time — and one time when we were together. That’s the only thing he’s done He doesn’t do anything for his child. He doesn’t see his child.

I’m just tired of being fake. Like, he comes over here, he takes pictures of her, he acts like he’s dad of the year and he’s not. He sits on his phone the whole time and talks to his girlfriend.

I just have nothing good to say on this kid anymore. I wanted to give him a chance. I try to be there for him, and I try to let him get his stuff together, but he’s not realizing that we had a kid at a young age…I decided to have a baby and that’s the consequences that come from it, and I’m okay with it. He’s not because he can’t grow up and realize that he has a beautiful daughter that he doesn’t really care about. He doesn’t love her, because if he loved her, he would at least see how’s Kinsley doing. But he has never said that. He’s never once checked up on his kid.

[Hailey 2 has] done this to all of her friends — every single one she’s ever had she’s done this to them — she’s had sex with their boyfriend. So, I think, just something’s mentally wrong with her, and she just needs to get her stuff together because she’s gonna end up hurting Matthew. I warned him about it. I tried to tell him she’s gonna hurt you, but he’ll realize that she’s gonna cheat on him. If she cheats on everybody she’s been with, it’s gonna be so much easier to cheat on him.

Meanwhile, Matthew and Hailey 2 are BLOWING UP social media with their public displays of affection! Here are some photos along with some of Matthew and Hailey 2’s professions of love for one another:

TLC Unexpected Matthew and the other Hailey together

MATTHEW: I’m late asf but I wanna wish happy girlfriend day too the sexiest, most beautiful, funniest female I know, my babygirl, thank you for giving me everything I’ve ever wanted, thank you for having my back and never leaving my side, no matter what we have been through, no matter what’s been said, you never gave up, you never left or did me wrong, you have been the best girlfriend there could possibly be, you are everything I’ve ever wanted, you are my other half, words cannot explain the love I have for you, the smiles you put on my face are the best smiles, the laughs I have with you can’t be compared to, you laying on my chest at night ? nothing can beat that, I never expected to get the love I get from you, I never expected to be this happy, but you made it possible for me, I promise we are never ending, this is forever Baby nothing can replace our bond, I love you soo soo much beautiful ❤️

HAILEY 2: One Month Down ??? These past 30 days have been the best days I’ve had in a long time. You’ve truly showed me what it’s like to be in love, you’ve made me stronger, you’ve pushed me to be my best. Within 30 days you’ve showed me a taste of what forever feels like? We have laughed together, cried together, most of all we had each other at our lowest. The way you make me feel makes me want to never have to feel the feeling of living without you ? You give me purpose, you make me feel beautiful and strong. I am so glad I haven’t let people break us apart because I see something in you nobody else sees. You understand me better than anyone ever has been able to ❤️ I can’t wait to give you the love and support you’ve well deserved for the rest of our lives ? It’s just the beginning Matthew, I’m never going anywhere ?

TLC Unexpected Matthew and the other Hailey photos

MATTHEW: babygirl, your asleep next too me right now and I made a post on snap, but I wanna make a different one on here, I want too say happy 3 months too the most beautiful girl in the world … my baby ❤️ thank you for everything you have done for me, thank you for sticking around through all the stuff I’ve put you through, for these past 3 months you Have stuck by my side no matter what has came our way, no matter the rumor, the drama, the arguments, your love never changed for me ?? you have kept a smile on my face every single day these past few months and I appreciate it so much ❤️ you have brightened my life sooo much it’s crazy, you have held me up when I was down, you have gave me love when nobody else would, you have shows me a happiness I thought I’d never get too see, I love you more than anything and that will never change! I know you will love me unconditionally till the day we go, and I can’t help but too fall more and more in love with you while time passes, laying in bed with you at night is all I look forward too, knowing I get too wake up next too you, getting to hold you at night, and spending my time throughout the days with you is the best feeling in the world ?❤️. I really hope this puts a smile on your face when you are reading it ? and speaking of rings ^ I cannot wait for the day I get on one knee and ask you for your hand, for you too say “yes”. When I ask you too marry me, to have a house with you, a family ❤️ I can’t wait too grow old with you and laugh about things we did years in the past, If I haven’t already .. I’ll prove too you I’m the one ?? I promise I will forever be your always, and I will forever give you all my love ❤️ good morning, happy 3 months babygirl ???

HAILEY 2: The most amazing thing to wake up to baby ? You’re my world and I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for everything you’ve done these past 3 months ? I love you so much! Years to come baby ❤️❤️ You’re the one, I already know that? Happy 3 months honey ?

Hailey 2 has also been talking a lot about having children with Matthew, but she has stated that she wants to wait. Of course, how long she winds up waiting will probably be dependent on the wetness of Matthew’s noodle — to reference the TLC clip above.

Having a baby could be difficult if Matthew winds up getting “locked up” again. Matthew’s ex Hailey shared a post on her Instagram story that showed the front door of her mother’s house shattered and she implied that Matt did it:

TLC Unexpected Did Matthew throw a brick through Hailey's front door and shoot a gun in the air?

“YEAH SHOOT UP IN THE AIR AND THROW A BRICK THROUGH THE HOUSE W YOUR CHILD IN IT SMART,” Hailey wrote over the photo in all caps. Hailey 2 would later respond to questions about the post by insisting “Matthew didn’t shoot up Hailey’s house.”

For those of you wanting to follow all the social media drama in addition to the on-screen drama, here are some links for Matthew and the Haileys:

Instagram: @theyknow.hailey
YouTube: H&K Nation
Instagram for Kinsley: @kinsley_marie__

Instagram: @matthew___01

Instagram: @get_like_hailey
Hailey & Matthew Instagram: @hailey_matthew_

If you want to know even more about Hailey, I will embed all of her YouTube videos below — including her talking about being cast for the show. Speaking of Unexpected, be sure to catch Hailey and the rest of the moms when new episodes air Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC!

Hailey’s YouTube videos from oldest to newest:

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